Monday, April 30, 2012

Ottawa to sell off Canadian 20 valuable pieces of art

"La Cathédral enguirlandée", 1951, oil on canvas, by renowned Quebec
painter Paul-Emile Borduas is among 20 valuable pieces of art
the Department of Foreign Affairs has designated for sale.

Foreign Affairs is doing the selling. Maybe they need money for Mr. Mackay’s helicopter rides. Where would they stop – CBC and CN Tower of Toronto next? Harper government will sell the people of Canada if it could.

Story in  The Toronto Star.

Update: Baird calls off sale of valuable pieces of art. How are they going to pay for Bev Oda's travels then?

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UFOs Over Russia: Aliens think “we are idiots, undeveloped people”

"Aliens look at us as if we are idiots, undeveloped people," said Sergei Smirnov of the Pulkovo Observatory outside of St. Petersburg.

"Perhaps they have fenced us in with their own sort of screen for the whole galaxy and are sending warnings to hundreds of billions of stars that the civilization near the Dwarf star -- which we call the sun -- is dangerous."

Assuming that the story about the aliens is true then I think the aliens are right. The way we’re killing each other and trying to destroy our home planet then we “are idiots, undeveloped people….” UFOs Over Russia:

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stephen Harper wins the award

Award was given by the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) for being the most secretive government. Very appropriate award for the Mr. Secretive.

There is an interesting video on the above site. In a public meeting he was asked that if he were a vegetable which vegetable he would like to be. His answer was that he would rather like to be a fruit – more of a fruitcake or a nut.

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Nicolas Sarkozy does not trust his own people

Watch the video below and you would know what I mean.

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Correspondents Dinner 2012: Obama sparkles again

He did even better than 2011.

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Don’t go to a dentist who is your Ex

Unless you want to look like this.

That is what happened to Marek Olszewski of London. Not the smartest cookie in the jar.

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Dog T.V.

It is already here as reported by NBC.

Pig T.V. coming soon. The hosts for Pig T.V. are already lined up.

In Canada, in the meantime, Sun News will play the role of Pig T.V.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Harper Government is obsessed with Hitler

I wonder why? Guilty conscience? If they have any? Now it was John Baird's turn.

Read the story in The Huffington Post

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Another U.S politician involved in sex scandal

What is with these politicians? Especially with these Weiner guys. First it was Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York who had to resign and now Michael Weiner of New Mexico who was caught doing it in Philippines. Of course there is the big story of the secret service personnel in Columbia. Hey guys! Take it easy!

Read the story here and ‘enjoy’ another lewd picture - this time Michael Weiner in Philippines with prostitutes.

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Alien ship near the sun - an alien spotted

A good close-up of the UFO reveals that there is indeed an alien on the ship. :)

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"100 Per Cent Of Canadians Hate The CBC"

Only Sun News network knows that! Read the story and watch the video here.

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“Untrustworthy Tories, socialist NDP, bumbling Grits: Poll puts a pox on all”

An interesting headline in the Globe and Mail. I tend to agree with the poll results. All three parties need a new leader that people can trust.

Read the story here.

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Alien ship near the sun?

“Anything getting close to the sun -- with temperatures estimated at 9,900 Fahrenheit -- would surely burn up.

However, if that object were an alien spacecraft it could be equipped with a technology that could withstand that enormous heat.

On April 24, a camera on NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory seems to have captured the image of something very large and artificially constructed hovering perilously close to our solar neighbor.

…. As the video spreads around the Internet, UFO believers are claiming the object is an alien spaceship.” Really?

Below is the video of the “UFO”.

According to Life's Little Mysteries, a scientist at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), “The streaks in question are consistent with energetic particle (proton) impacts on the CCD, something which is apparent in just about every image," Nathan Rich, of the NRL's solar physics branch, told the website.

Sorry UFO wackos! Read the story here.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Stephen Harper: NDP Didn't Support War Against Hitler

This is truly weird. Harper has completely lost it.

Read the story here.

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Commissar Harper must be stopped from appointing CBC Leadership

Harper gives the impression that he owns all Canadians therefore he must control every aspect of our lives. His ability to appoint the leaders of the CBC is totally unacceptable. Harper must know that CBC is funded by taxpayers and not by him. His ability to appoint leaders of public media like the CBC completes his dictatorship. Quite frankly his abuse of power is frightening.

“To safeguard the CBC’s independence, these leadership appointments must be removed from the prime minister’s control (as is the case with most other modern public broadcasters around the world today) and the board – not the prime minister – should have the power to hire and fire the CBC’s president.”

Read the story in The Toronto Star

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Zellers selling patients' records

Zellers is being sued by pharmacists over a plan
to sell patient records to Loblaw and Metro,
following a deal with Target.

Zellers pharmacists are not happy and they are suing Zellers.

What happened to the patients’ privacy?

Read the story here.

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Bob Kerrey, Fmr. Nebraska Governor on Iran

“I think invading Iran will make Iraq and Afghanistan look like a cakewalk.

There are 80 million people living in Iran. If we were undersized with 250,000 men and women going into Iraq, it's going to take a million to go to war with Iran.

That's a mistake we just can't afford to make.”

However, Benjamin Netanyahu was on CNN still talking about bombing Iran.

His own military chief Maj.-Gen. Benny Gantz says sanction are working.

However, Netanyahu differs with his own general.

“Maj.-Gen. Gantz's comments contrasted with much tougher statements by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who complained in an interview with CNN on Tuesday that international sanctions have not changed Iran's behaviour. He told the network that Iran continues to enrich uranium — a key step toward developing a weapon.”

Netanyahu’s hawkishness is very dangerous for the world peace.

Read The Globe and Mail story about Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Novel way of seeking job

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters
Kelly Edwards, 54, who was laid off 4 years ago, holds a sign at a street corner in Pasadena, California April 25, 2012. Edwards has resorted to handing out resumes at street corners and accepting money from strangers to provide for his family.

Read more here.

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Feds Seek To Appeal Sex-Trade Ruling Legalizing Brothels

The contradictions of the Harper government are incredible. Summum and Summum Girls Magazine and scantily dressed girls good but legalized brothels are bad. Unfortunately these types of magazines fall in the hands of minors. That is ok with Harper Government but brothels which can be rigorously regulated are bad. I am totally confused.

“TORONTO - Canada's three main prostitution-control laws appear destined for scrutiny by the country's highest court after the federal government announced Wednesday it wanted to appeal a decision that effectively legalized brothels.”

Read the story here.

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Federal Subsidy For Sexy Summum Magazine

Federal grants worth $190,000 for two Quebec magazines,
Summum and Summum Girls, featuring scantily-clad models
are under fire in the wake of broad arts cuts announced in
the last Conservative budget.

"Radio-Canada is reporting that Canadian Heritage approved the financing for Summum and Summum Girls, as part of the federal periodical fund earmarked for Canadian publications."

What are the Harper government’s priorities? They have cut programs for the women's rights groups and social programs for the poor but they like scantily-clad young girls. Where is Harper taking us? Maybe Harper should join hands with Larry Flynt of Hustler Magazine.

Read the story here.

Update: For the fans of Summum Magazine it is available on E-Bay.:)It is even racier than I originally thought. Harper’s next job: to manage this Magazine.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Frogs need rest too!

Read the  CBC story.

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Barack Obama on prostitution scandal in Columbia

Obama appeared on Jimmy Fallon show. One of the questions Fallon asked him was about his security staff and prostitution fiasco in Columbia. He called security staff involved knuckleheads. Interesting exchange.

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Mitt Romney a Bishop?

"The Mitt Romney whom many Americans see today is often depicted as wealthy, wooden and out of touch with the working class. To some, he seems gaffe prone, detached, even distant.

But that's not the man Boston Mormons knew in the late 1980s and early '90s, when many saw him as an eloquent speaker, a compassionate counselor and a creative problem-solver, generous with his money and quick to help any in need.

Are the two guys related?”

I don’t think so. His flip-flops alone distance him from any bishop days.

Read the story here.

Update: I made some mistakes in the original post. Sorry about that. I have made the corrections now.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Risks of Cell Phone and texting

It can put you in a deep dark hole.

Those who do that while driving makes it even more dangerous.

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Mitt Romney on the campaign trail

Let the flip-flops begin!

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Alberta: Alison Redford of Progressive Conservative Party wins majority

Alberta Premier Alison Redford is seeking to win her first election as premier. (Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press)

First ever elected woman premier of Alberta. Wildrose did not bloom. P.Cs win 61 seats leading in one (total 62) to Wildrose Party’s 17 seats , NDP 4 and Liberals 4 seats.

Read CBC story.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Erratic weather in New Brunswick

This morning my deck looked like the above picture.

We had a very unusual weather this winter. It was a very mild winter. Temperature hit 27c for a few days in March. However April has been generally cold and we had a major snow storm in April. Since the last few days it has been raining almost non-stop and last night we had freezing rain. It would look like signs of climate change.

However, one of the scientists who warned about global warming early this decade is now saying he was an alarmist. James Lovelock , 92, now says it may not so bad and may not be so bad by the end of century. He also said that Al Gore is an alarmist too. I don’t know who to believe.

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George Zimmerman free on bail

George Zimmerman, left, walks out of the intake building at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility with an unidentified man on April 22 in Sanford, Fla. (Brian Blanco/Associated Press)

It is a travesty. This man must stay in jail. This man committed 1st degree murder. Too bad the prosecutor could not charge him with 1st degree without a grand jury. A good example of justice delayed.

Read the story here.

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Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith-Alberta: Is she headed for majority?

Ice cream anybody?

There is a good possibility. Alberta elections to be watched today. I hope it is not the trend in the country i.e. moving far-right.

Read the story here.

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Bev Oda likes Savoy Hotel in London, England

It seems only the best will do for International Development Minister Bev Oda, who refused to stay at one five-star hotel in London, England, last year and rebooked at a swanky establishment for more than double the cost. (CP)

Savoy Hotel was twice as expensive as 5 star hotel where she had the initial reservation. It is only taxpayers’ money, eh!

Harper and his minister have gone wild when spending taxpayers’ dollars.

Read the story here.

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John Edwards screwed around!

Now it looks he may get screwed himself as former presidential candidate John Edwards’ trial for alleged campaign finance violations opens Monday in Greensboro, N.C.

Read NBC story here.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mulcair On Pot

The above heading on the front page of The Huffington Post gives the impression that Mulcair, Leader of NDP, puffs pot. But when you click on the story the actual heading is “NDP Clarifies Mulcair Stance On Marijuana“.

Misleading heading!

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Nicolas Sarkozy: Presidential Elections in France

Nicolas Sarkozy should have no problem winning. His girlfriend/wife in bikini should help as he thinks French don't like burqa/veil.


He was another of George W. Bush's poodle besides Tony Blair of Britain and Stephen Harper of Canada.

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Matt Damon “‘I Would Kiss George W. Bush on the Mouth' for His AIDS Work”

Matt Damon: I would kiss George W. Bush on the mouth for what he did on PEPFAR.

Reporter Jeffrey Goldberg: How long would you kiss him?

Matt Damon: Three seconds. No tongue.

Read Matt story here.

I will personally kick George W. Bush on his butts for the murder and mayhem he caused in Iraq. His invasion of Iraq was totally unjustified and it can only be characterized as the major savagery of 21st century. This man along with his co-conspirators Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld must be tried in The International Court in the Hague.

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Mysterious Humming Sound in Windsor

 Mystery solved.:)


You will have to watch the whole video to understand the source of humming sound!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Canada's oil is cheap

Stephen Harper wants to sell our oil at any cost. He wants to be a good salesman. Why Harper should take the blame? Because the buck stops at Prime Minister’s door. He must come up with policies which should alleviate this problem.

Read the CBC story.

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George Zimmerman Lies under oath

Watch this video and you be the judge.

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George Zimmerman's bloodied head

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

To me photo of bloodied-head of Zimmerman looks fake. What do you think?

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Stephen Harper who?

Not one of the Jeopardy Contestants knew who Stephen Harper was. He sold his soul to Americans and maybe he is more often on T.V in the U.S than Canada but Stevie could not make himself famous in his favourite U.S.

To watch the actual video click here. Unfortunately when I post here it says, "not available in Canada".

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Eric Cantor: A Cancer on American Society

He wants to tax the poor and give a big tax break to the rich. It is about time that the 99% wake up to the exploitation by the 1% who are not only filthy rich but also own the politicians like Eric Cantor.

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Is this Milky Way Galaxy?

Source: MSNBC

Actually it is Moscow seen from the International Space Station.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Peter Mackay: Besides F-35 another $2 billion bungling

Defence minister Peter MacKay is taking the heat for the shortcomings of the F-35 project in public, yet he is no longer in control of the process. Chris Wattie/Reuters

This one is about infantry fighting vehicles.

“It is understood that the $2-billion competition to chose (sic) a supplier for up to 138 armoured infantry fighting vehicles may have to start all over again after the Department of Public Works intervened in the tender process.”

Read more here.

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George Zimmerman will be free on bail

It is sad. This man is a cold-blooded murderer. Maybe it helped that his father was a judge. To me it looks like first justice denied and now justice delayed.

Read the story here

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I am an astronaut

Does that surprise anybody? I have been an astronaut all my life enjoying the ride on a special spaceship which travels in space constantly. The name of that spaceship is earth. Hence all creatures on this spaceship are astronauts. This spaceship has survived for billions of years and is still going strong unlike the US shuttle which is being retired and placed in the Smithsonian institute after only 25 years of service.

The Earth revolves around the Sun and our Solar System revolves around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. We are constantly travelling.

We must keep in mind that the atmosphere surrounding the earth is delicate and we must not destroy it by the current rate of emissions of CO2. Stephen Harper’s brain is too limited and he does not understand the dangers of global warming. His sole purpose as PM seems to be salesman for Tar Sands oil of Alberta.

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Rosa Parks, Bus, Barack Obama and Civil Rights Movement

Ed Shultz of MSNBC had nice coverage of Barack Obama sitting on the seat of the bus where Rosa Parks sat, refusing to yeild the seat to a white woman (as blacks had to sit at the back of the bus). Ms. Parks’ actions provided great momentum to the civil rights movement.

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Barack Obama: A moving picture

Barack Obama sits on the seat in the bus where Rosa Parks sat, and refused to move, during the height of Civil Rights movement under Martin Luther King Jr.. The bus is currently located at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld -the liars

These bastards are responsible for the killing of over one million Iraqis – majority of them women and children. No one has the courage to make them accountable including softy Obama. We live in a horrible world. Lest we forget.

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Mitt Romney's followers are responding

Sheeps and more sheeps!

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Push-Up Bras: The Huffington Post

Has The Huffington Post gone a bit too pornographic?
For example check out this story.

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Dick Cheney is Dead?

Ooops! They meant Dick Clark.

Read the story here.

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Sun News Network: Is anybody watching?

Media observers and viewership figures suggest Sun News Network, which promised 'hard news and straight talk,' is lagging behind its competitors.

"There is always in every audience, whether it's in the U.S., Canada or any other country, a core of older white males who are chronically pissed off. That's who Fox News appeals to and I assume that Sun Media was looking to tap into that as well,” "But we may not have that same demographic journalistically and in broadcasting terms in Canada as in the United States. I guess we're just not that angry." said Dvorkin.

Say goodbye Sun News Network. You’re wasting your time.

Read the story here

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Filing Income Tax

For years I did my own income tax but for the last few years I sought the help of a local tax filing company. I have a modest income and there are not very many complications. However this year it was amazing how many forms I had to sign. I could not believe it. Was Harper not supposed to simplify the tax code and hence filing income taxes? If there is any change it is for the worse.

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Mr. Alward of New Brunswick pushing for frucking fracking

Alward is completely ignoring public opinion. People in the town of Sussex and the village of Hampton are rightly upset. They sure are worried about the quality of their water. Fracking chemicals can enter the ground water making it flammable. Who wants to drink that water (unless you want fire in your belly) or take shower in it? Fracking is indeed dangerous. Read the full story and watch the video here.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Roy Romanow gives it to Harper on Charter of Rights and Freedoms

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on “the wrong side of history” by failing to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms to avoid stirring up lingering resentment in Quebec, says former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow.

“I’m saddened a bit that the prime minister would not recognize it as an important contribution to Canada’s nation-building, an articulation of our values and our responsibilities," he said. "However, he’s entitled to his point of view."

I fully agree with Mr.Romanow. Harper's statement is idiotic and misguided to say the least.

Read the full story at CBC.

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The Most Damaged Brands: Keith Olbermann makes top of the list

“Now, one of the most popular TV personalities will not be on the small screen for a very long time, if ever at all. His $50 million contract with Current TV could also be voided in court. Perhaps the greatest insult to Olbermann is that he was replaced on Current TV by Eliot Spitzer, a former governor who cannot seem to find permanent work.

Olbermann’s obnoxious behavior, which alienated management at MSNBC and Current TV, may cost him tens of millions of dollars. Beyond that, his career in television may well be over completely.”

It is sad. He is such a good commentator if only he had learnt how to get along with other people.

Read more: America’s Nine Most Damaged Brands - 24/7 Wall St.

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Mitt Romney addresses his supporters!

Who else do you think will support him? The guy flips flops so frequently that no one knows his real platform.

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Ted Nugent: The Dickhead

Ted Nugent, the rocker, told NRA members that he will either be "dead or in jail" next year if President Obama is re-elected. What did he mean by that? Now the guy is being investigated by the secret service and he should be.

Mitt Romney sought Nugent's endorsement and got it. This gives you some idea what kind of supporters Romney has - dumb and dumber.

Ed Shultz of MSNBC has a good piece on Nugent.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stephen Harper in Chile

He is chilling out.

Ooops! It is the earthquake.

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Mayor Ford of Toronto gets it from the vegans

This guy is a conjoined twin of Harper. They were separated at birth. He is so full of it - just like his twin Harper.

Read the story here.

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Guns: Have Americans gone crazy?

Or should I say crazier! First it was men totting guns and we know the recent tragic story of George Zimmerman who shot dead a teenager - Trayvon Martin. Had Zimmerman not had the gun Trayvon Martin may be alive today. Now this craze is spreading to women and gun ownership by women has sharply increased in the U.S in recent years.

Read the story here.

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Stephen Harper and Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Harper finds Charter of Rights and Freedoms divisive and would not celebrate its 30th anniversary. I suppose he would like to build prisons rather than to worry about freedoms or rights.

In my opinion the Charter is a landmark in Canadian history. Yours truly along with folks from other parts of Canada were involved in human rights organizations, made submission to PM Trudeau on the Charter, and due notice was taken of our submissions and a certain section was added to the Charter as a result.

Harper is a disgrace to Canada and wants to take us back half a century or so when we were a dominion of Britain. This man’s agenda is indeed something to worry about.

Read the story in The Toronto Star

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Monday, April 16, 2012

What did Stephen Harper achieve from South American trip?


“Canada and the United States stood alone in balking at an agreement to allow Cuba to attend future summits. That disagreement, and a lack of consensus on backing Argentina's claim to the Falkland Islands, scuppered a final declaration from the 31 participating nations.”

What was this snake-oil (Tar-sands oil) salesman doing in Columbia and other South American countries when no agreement was reached? More waste of taxpayers’ money.

Read story here.

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Anders Breivik: The Monster of the worst kind

Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters
Anders Behring Breivik raises his fist as he arrives to courtroom for the first day of his trial in Oslo, Monday.

He regrets that he was able to kill only 77 people. This shows that how dangerous this monster is. Actually he killed 93 people mostly children.

Read the MSNBC story. There are a few more photos of the monster and videos on the MSNBC site.

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Chris Wallace pays tribute to his father Mike Wallace

I found the tribute by Chris Wallace to his father Mike Wallace quite moving. Watch the video below.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Barack Obama, Secret Service and Prostitution

This is quite a weird story.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

“Right now president Obama is meeting with world leaders in South America is being overshadowed here at home by stunning allegations involving agents and officers supposed to be protecting him. what at least one expert is calling the biggest scandal in secret service history, and tonight that scandal is widening to include members of the U.S. military. Our white house correspondent Kristen walker joins us now from Columbia with details. Kristen, good evening.”

Maybe Secret Service personnel are not paid well enough that they have to subsidize their income in this manner. :)

NBC story.

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Lies about F-35

CBC’s At Issue panel has a good discussion on F-35. It is worth watching.

Also an interesting discussion on NDP leader Thomas Mulcair's ad.

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Kim Jong Un: First public speech

Can you tell the difference between humans and sheeps? It is unsettling to see the humans being so subservient – perfect brainwashing.

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World's Scary and Weird Creatures

Guess who is the weirdest of them all?

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Is there life on the other planets?

According to Derrick Pitts, chief astronomer for the Franklin Institute:

“It could be possible that there are other forms of life based on other elements, if you will. But, for our studies, we have to start someplace where we really know what things are — and that’s life like what we find here on this planet, and that’s all based in water.”

I hope creatures on the other planets are friendlier and more sensible than we humans. Looking at the wars and atrocities it looks that we humans are possessed by the “devil”, “evil” or whatever we call them.

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Ravi Shanker Sitar Music and Spirituality

Does certain music appeal to spirituality in humans? I don’t know but a lot has been written on it. Ravi Shanker of India is well-known for his Sitar music which some consider spiritual. You listen to his sitar and decide on your own.

“Pandit Ravi Shankar, the sitar legend, recently performed at his twice-postponed 90th Birthday Concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles. The 91-year-old maestro took to the stage with a walking cane and (relatively) flowing white beard, looking more like the mystic Sri Aurobindo than the young sitarist who introduced Americans to classical Indian music more than 50 years ago. But as soon as the flute and percussion accompaniment kicked in, his fingers started to fly and his sitar began to sing, mesmerizing the musicians and the crowd alike. As he left the stage, the rapturous audience gave him a resounding standing ovation, not just for a magical evening, but also for a mythical career.”

Read the story here.

Update: Some have opined that the Beatles’ music touched human spirits too.

...and my favourite:

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Jim Flaherty: Cutting corporate taxes raises revenues

"What we're seeing, despite the fact that we've reduced business taxes, is we're seeing our corporate tax revenue continue to rise. And this is further proof, if anyone needed it, that reduction of taxation creates more economic activity, more investment, more jobs," Flaherty said in Edmonton on Thursday.” Jim Flaherty.

Oh! Really!

Economist Jim Stanford of the Canadian Auto Workers says not so.

Read the story here.

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Controversy over Three Stooges movie

Catholic Church is upset that Kate Upton, who plays a catholic nun in the movie, wears a bikini.

Movie trailer.

I am sure Upton can take care of herself. Should catholic clergy not be more concerned about the helpless minor boys who are sexually molested by the clergy? Hypocrisy has reached a new high.

Read The Huffington Post story.

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Wyclef Jean – Creates song for Trayvon Martin

Very moving song.

MSNBC story.

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Stephen Harper played ball with the taxpayers’ money - $45,000.00

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Labour Day-weekend trip to Manhattan last fall, which included coveted tickets to a New York Yankees game and a Broadway show, cost Canadian taxpayers at least $45,000, documents reveal."CBC.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Saskatchewan has much bigger problems than ghosts

Saskatchewan's environment minister is fuming about a report from the David Suzuki Foundation that says the province isn't taking climate change seriously. (CP) From The Huffington Post.

“REGINA - Saskatchewan's environment minister is fuming about a report that says the province isn't taking climate change seriously.
Dustin Duncan said Thursday that he's disappointed that the David Suzuki Foundation released the report without talking to the province about what it's doing to cut greenhouse gas emissions.” The Huffington Post.

See the ghost story here.

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There is a devil in Ottawa too!

Update: Enjoy the video.

He is possessed by big oil/gas companies. A big challenge for exorcists.

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Saskatoon needs an exorcist!

There is a devil in Saskatoon.

“Church leaders in Saskatoon have been considering whether Saskatoon needs a trained exorcist.”

Any candidates out there?

CBC story.

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My Favourite Football Team

Members of the Lingerie Football League team called the Los Angeles Temptation train at the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on January 28, 2010. The Temptations will play the San Diego Seduction team at the stadium on January 29 with the winner securing a playoff berth in Miami and the possibility later of making the Lingere Bowl which will air on Super Bowl Sunday opposite the halftime show. AFP PHOTO/Mark RALSTON (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

I will have to adjust my schedule to watch this football team when it plays in Canada. Story from Huff Post.

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American Exceptionalism!

Murders, murders and more murders.

Following were the headlines on MSNBC site.

NRA gathers amid
growing storm over
self-defense laws
NYT: National Rifle Association begins annual meeting as critics attack its campaign to strengthen Stand Your Ground statutes and decrease limits on gun ownership.

Police chief killed, 4 officers shot
and suspect dead in NH drug bust.

Three killed at Ohio Cracker Barrel after woman tells husband she's leaving him.

Convicted murderer Charles Manson.

Please America don't spread your exceptionalism to the rest of the world.

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Right Wing on Trayvon Martin case

This clip is from Rev. Al Sharpton's program PoliticsNation on MSNBC.

Which cave these dim-wits Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity live in. Okay in their case I do believe that they are descendants of Neanderthals.

See the resemblance:


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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stephen Harper’s Legacy

Poor are getting poorer and rich are getting richer.

Here is a one story and there are many more here.

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Allen West: Rebirth of Joseph McCarthy

Rep. Allen West says 78-81 democrats in the US Congress are also members of the Communist Party. This syndrome is also known as paranoia. I hope he gets help.

Ed Schultz of MSNBC had an interesting discussion on Allen West's fear tactics and paranoia.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

George Zimmerman charged with 2nd degree murder

Special Prosecutor Angela Corey

The Special Prosecutor charges Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder. That is the maximum the prosecutor can go without a grand jury. This charge carries a maximum of 30 years in jail without bail and a minimum of 25 year in jail. Read more here.

Zimmerman is already in custody.

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George Zimmerman will be charged

"The special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case will announce criminal charges against George Zimmerman Wednesday afternoon, a law enforcement official told NBC News."

Read the NBC story here.

Update: The Prosecutor charges Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder. That is the maximum the prosecutor can go without a grand jury. This charge carries a maximum of 30 years in jail without bail and a minimum of 25 years in jail. Read more here.

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Adolph Hitler's Grandson Philippe Loret

"Jean-Marie Loret (Philippe Loret's father) allegedly said that his mother, Charlotte Lobjoie, told him he was conceived in June of 1917 when she -- then 16-years-old -- had a brief relationship with the future dictator while he was on leave in the French town of Fournes-in-Weppe."

Read full story here.

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