Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stephen Harper wins the award

Award was given by the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) for being the most secretive government. Very appropriate award for the Mr. Secretive.

There is an interesting video on the above site. In a public meeting he was asked that if he were a vegetable which vegetable he would like to be. His answer was that he would rather like to be a fruit – more of a fruitcake or a nut.

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  1. As Craig Oliver mentioned on CTV's Question Period, the secretive nature of the HarperGovernment is having an effect on the functioning of the bureaucracies as they are no longer communicating with each other, but only through the PMO. Departments are now missing vital information for effective policy making and implementation.

  2. SD, secrecy between the departments always existed. However political bosses tried to overcome it and tried to facilitate information exchange between the departments and with the public. What Harper govt. has done is that it has legitimized this secrecy among his cabinet members too and killed all kinds of information exchange. That is where it takes the dangerous turn and has become detrimental to the general public good.