Saturday, March 31, 2012

Israel acquired Air-bases in Azerbaijan to attack Iran?

If the story is true and Israel does carry out air strikes against Iran then the world is up for a big catastrophe. US and other major forces such as Russia could get involved and if any party uses a nuclear weapon then watch.

Israel is becoming a bigger and bigger rouge state under Netan-yahoo.

Read the story here.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Federal Budget - Civil Service Cuts

Harper cutting the civil service? This is nonsense. I have long experience both provincially and federally with civil service and elected officials.

What politicians do is get rid of civil servants hired by the previous government - in this case Liberals - and hire their own, usually expanding the civil service not reducing it.

Harper claims he is reducing the civil service by 19,200, but he's hired over 40,000 since taking office. The larger areas of growth have been departments that reflect his ideological agenda: National Defence(nearly 5,000 more employees), Correctional Services(more than 3,000 new workers) , and Canada Border Services Agency(close to 2,600 more employees). - so its military, prisons, and security paranoia.

Harper says one thing - reducing government to save money - but the reality is very different.

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Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Illinois Removed from the House for Wearing Hoodie

Rep Bobby Rush was wearing a hoody in the House to show his solidarity with the family of Trayvon Martin. Speaker ruled that the Rep was breaking the etiquettes of the House and must be removed from the House. He must wear a business suit. Nonsense! I have seen Reps wearing t-shirts addressing the House. Hypocrisy of the American society is incredible when it comes to minorities.

Another oddity I noticed, when I was visiting Washington D.C and watched a sitting of the House, that as soon as a Rep started speaking, the whole House more or less went empty. Can Speaker not ask them to stay and do their job instead of yapping in the hallways and hobnobbing with the lobbyists?

Read the story

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Nature is like an open book to me, I find a new page and a new chapter open every day. I learn something new as it unfolds right in front of us.

A mother’s relation with her offspring is another mesmerizing phenomenon of nature. That is how the mother looks after offspring, among various species.

In the following video, a polar bear looks after its baby and a baby is a baby no matter the species. This polar bear baby is very cute.

I must add that humans sometimes do the opposite. You hear the stories of where a mother has drowned her children and walked away, or a father has shot his wife, children, and himself. There one can put humans sometimes below many other creatures because they are acting against nature.

We can break human laws and get away with it. Nature is unforgiving. You break its laws and the consequences will be swift.

NOTE: If I got the chance, I’ll be writing on Harper’s budget. Check back in a few hours.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trayvon Martin: More Lies revealed about the murderer Zimmerman

Police said according to Zimmerman he was hit first, that his nose was broken and bleeding at the time. All lies. Have we made progress or are we as humans still vicious animals? Racism is alive and well.

Watch the following video and you decide for yourself as to where the injuries are to Zimmerman on the day of the murder. I have indicated many times that I am against capital punishment but in this case Zimmerman deserves it.

I will never forget that I was in Florida, spending my vacation there, and next door to me was a friendly gentleman. We were sitting in the gallery and started talking. He asked me where I was from, and I told him I was from Canada. He said, “you’re lucky you don’t have blacks.”

I asked this man – who was a judge – “how so?”

He said, “they’re a nuisance, these black men sire the kids and then walk away from them and the state has to take care of those kids.” I wondered, what kind of decisions this judge made when it came to African-Americans.

That gave me some idea how deep the racism was in the south.

Read the CBC story here.

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Mulcair's debut and poor Bob Rae abandoned by the media

Watch the full video and you will get the picture.

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Jim Flaherty ready to deliver Budget speech

Poor Flaherty! Finance portfolio, too big shoes to fill.

What to expect? Read CBC story.

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Jerry Lee Lewis: There is still hope for old fogies

How to get the best care? Marry the care-giver.

Read the story here.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tar Sands Ads and Start of Protests

Since Stephen Harper got his majority, by hook or crook, ads on Tar Sands have become very frequent on major US and Canadian T.V networks. It is obvious that this man does not give a hoot to his fellow Canadians or the rest of humanity. This makes him a very dangerous man. Canadians must take a note and take appropriate action to remove Harper from power.

Another fact to note is that these ads are originating in the US. Why the US companies are so interested in Tar Sands oil is because Harpo wants to sell the Tar Sands oil to his masters in America (ironic that Harper accuses those of opposing the pipeline of being foreign agitators). Failing that he made a trip to China to sell Tar Sands oil. He gave a threat to Obama that if the US does not approve the building of the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline he will sell the oil to China

The video below is one example of many such ads.

Some protests have already begun.

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Harper to scientists: “Shut your mouth up”

It is a very sad state of affairs. Only one who needs to be muzzled is moron Harper. He is doing too much damage to Canada and our reputation internationally.

"We are now seen on the international stage as a pariah and five years ago, or maybe six, that was not the case....
Canada was praised internationally for its scientific efforts and its openness as a society. And now we seem to have turned our back on that." says Tom Pedersen, director at the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions at the University of Victoria.

Read the story here .

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Monday, March 26, 2012

General Walter Natynczyk and Peter MacKay

From the Toronto Star: “….the Conservative government was behind a plot to damage his reputation when reports emerged last fall that he had used a Challenger jet to join his family on a Caribbean cruise, the Toronto Star has learned.”

Now this General is complaining that it was the Conservative government who leaked the information that he used a Challenger jet to join his family on a Caribbean cruise. That Conservatives did this to discredit him. It is surprising why the Harper government will try to embarrass and discredit a military general. Is it possible they want to denigrate Peter MacKay, claiming he has no control over his generals as Minister of Defence?

And remember, Peter MacKay was accused of something similar - using military equipment - regarding his use of a helicopter.

Also, is it possible that Harper feels threatened by Peter MacKay and wants to marginalize him and push him out?

When Harper formed his first minority government, they gave MacKay one of the most difficult portfolios, Foreign Affairs, perhaps hoping that the Afghanistan fiasco would somehow cause problems for MacKay and bring him down.

When that didn't happen, Harper directly gave him the portfolio of Defence, still hoping that MacKay would make missteps or, if things go wrong in Afghanistan, MacKay could be the scapegoat, thereby pushing him out.

I am no fan of Peter MacKay, especially as when he became leader of the Progressive Conservatives, he wasted no time to join Reform to form a new conservative party. This he did despite giving his word to David Orchard that he would do no such thing in exchange for his support in the Progressive Conservative leadership race.

This, I believe, considerably hurt MacKay's credibility.

However, I must say, that after he joined the conservative party, I saw some correspondence with Peter MacKay, where he came across as very personable and approachable. I heard anyone he ever corresponded with, he felt the need to explain why he went for merger. He felt obligated to do so. In other words he expressed his remorse to his supporters but indicated that it was good for the party and the country.

Now there seems to be a struggle between Harper and MacKay, where it is going to lead we don't know. One thing is for sure though, it's going to hurt Canadians, and cause many problems as far as our foreign policy and defence is concerned.

All Stephen Harper cares for is to be Prime Minister. What happens to the country, what happens to Canadians, what happens to our country's reputation, seems to be none of Harper's concern.

Should such a person remain in power? I wish there was an impeachment process like in the United States so we can get rid of this moron Harper. I also hope that the robo-calls fiasco will bring Harper down, because robo-calling looks to have helped Harper win the election.

One can only hope the best for our country.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thomas Mulcair Wins the NDP Leadership Race

It was a long and at times exceptionally boring convention. Because of the computer glitches and delay in vote count, it looked like an eternity especially as – on top of the glitches – it took four ballots to declare Mulcair winner.

When I watched the very first debate between the candidates I predicted Thomas Mulcair would win the race. His top rival and establishment candidate, Brian Topp, simply did not come across as leadership material. He will be better off to remain a back room boy. The other problem with Topp was that his win would have required a by-election and Harper would have taken his sweet time to call such a by-election.

Another loser was Ed Broadbent. He is a highly respected former leader but he went overboard to push his candidate Brian Topp to win. In one of his interviews Broadbent said Thomas Mulcair ‘bombed’ his convention speech. I think this was a little too over the top coming from an experienced politician. Maybe age was the factor in his case.

Anyway I hope Thomas Mulcair’s win will help the NDP and Topp and Mulcair will bury their hatchets and work together.

Two people who did well to raise their profile were Nathan Cullen and Martin Singh. They both gave great speeches at the convention and Cullen of course made it to 3rd place among the candidates.

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Dick Cheney Gets Heart Transplant

Who did he kill this time to get a new heart? Is it an Afghani or an Iraqi heart?

This man will go down in history as a mass murderer along with his puppet George W. Bush. Read full story here.

You can go to jail to touch this man. He must consider himself a “holy man” where ordinary citizens with “sinful” hands must not touch him. If I ever touch this Satan I will wash my hands at least 10 times. He, Bush, and Rumsfeld are living top scums of the earth. Read more here.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Martin Singh: NDP Leadership Convention 2012

Martin Singh also gave a great speech. It is a very moving speech. Watch and enjoy.

I believe both Nathan Cullen and Martin Singh gave great speeches.

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Nathan Cullen: NDP Leadership Race March 2012

I believe Nathan Cullen gave one of the best speeches at the NDP Leadership convention in Toronto. Watch and enjoy.

Thomas Mulcair and Peggy Nash stumbled a bit.
Read more here.
Despite the missteps my prediction is that Thomas Mulcair will win the leadership.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trayvon Martin murder by George Zimmerman

This is one of the saddest stories. Poor young man was shot dead because he was black. I have no doubt about Zimmerman’s motives – he is a racist bastard and so are police officers who let him walk free. It is not for long though.

Read more here.

The other sad story came out of France where a Neo-Nazi type fired near a synagogue and killed the Rabbi and two other worshipers. I hope they catch the bastard soon. Read more here.

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Senator Rick Santorum race for the Whitehouse

When my kids were very young I used to watch Bugs Bunny Road Runner with them. Poor coyote was never able to catch the Road Runner. Santorum has the same problem as he has no hope in hell to get the Republican nomination. Romney has won Illinois by a double-digit margin.

Poor sufferin succotash!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stephen Harper gone Robotic

You heard of robocalls. Now Harper is trying robotic technique for his speeches. In this speech he goes from normal, to slow, to fast and normal again. This is his way of showing advancement of technology.

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Monday, March 05, 2012

Panda to Stephen Harper: Bye-bye Steve

As you might know, Stephen Harper brought two pandas from his recent trip to China. One of the Pandas is saying bye-bye to Harper. Does he know something that we don’t?

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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Should Queen Elizabeth II Fire Stephen Harper?

A very nice lady from Quebec, Chantal Dupuis, wrote a very good letter to Queen Elizabeth II that she should fire Stephen Harper. Unfortunately she did not have much luck and the Queen's staff member wrote her back thanking her for the information, but saying the Queen will not fire Harper.

The reasons she highlighted included Harper violating the Constitution, having a majority with less than 50% of the vote, and that Harper's appointees have not done their job - including the Governor General who did not dismiss Harper upon being found in contempt of Parliament.

Too bad, so sad. I think Harper should be fired.

You can click here to read the story.

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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Benjamin Netanyahu Visiting Canada

Netanyahu is visiting Canada and Stephen Harper is bending over backwards to please Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu is building a case to bomb Iran and its nuclear facilities. Stephen Harper is reassuring Netanyahu of his loyalty. A similar case for WMD is being made for Iran as was the case before invading Iraq.

Harper is looking for a master now that George W. Bush is gone. Netanyahu’s next stop is Washington DC. Barack Obama has so far been hesitant to encourage Israel to proceed with bombing. Now that his Presidency is on the line, he may join Harper to be another poodle of Netanyahu.

It is amazing that a very small country, which was carved out of Palestinian territory after WWII, has so much clout over Canada and the US. Netanyahu is the boss here.

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Friday, March 02, 2012

Rush Limbaugh: The Chief GOP Moron on contraceptions

Here is Rush Limbaugh - the foul mouth knucklehead:

Sandra Fluke Georgetown University student is an admirable spokesperson for women on contraceptions. Here is her interview with Ed Schultz of MSNBC.

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Stephen Harper’s Priorities

Guns are safe therefore he abolished the Gun Registry legislation. Computers are very dangerous therefore there is a need for Bill C30. Government must keep an eye on what people are doing on their computers. Police must have access to personal computers all the time.

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

US Tea Party membership drive

Tea Partiers are giving free gifts to lure new members - specifically made for membership drive.

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Miscarriage/Abortion: Where are the Republicans when you need them?

In this story females carry out miscarriage/abortion which is totally unacceptable. I think the male involved should be jailed for life and the condescending females should be appropriately punished.

Read the story here and let me know what you think.

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