Friday, July 31, 2009

Sgt. Crowley did not arrest Joe Biden, why not?

Huffington Post makes a good point as to why Crowley did not arrest Joe Biden despite his very "disruptive behaviour", because he is white ;) Professor Gates was not nearly as disruptive.

Click here for the story.

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Dave Chappelle on police

This may be a good description how a black man feels when confronted by white police. A blogger friend, Fish, mentioned Dave Chappelle in a comment to my post on Glenn Beck. I thought I would post this video. It is hilarious and makes the point well.

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Blonde wins: Beer Party at the Whitehouse

Obama, Biden and Crowley went for blonde. Only Gates had the dark beer. Crowley came with his handcuffs, just in case. ;)

Okay, I prefer blonde too. It is an Ale and "if you like it, you like it a lot." But that is a different story.

Was anything achieved at this party? Time will tell.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Barack Obama is a racist?

What is with this Glenn Beck and company? Now they are calling Obama a racist. Why? This started after the James Crowley and Professor Gates incident. What is the real problem of Glenn Beck and ilk? It bothers them a lot that a black man is in the Whitehouse. First the birther thing and now this. Faux News has tried to disassociate itself from Beck's comments saying that those are his personal views. If Faux News really wishes to take a stand, then let go Glen Beck and company.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Children of Iraq

What a gift of democracy George W. Bush gave to the people of Iraq. Close to a million or more women, men, and children slaughtered and the whole country is in ruins. Millions others are refugees in neighbouring countries and millions others are homeless or without proper food and sanitary conditions. Are these the attributes of democracy? What had Iraq done to the U.S. They were definitely not involved in 9/11. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Millions of people around the world think that Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld committed crimes against humanity; their thinking, that these are war crimes, is justified.

When I recently saw a picture of Frank McKenna, former Premier of New Brunswick and former Canadian Ambassador to the U.S., with George W. Bush it removed any iota of doubt that McKenna is not a real liberal. He is an opportunist and that is all. McKenna apparently had invited Bush to Atlantic Canada for some meet and greet bigwig party. It is apparent that McKenna is bent upon promoting himself and making money at any cost. It is good that he did not go into federal politics. We have too many opportunists in Ottawa already.

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Healthcare Reform in the US

There was a good segment on healthcare on Countdown on MSNBC last night and one of them was a segment on Billy Kristol being roasted by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. It is funny and it drives the point home with a splash. Especially Billy Kristol became a punch line for the show. It is hilarious and makes a unmistakeable case for healthcare reform.

Now it is an established fact that the VA (Veteran Affairs) is the best maintained healthcare system in the US and it is run by the government. The naysayers in the US need not compare the proposed healthcare reforms to Canada. As a matter of fact such a comparison is foolish to start with. US proposed reforms do not come anywhere near the Canadian Public Healthcare system. What Obama is proposing is a mixture of public and private without abolishing the private system or private health insurance. Providing healthcare to those who cannot afford current private insurance gives people a choice and a little more competition to private enterprise to bring the cost down. Also it brings down the inefficiencies in the process in the current American system.

All Americans have to do is look at their VA healthcare system and they will get the idea. Also VA can be and is being used as a model for the proposed reforms.

Governor Howard Dean hosted this particular episode of Countdown and he is great. Watch out Keith Olbermann.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama born in Kenya? Is it an Israeli conspiracy?

A major news item appears on the Israeli National News blog. The fellow, by the name of Philip J. Berg, who took the matter to court, is an Israeli sympathizer. He is throwing spaghetti on the wall hoping that something will stick. He says even if Obama was born in Hawaii he left for Indonesia and his stepfather got him Indonesian citizenship so that he could go to school there. Thus when he came back to the US he became a naturalized citizen. This Berg guy is a complete nut job. He calls himself a Democrat.

Is there a fear that Obama does not support Israel as the past Presidents did and that his middle name is Hussein? All these nut jobs are outdoing each other.

Click here for the story by these nutjobs.

UPDATE 1: More trouble in Israel over Obama. Obama a "racist". Nuts all around. Click here for the story.

UPDATE 2: Unamimous resolution passed in the House of Representatives that Obama was born in the USA and is a US citizen. No Republicans opposing. What is going to be the next move of those nuts in Israel?

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Intelligent Robots: Can they pose a threat to humans?

According to some scientists, it may not be in the too distant future. Even intelligent drones may decide on their own whom they should bomb. Drones are used by Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Click here to read a story on robots.

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Sgt. James Crowley Must Be Fired

On the Gates controversy, my initial assessment was right. Creepy Crowley made an illegal arrest, he must be fired.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Cuba and the US Embargo

I watched a documentary on CBC last night on Cuba and what the US embargo is doing to the people of Cuba. Had it not been for this embargo, Cuba could have been one of the most prosperous nations in the world but because US capitalism and imperialism does not agree with Cuban "socialism" it has been punished for over half a century now.

I am not an authority on Castro but I think he was a good leader and selflessly tried to improve the lives of his fellow citizens. Cuba has one of the best healthcare systems in the world despite the embargo. I have heard that some Canadians go there for treatment. Cuba has a good social safety net for the poor but again the embargo gets in the way.

How many millions of people will suffer around the world because of US imperialism before the US realizes the blunders of its actions. The Japanese during the Second World War, then Korea, Vietnam, and more recently Iraq and Afghanistan. Millions of people have perished because of US policies and millions others live in utter poverty because of US government policies dictated by big business and powerful lobbies. Given its international policies, can you really call the US the greatest democracy in the world, or is it really another one of those oppressive imperialist powers?

To be fair to the American people in general, the majority of them do not approve of all this. There were fierce protests against the Vietnam War and there are protests against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars but much more subdued than the Vietnam War protests. The problem lies with big business and the oil conglomerates. Their greed influence how the US is governed.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan

There are numerous videos on the site called Winter Soldiers. I had a hard time deciding which one to post. These are real stories told by American soldiers themselves. The mainstream media in North America and Europe will not cover them. Please watch them all and make up your own mind if these wars are just or pure crimes authorized by George W. Bush and continued to this day.

Now there are many Senators and members of the House of Representatives who are opposed to healthcare reform. These are more or less the same people who approved of these wars. Do they really have best interest of Americans at heart? Please watch these videos and draw your own conclusions. Do you think Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and associates should be made accountable for such atrocities – atrocities committed against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and young men and women of the United States. Should Canada be part of it in Afghanistan?

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Sarah Palin’s Great Moment on the International Stage.

Remember this when she had a heart-to-heart conversation with Nicolas Sarkozy of France ;)

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Sarah Palin is going to Twitter

I actually like Sarah Palin. She is attractive and... okay she is attractive but to be a national leader? Com'n. Brains are needed.

She abruptly came on the national scene and as abruptly became a fodder for the comedians. Now she has resigned as Governor of Alaska and she wants to Twitter full time. She says she will make more real and honest entries for Twitter now. Does that mean she was not real and honest before? Anyway good luck to her and happy twittering.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Want to have a beer with the President of the United States?

No problem. Join the police force real fast. Then go into the house of a prominent African-American and arrest him. Make sure there are a lot of media. Bingo. You will receive a call from Barack Obama himself inviting you for a beer in the Whitehouse. What kind of example is Obama setting.

The part where he called Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley to diffuse the situation is understandable. But then to reward Crowley at the Whitehouse with a beer party is a little overboard. Next thing you know Crowley may be running for the US House of Representatives or Senate or who knows, for the President. What a way to promote oneself. I am tempted ;)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger – the Terminator

Schwarzenegger is wielding a knife to show how he would cut expenditures and end the deficit, but State Sen. Sam Aanestad is not that impressed. Maybe Schwarzenegger has finally met his own terminator - the deficit. He needs a lot of dope. The marijuana lobby is saying that if dope is legalized the state stands to make billions of dollars in taxes.

Click here for a story on the deficit.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Sgt. James Crowley needs to be fired

The colleagues of Creepy Crowley are asking for an apology from Obama. Obama seems to be giving in somewhat. It is obvious that Creepy Crowley arrested Professor Gates despite the fact that Professor Gates gave him a Harvard University ID as well as a driver's licence. It is understandable that Gates was angry, he did nothing illegal and his arrest simply cannot be justified.

It is clear that it was too much for Creepy Crowley that a black man was insisting to get his badge number. My view remains the same that Creepy Crawly should be let go. He is not fit to be a police officer. Racism is well and alive and folks use "N" word freely when a black person is not around. I have heard this in Canada and in the US, especially in the Southern US, although this incident happened in Massachusetts.

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The Heroes of the US Republican Party

I should say it up front, they are heroes for the Republicans Party only and not the public in general. They have few fans.

Sarah Palin: In 2008 a relative unknown was thrust on the national stage by John McCain as Veep candidate and saviour of McCain's faltering campaign. She was supposed to be a champion of conservative causes and family values. Family values included no pre-marital sex. Okay, it turned her teenage daughter, who was under 18 years old at the time, was pregnant. So much for no pre-marital sex and family values. When they could not hide her pregnancy she was marched onto the national stage along with her hubby-to-be Levi Johnston. She could not be much of a saviour for McCain. Then her grandson was born but the umbilical cord to Levi Johnston was cut.

More recently Sarah Palin has resigned as Governor of Alaska. Some say because she can make more money by writing a book, speaking engagements, etc. Oh well, she is true to conservative values at least. Money takes precedence over everything else.

Joe the Plumber: Joe the Plumber, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, was another one who was thrust on the national scene by the desperate John McCain. He became a symbol of conservative values as he called Obama a socialist. More recently, John McCain's daughter Meghan McCain has called Joe the Plumber "Dumb Ass". Smart woman, she said it as it is. It turned out that Joe the Plumber was not much of a plumber. He just wants play in sewers. Okay he can join the next hero in that play.

G. Gordon Liddy: Remember him. He had a "plumbing" company of his own, as he was chief operative for the White House Plumbers whose main job was to dig dirt on Democrats. He likes to play in the sewers too as does Joe the Plumber. Maybe it should be a new sport for the Olympics. If I am not mistaken, he is a convicted felon. He served 4 years for his part in the Watergate fiasco which brought down the Nixon administration.

More recently, he has become a champion for the birther conspiracy that Barack Obama is not an American. He says he has a sworn statement from Obama's Step-Grandmother that he was born in Kenya. Oh God, a guy from Kenya with the name of Barack Hussein Obama is occupying the White House and taking the rest of the U.S hostage. How frightening. Now Gordon Liddy is another hero for current Republicans as Rush Limbaugh has joined the fray. What a bunch of loonies.

Click here for a must read on this issue.

Sgt. Crowley: He is the latest entry for Republican heroes. He's from Cambridge, Mass. Sgt. Creepy Crowley is the one who arrested "unruly" Professor Gates in his house. "Unruly"? Sounds like a 6 year old who talks too loud and was called into the principal's office. He responded to the call that someone was breaking into Professor Gates' house. When Creepy Crowley got there Professor Gates showed him a Harvard ID and driver's licence but that was not enough for Creepy Crowley and he arrested the Professor anyway for unruly behaviour. Professor Gates was not threatening or dangerous to anyone but sounded "unruly" to Creepy Crowley.

Now there are claims that Creepy Crowley teaches "racial profiling". He must be teaching how to do the racial profiling. If he is, then his students must excel him. This is a new generation of Republicans for you. Rush Limbaugh is his fan already and that is why I have included Creepy Crowley here.

The right thing for Cambridge to do is dump this guy. Obama called the police stupid for having arrested the professor after he provided his ID. I think Obama was very polite. Crowley is a dumb ass and one can use stronger words but I will refrain.

So these are the current heroes of Republican Party of the United States of America. God bless America, as it does need it.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Professor Henry Louis Gates’ Arrest

Professor Gates was arrested in his own home, Cambridge, Mass., Thursday, a week ago for disorderly conduct. An internationally known professor. Wow! In his own home eh! Police entered his home without permission or warrant and arrested him. Were the police not disorderly? Were they not trespassing and breaking the law. Okay a snoopy neighbour called police when the Professor was trying to pry open his door as it was stuck. But still, who is the guilty party here.

Was it racial profiling? You betcha. Remember Maher Arar. What was his guilt? He looked like an Arab, as he is, and he spoke with an Arabic accent. Bingo. Arrested in the U.S and deported to Syria where he was tortured. The RCMP was not much help either and Maher Arar's saga went on for a while. It turned out that Maher Arar had no ties with any extremist Islamic organization and his only guilt was that he looked a certain way. Yes there is racial profiling and it happens almost everyday.

Now Professor Gates. The police officers involved should definitely be retrained or let go, as it is too much for them to carry out their police duties. Now please tell me if you have ever heard that a thief in somebody else's house will stand in front of the police and provide them with his identity. Must be an utterly dumb and deranged thief. Should a thief not hit for the nearest exit and run for his life. Some detective work these police officers did. The major suspect in this case is the judgement of these police officers. People can do the damnedest things sometimes and then try and justify them.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

US Republicans and Healthcare

Groucho Marx in this video depicts the current Republican's modum Oprendi so exceptionally well. I heard the song on Hardball of Chris Matthews on MSNBC. No matter what the Obama administration proposes on Healthcare, Repugs are against it and they seem to be singing this song, "I am against it" collectively.

They look like, act like, and talk like a bunch of clowns. They must be clowns. They should elect Joe the Plumber as their leader and get over with it. Joe the Plumber for the President in 2012 and Sarah Palin as Vice or vice versa. They were after all both John McCain's last-ditch effort and his "hope" to revive his campaign for the Presidency in 2008. Since they were such a beacon of hope for McCain why not take advantage of that and run them in 2012.

Their main objection to Healthcare reform is that it is too expensive. It does not matter that 47 million Americans are without any health insurance and in industrialized nations American healthcare protection for its citizens is about the worse. Now these very Repugs did not object to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. They just cheered on Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and their ilk. In case of Iraq the cost to U.S taxpayers is nearing one trillion dollars or already surpassed that mark. Now that is not expensive? Really? And what are the gains? Close to one million Iraqi men, women, and children killed during this war according to some estimates and the rest of the country is in ruins and total chaos. Over 36000 U.S soldiers killed or injured. And that is not expensive. The Afghanistan war is completely botched and again very expensive in terms of its cost, lives lost, and destabilization of Pakistan. Now Repugs can support all that but the healthcare for all its citizens is too expensive? Can you believe these clowns?

Ujjal Dosanjh, MP from British Columbia, was interviewed on CNN where some Republican Congressman was giving a thrashing to the Canadian public healthcare system. I thought Ujjal Dosanjh did a great job in putting the matter in perspective and pointing out effectively the advantages of a public system. However would that convince the Congressman? Very slim chance. He is just against it.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paula Abdul leaving American Idol?

It will be a mistake for American Idol producers to let her go. She is well liked. With slumping viewers her leaving will be a big blow to the program. Instead lose Simon Cowell.;) He can be pain in the... you know where. Randy Jackson is liked too. Replace Cowell with Kara DioGuardi.

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Martians on Earth

Lately there has been a lot of talk about landing man on the moon 40 years ago. That indeed was a great achievement. Now there is talk of landing man on Mars. But did you know that Martians have been, and are, on earth? NASA has been quiet about it and the CIA has been lying about it. Today I am exposing those Martians. Remember you first learned about it here on my blog. ;)

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Horrors of Slavery: Obama's visit to Ghana

When I compare Barack Obama to George W. Bush the latter comes across as deaf and blind. Bush was blind to the realities of America and the world. All Bush saw was oil oil oil, which explains his invasion of Iraq. Then of course there was the botched invasion of Afghanistan which is a quagmire and an unwinnable war.

Obama has still to prove the effectiveness of his administration to deal with the economic and social problems the US is facing and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, compared to Bush he is becoming the eyes and ears for US and the world. His trip to Egypt and speech to the Muslim world gave a window to the Muslim world. Through his speech he has made many Islamic extremists irrelevant. The speeches of the extremist lost their lustre and are not having the impact that they had during the Bush era. In relation to Iran, the rhetoric against the U.S has mostly subsided. During recent troubles in Iran the leaders there blamed Britain but refrained from blaming the US because of their hope of dialogue with Obama.

Obama's trip to Ghana has given a new window on Africa and the horrors of slavery. He visited the place where slaves were kept before they were shipped to Europe, South America and North America. Thousands and thousands of men, women and children died in these dungeons as they were kept in subhuman conditions with no sanitary conditions and quite often just let the victims die there of hunger and disease. I did not know the full extent of these horrors until I saw a documentary on CNN about it. Likely millions of men, women, and children perished during this slave trade. It was a big and evil business and such business is capable of carrying out atrocities for profit. In this case trafficking of slaves.

Here is the speech Obama gave at the site of the slave dungeons.

It is hoped that Obama has opened many eyes in the U.S and the world about these atrocities and that we must not forget these atrocities in order to avoid them in the future. We have come a long way but sadly we still live in a very imperfect world and constant vigilance is essential.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Walter Cronkite Gone: What Next?

Walter Cronkite was one of the greatest journalists and opinion-leaders of the twentieth century. MSNBC reported that when, in the late 1960s, Cronkite gave his assessment of the Vietnam War, Lyndon Johnson felt his political fortunes erode. Johnson is known to have said that he could not afford to have Cronkite go against him.

It is that kind of influence that Walter Cronkite had on leaders and the public because he was not afraid to speak the truth.

Now what kind of reporters and opinion-leaders do we have in the 21st century? Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity who has no sanity, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck. I wish my American friends good luck.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Walter Cronkite Dead at the age of 92

I was watching MSNBC last night and was about to turn the T.V off when there was breaking news that Walter Cronkite had passed away. Then they gave a fascinating bio of him.

MSNBC reported that once he said that in order to be a good reporter you must be a liberal. It makes him an intriguing human being. He was indeed an objective reporter as he expressed his displeasure during Clinton era at the 24/7 reporting on Clinton's sex scandal . His well-known view was that "...the rules back then–the journalists decided whether the affairs were compromising the guy's ability to do his job. If not, they didn't report it." He said that more recent journalism was inclined to be sensational and tabloid.

Then who can forget his closing remarks as anchorman on CBS, "That's the way it is". Walter Cronkite died at age 92. God bless his soul.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Sarah Palin nominated for an Emmy Award?

She acted reasonably well, playing the role of Vice-Presidential candidate during the 2008 elections. However Tina Fey did a better job playing Sarah Palin on Saturday Night live. Tina Fey deserves the award and it is hoped she will get it.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Israeli war crimes in Gaza: Israeli soldiers speak out

I found out about the "Breaking Silence" report through PBS's Worldfocus program. It is sickening what Israel did in Gaza six months ago (and many times prior to that) but generally western media is silent on it. It is good to know that some people have a conscience, and that they don't let nationalism dictate what they think. It restores my faith in humanity that no matter how strong the brainwashing is done of soldiers, they are not robots and humanity shows through. In this case many Israeli soldiers. These soldiers must be commended for their courage and the World must wake up to Israel's atrocities towards the Palestinians.

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Senator Tom Coburn: 38 weeks pregnant?

Judge Sonya Sotomayor's confirmation hearings in the Senate continue. It was Senator Tom Coburn's turn to ask questions and he said, "I'm 38 weeks pregnant" at the start of the question which raised some eyebrows. Ok his question was about abortion and the legality of abortion. Supposedly he is pro-life and against abortion but it was a bit of a strange way to ask a question.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor's Confirmation Hearings

Generally these hearings are a big yawn. As Senator Charles Grassley went on and on about some Didden case, Sotomayor "didn't agree on Didden" and the Senator "didn't understand what she said about Didden" and it didn't make much sense and the Senator was not happy that he didn't get good answer on Didden and Judge Sotomayer didn't have much more to say about Didden and on and on.

Then there was Senator Lindsey Graham talking about good temperament, military law, and knowledge of Supreme Court case law. He is the same Senator who supported George W. Bush and we know how smart that guy is with war he started and his expertise on military law. Senator Graham unconditionally supported John McCain's bid for President, McCain who is notorious for his bad temper. If elected he would have made life and death decisions. Senator Graham also supported Sarah Palin as Vice-President and we know how much she knows about Supreme Court case law. Talk about hypocrisy.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

John McCain was surprised

McCain was surprised that Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska. However, he was able to go back to his snooze.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Afghanistan War Atrocities: Obama orders investigation

I did this post few weeks ago about the massacre of young Afghanis soon after the invasion of Afghanistan. Here is the video I posted then:

You can click here for my earlier blog on this issue.

Some eight thousand young Taliban surrendered to the U.S with the promise that they will be treated well. Since 1978 the US was helping these people (who would become the Taliban) when the former USSR occupied Afghanistan. Thus these young men must have believed that they would be treated well. Instead, according to some accounts, 3000 of these young men were found in mass graves. Also Afghanis say American soldiers were responsible for these killings.

No question about it the attack on the World Trade Centre (WTC) was tragic and some 3000 innocent people were killed there. Is it possible that these soldiers did the revenge killing to even the number of 3000. The most unfortunate part is that Afghans or Taliban were not involved in this attack. The attackers were mostly from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries and none from Iraq either, however Afghanistan and Iraq paid the heaviest price for these attacks. The mass killing can never be justified on either side.

Osama Bin Laden of Saudi Arabia is alleged to have masterminded the WTC attack. Yet Bush Sr. and George W. Bush had business relations with the Bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia and by all accounts those relations continued. Apparently the oil money was more important for Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. than the attack on the WTC.

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld knew about this carnage and they ensured no investigation was ever done. Instead they were beating the drum of winning the hearts and minds of Afghans. After the bloodbath of 3000 young Afghani men surely they were on the path of winning the hearts and minds. How dangerous and inhuman war propaganda can be. Then of course they were there to free the women. According to many accounts more women are being killed under the US occupation and many are going into prostitution to survive. Some freedom and democracy. You may consider to check out this post of mine.

The only way left to win the heart and minds of Afghanis is to put George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld on trial for war crimes and mass murder. If some justice is done there, then it may lead to winning the hearts and minds of Afghanis.

It is encouraging that Obama has ordered the probe of the mass murder in Afghanistan. I hope that such probe will be thorough.

You can click here to read a story on this from MSNBC.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stephen Harper at the G8

You are aware that Obama, Sarkozy and Berlusconi were having their jollies. So where was our great leader? Actually he was determined to get ready for the photo-op or maybe he was just sleepwalking or maybe streaking. You be the judge.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama, Sarkozy and Berlusconi butt watching

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Senator John Ensign’s ethics

Ensign understands Senate ethics and the rule of "conflict of interest" i.e. if you are sleeping with your staffer's wife you cannot keep her husband on the payroll of your office, you must fire him ;)

However, the right thing for Ensign to do was to say, "hey Doug, I am a son of a bitch. I slept with your wife. Please bring a gun and blow my head off." Instead he went to his Mommy and Daddy and asked them to give some hundred thousand dollars as compensation to Doug Hampton for having jollies with Doug's wife. That makes Doug's wife an escort.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Silvio Berlusconi And Dmitry Medvedev At G8

Hugh Hefner eat your heart out. Berlusconi of Italy has his own playmates. He is having the time of his life at 72. Hey guys admit it, would you not all like to be that spunky at age 72? Then of course there is the Russian guy Medvedev who is happy with his Vodka and having his own jollies. Remember Boris Yeltsin. Medvedev has big shoes to fill to keep the tradition.

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Stephen Harper Missing

Stephen Harper became a butt of jokes at the G8 in Italy. He was late again for his photo-op. To be fair to him, he forgot his Adult Diapers provided and paid for by the CPC (Conservative Party of Canada). At least that is what the CPC claims ;) Or is it taxpayers who paid for them? ;)

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Stephen Harper developing good relations with Silvio Berlusconi of Italy

They look pretty cozy. Berlusconi has a reputation to reckon with.

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Susan Boyle of Britain has been transformed

The wonders of Photoshop. You may remember Susan Boyle who appeared on Britain's Got Talent. She is in her forties and was not discovered for her talent because of her looks. Now Photoshop got hold of her and what a transformation.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Solution to budgetary problems.

He needs a lot of dope ;)

Click here for the story.

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Afghanistan - What is Really Happening There

American and allied forces claim to be bringing "freedom and democracy" to Afghanistan, but the following shows a very different reality.

Click here for more on this issue.

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Michael Jackson and Racism

I was not going to write anymore on Michael Jackson until I saw Pete King, Congressman from New York, make a statement on him and watched the above video. This guy is a Reaganite Republican and a racist. He is one of those who moved out of the City of New York and into the suburbs as "blacks were taking over neighbourhoods after neighbourhoods in the city."

I have been involved in human rights issues long enough that I can tell a racist when I see one. There is no question that Michael Jackson had a troublesome and rocky life. He is alleged to have sexually molested children but he was convicted of none. It is also troublesome that he settled with one of the alleged victims early on for $20 million. However it could have been blackmail money. Many blackmailers do succeed and probably Michael Jackson thought at the time that he could avoid a media circus, avoid bad publicity, and get over with it. He was wrong. Do not forget Somali pirates who extorted tens of millions of dollars by hijacking ships and then blackmailing. It happens. Money makes people do strange things. Is it possible that parents of these kids were into that blackmail business? Especially when one alleged victim managed to get $20 million 'compensation'.

I have heard fellow workers and colleagues make horrible racist statements. There were some sociologists who came up with racist theories that intelligence is unevenly distributed among different races which has been squarely denied now. Let us not forget Hitler who used racism or purity of the Aryan Nation to justify his mass murder and holocaust.

Racism is one of the worst plagues known to humankind. The only known cure for this disease is isolation of the infected and extensive and intensive education. Some do die with this affliction causing a lot of harm to society. Good examples are members of the KKK and James W. von Brunn, 88 years old, who carried out an attack at the Holocaust Memorial Musem and killed a guard there who was black. If only James W. von Brunn was diagnosed early on and treated.

I had my doubts about Michael Jackson and still do as there are many unanswered questions, but the way racists have lashed out is sickening. Michael Jackson associated with people like Nelson Mandela who sent an extraordinary testimonial for Michael Jackson's memorial and many others who knew him personally spoke very highly of him including Jesse Jackson, and Martin Luther King Jr.'s son and daughter. We should give some credibility to these people.

I was lucky to meet people of almost every ethnic background during my university years and learned about other cultures and people. We once went to a bar with students of different ethnic background including a very nice black student from the US south. He was afraid to enter the bar as he thought he would be thrown out. We convinced him that he did not have to worry in Canada, as it does not happen here.

Racism is a deadly disease and a mental disorder. This disorder has caused many disasters such as the holocaust and apartheid and many wars fought for that. If we can go to the moon then we must also be able to take care of this mental disorder.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Joe Biden needs a muzzle

Joe Biden is a loose cannon. Now in an interview in Iraq he said that it is up to Israel whether it wants to bomb Iran or not. It is like saying that 5 year olds are free to play with matches or fireworks. Both Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, and Avigdor Lieberman, Foreign Minister, are like these 5 year olds. They are both trigger-happy and to give them a green light is like throwing the world in an inferno. If they do bomb Iran, given the instability in Iran it can start fireworks which can engulf the whole globe.

What is Joe Biden going to say next? North Korea is an independent country and if it wants to invade Japan it is North Korea's decision? Please Mr. Obama get a muzzle for your Veep, Joe Biden.

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On a pig farm

According to Chipotle Restaurants in the U.S, they only kill happy pigs to make happy meals. If only pigs knew then they will be safe.

Chipotle Restaurants are not much different than certain politicians. Politician say what people want to hear, make the people 'happy', and then screw them. Reminds me of George Orwell's novel "Animal Farm".

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Michael Jackson: A very troubled childhood

Here is a song he sung about his childhood:

The name of the song is "Have you seen my childhood". It is quite haunting. The man who entertained the world had a very troubled soul.

As I wrote in a previous post, the way he changed his looks to look white shows he suffered racism. Racism is indeed a deadly mental illness and criminal too. A lot of it has been eradicated but more needs to be done.

I have come across people who tell me that blacks are an inferior race including highly educated people such as judges. One judge I knew a little bit told me that "black people are okay but would you let your daughter go out with one". I ran into his daughter too who is quite enlightened. I can tell many stories which are highly disturbing.

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Sarah Palin and Mark Sanford?

Mark Sanford by his own admission has been crossing lines with women. Did he cross that line with Sarah Palin at the last Republican Governors meeting?

Sarah Palin has resigned but Sanford refuses to resign? Palin was breathing heavily when she resigned last Friday. She was upset and incoherent. She did point out that some governors hang on to office unnecessarily. Was she referring to Sanford and sending him a message? She also talked about a "higher calling". Is she also talking about the soul mate thing? Did he promise her to go for a hike with her to Alaska? What more is there in Sanford's closet? ;) When would he hold his next press conference of confessions?

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sarah Palin: The real reason for her resignation

After Michael Jackson's death she was very gloomy. She was concerned about who will entertain the US and the world. Who will live at the Neverland Ranch? After a lot of soul searching she decided to resign from the position of Governor of Alaska and move to California and into Neverland Ranch. She has been practicing how to dance and entertain. This is just a sample.

So watch out world and especially watch out Arnold Schwarzenegger "she will be back".

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Michael Jackson: Video from two days before his death.

AEG released this video. I understand there is one more after this video. I suppose AEG wants to make a bundle.

The song is, "They don't care about us."

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Afghanistan: Uncle Sam’s gift of democracy

Bush started this crusade of spreading democracy in Afghanistan and then Iraq. What an "extraordinary gift". Freedom everywhere? Uncle Sam, now under Barack Obama, continues to give that gift.

Who are they fooling? Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women, men, and children killed, and tens of thousands of Afghani women, men, and children killed, and millions displaced with millions of others without proper food, water, and sanitary conditions. Where is this democracy going? When will world wake up to these atrocities? What do we have to show for so-called democracy? One gets a very sickening feelings that all this "spreading democracy" was one large and hideous rouge.

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mark Sanford talks too much

Oh! Really ;) Guys are just jealous of him.

Update: Mambo Number #5, a song that Sanford is singing these days ;)

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Iraqis celebrating the departure of US army from Iraqi cities

This should send a message to Bush, Cheney, and associates. It was an illegal invasion and occupation and mass murder of innocent women, men, and children in Iraq. According to some estimates, over a million Iraqis have been killed since the invasion. Over 36,000 US soldiers killed or wounded. For what? To control some oil wells for Bush, Cheney, and some oil companies.

This is the worst mass murder in the 21st century and it is hoped that no one will try to surpass it again. Such illegal wars must end.

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