Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Glenn Beck Blabber

Sooner they take Beck to a loony house better it is for his well-being. It is too hard on the guy to live with so many mental instabilities. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Read the story here.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Ant's antennae: The wonders of nature

I am always bewildered by nature and its mysteries, we have only recently developed GPS, which is a very complex system, to show location and direction of travelling. However, nature has put this kind of system in a very small creature called the ant. It is an extraordinarily complex system with extraordinary software which can only be characterized as miraculous. The ant’s antennae tells the ant its location.

This also makes ants creatures with their own society, so even if they wander away they know where to find the Queen and rest of the ants. These complexities of nature continue to amaze me, and as I learn these mysteries of nature I find out how little I know.

Check out the following excerpt:

“Minuscule magnets found in ant antennae could help to explain why these insects seem to always know where they are going, according to researchers who suspect the magnets are a key component of a sophisticated, nature-made GPS system.

“While human global positioning systems rely upon power-consuming receivers that pick up information from clunky, orbiting 3,000-4,000-pound satellites, the probable ant system weighs next to nothing, requires little body energy to operate and is Earth-friendly to the max.”

Click here to read the story.

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Fox News reporter in the crap

Fox News broadcasts a lot of crap and finally one Fox reporter got deep into it. He is covered in feces from head to toes. How appropriate and kudos to Fox News for being in the right place.

"He noted that he had immersed himself in organic material. That "organic material" was most likely the effects of raw sewage pouring into the water during the storm.

"It doesn't taste great," he said."

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A streaker flashes Irene

It must be in the name of the storm ‘Irene’. Following video is interesting and funny.

Warning: Video above is graphic.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Good Night

Another Irene song - Good Night Irene by Nat King Cole. It is a good one. Enjoy!

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Glenn Beck: God sent Irene

More of Beck’s hyperbole and wild talk. According to him Irene is a blessing.
He says, "It is God reminding you, as was the earthquake last're not in control."

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Irene: come on

Irene is the storm of the century and already millions of people have been evacuated in the State of New York and many other eastern states. She is so famous now that dozens and dozens of songs have been written and sung for Irene. Here is a sample.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dick Cheney: A war criminal

He stands behind torture and waterboarding. Waterboarding is indeed a war crime and it is one of the many war crimes this evil creature has committed.

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Rick Perry Commercial for presidency

He gives the honest depiction of who he is. :)

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Animals and birds can be smarter than humans

The recent earthquake with epicentre in Virginia was felt all the way in Fredericton,NB; animals and birds in a zoo in US sensed it ahead of any humans and all their modern equipment. Following video sheds some light on this extraordinary ability of animals and birds.

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Rick Perry: The Ruthless Man

He approved the execution of a man who may have been innocent. Rick Perry had some information which pointed to the innocence of the man but he ignored that information. Do Americans really want this man as their president? If Bush/Cheney caused the slaughter of over million innocent people in Iraq and tens of thousands in Afghanistan then, I suppose, Rick Perry may try and break their record if he ever becomes the president of U.S.

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Tantrum on the air

We live in a crazy world and it is becoming crazier as time goes on.

Read more here.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rick Perry: New Star of Repugs

His book “Fed Up” was published recently. In this book he writes “Social Security a “failure and an “illegal Ponzi scheme,”..
Some say his book will haunt him and he should change the name of his book from “Fed Up” to “F’ Up”.

Read more here.

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Keith Olbermann’s worst person in the world

The usual suspects are Glenn Beck and Allen West. Both of these sure have crossed the line of sanity into the la la land a while ago.

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Nicolas Sarkozy: The Perks of Power

It is obvious from the picture above that why Sarkozy doesn’t want Muslim women to wear veils - so that he can pick and choose whose breasts he is going to grab next. The woman in the picture must sue the moron. He is not much different than Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sad News - Jack Layton passed away today at the age of 61

Photo from the Globe and Mail.

The news came suddenly; it still hasn't sunk in completely for me. He overcame the odds, campaigned vigorously in 2011 with his walking-cane, turning it from a symbol of frailness to one of triumph.

Today is a truly non-partisan moment as tributes come in from all parties - Liberal, Conservative, Green, Bloc, and NDP - we all stand together as Canadians. Jack Layton will go down as a legendary figure in Canadian politics.

Click here for Jack Layton's obituary.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Orangutan At Japanese Zoo

Dream video for evolutionists. Here are the ancesters.

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Dangers of Gas Fracking

Gas fracking could be pretty dangerous and police can arrest you. Watch the video and you will know what I mean:)

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rick Perry and The Reality of Democracy

A long time ago there were kings everywhere who controlled public life. As time went on these kings were overthrown and replaced by mostly dictators. Somewhere along the way the idea of democracy was born. Democracy is supposed to give the power to the general public and leaders were/are elected. The idea of Democracy is “the government of the people, by the people, for the people”. But is it really the case? It looks now the rich and powerful control high offices of presidents and prime ministers. The rich give leaders money to get elected and leaders in turn work for the rich. So has anything really changed? Not too much I will say.

The following video is a good example of where a representative of the Bank of America tells Perry “…we will help you out." That is how Perry got himself elected three times as governor of Texas - lots of dough from the rich. It is not the people but money rules – whosoever got the dough runs the show.

Read more here.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Governor Rick Perry can get the nomination and win the Presidential election

If he gives his speeches as in the video below:

Since he puts his both feet in his mouth when he speaks it is better for him that he just moves his lips and says nothing. He is otherwise charismatic and this way he may win the nomination and election.:)

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tea Party is racist

A study by the university of Notre Dame has removed any doubt. It has only changed its uniform otherwise it is just another white supramist group with a tiny number of black Uncle Toms.

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Anderson Cooper's 360 moment

It is absolutely hillarious. Watch the video and you will know what I mean. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stephen Harper with his new majority

He is all set for September to open up Parliament, when he was in Brazil the president, Dilma Roussef, gave him a nice hat, partially made of toilet paper because of his potty tantrum.

Due to his majority, he has already given a middle finger to Quebec by renaming the air force the Royal Air Force and navy the Royal Navy. Quebecers are definitely not happy. I understand there is a New Movement for Quebec Party being started because the soveriegntists are unhappy with both the BQ and PQ. I am not saying it is in direct reaction to Harper’s activities, but it looks they definitely don’t trust him. Please fasten your seatbelts; it looks a rough ride ahead.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Husband gives his wife (make it ex-) 24 “carat” rock as a Gift

There is a little twist that the rock is 18 to 20 tons.
Dany Larivière, the mayor of Saint-Théodore-d’Acton, Quebec, says that his ex-wife always wanted a big rock as a gift and he was obliging; that it wasn’t a big deal - some ideas for upcoming anniversary or even for Christmas, eh!. :)

Read the story here.

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Glenn Beck is Loony-house Ready

You listen to his crazy radio-talk and decide for yourself.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Bat wanted to travel first class on a Delta flight

He probably also carried a gift of rabies for his fellow passengers.

Read the story here

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Women Equality and Pornification

There has an interesting story in the HuffPost on this. Is this the equality that US wants to spread in the world and more specifically in Afghanistan and Iraq? No wonder these countries are saying, “No thank you”. I understand that in Islamic countries a mother has a highly dignified status. It is said that “heaven lies at the feet of a mother.” I don’t know about heaven, but that definitely gives a very sacred status to a mother and that’s why parents are highly respected by their children. It is also studied that juvenile delinquency rates are the lowest in many developing countries partially because children are afraid of what their parents will say as opposed to formal control through police and prisons which Harper is doing.

Read the story here.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

George W. Bush about to catch flies

No one told George W. Bush that:

"A closed mouth catches no flies"

Photo source: MSNBC

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Michele Bachmann about to eat Ronald Reagan

Bachmann looks at a cake commemorating the 100th birthday of former U.S. president Ronald Reagan at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington in February 2011. (Joshua Roberts / Reuters)

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Psychometer: Some very good selections

Especially Allen West, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mitt Romney.

Read the story here.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, welcomes Harper for a photo-op

By now we know the story of how Stephen Harper threw a potty tantrum because he wanted a photo-op before dinner. The reason was that he wanted to have the toast before the dinner, because during and after the dinner photographers and newspapers were not allowed. Harper will do anything for a photo-op - as we know he spent over $1 billion for his G8/G20 photo-op in Toronto.

The Brazilian officials finally gave in and agreed for a toast before the dinner so that Harper could have his photo-op. When Harper came out, Brazilian President Dilma Roussef was ready. She gave quite a welcome to Harper as you can see in the picture above.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Amanda Lang of CBC: The Financial Expert

Lately, Amanda Lang has been a regular on several CBC-News shows. She has her own show with Kevin O'Leary and quite often she hosts the National, the nightly news program.

I will say Ms. Lang is fairly attractive, but I don't understand her fascination with RED lipstick (very RED). It looks she just finised eating raw meat. This is my observation, others may have a different take, because apparantely some people like red lipstick.

It looks also she loves the colour red overall.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shale gas protests in New Brunswick

Some interesting signs included:

“No fracking way”

“What the frack?”

Another good sign will be “Mr. Alward (the Premier of NB) Frack off.”
And many more. It would look that fracking is deadly on the environment. It pollutes the environment and if the chemicals used for fracking escape then it can be deadly for people’s health especially lungs.

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Stephen Harper: Report of Potty Tantrum

Stephen Harper had a Potty Tantrum in Brazil.

“The Brazilian newspaper Folha reported Tuesday that Harper angered the country's president and her aides Monday by locking himself in a bathroom until Brazilian officials agreed to hold staged toasts before lunch rather than after.”

Read the story here.

Update: The story at Winnipeg Free Press is worth reading.

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Monday, August 08, 2011

Tar Sands: Celebrate now and pay the price later

Oil companies and promoters. Even China is eying it. Greed and temptation of money-making.

Price: Environmental disaster of the worst kind - a deadly kind. The video below shows one obvious impact and then of course CO2 emissions and pollution of ground water.

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Stephen Harper’s Economic Policy

Harper spelled it out at G8 meeting in France: “Let them eat cake.”

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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Tar Sands or Ethical Oil?

Ezra Levant has come up with another moronic idea; he thinks if the tar sands are presented in a positive way then the public will accept it more. I think he should get an award for these kinds of far-fetched idiotic claims.

Levant states that "I think I'm a persuasive person" so all he needs to do is woo people with his sweet words and charisma and they will forget the ecological disaster that is the tar sands. Through the magical words of Ezra Levant, people will forget about the emissions, the destruction of natural landscapes, and the contamination of water-supplies of nearby communities, including Aboriginal communities who've frequently been run over because of greed.

But no worries about any of that, because all you have to do is say that it is "ethical oil" and not "tar sands" and all our worries will go away.

Click here for the story.

And see a related video below:

Update:: See the comments Levant is getting on YouTube site here.

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Grand Falls, New Brunswick - Jesus Appears Through a Cloud - Part 2

Mr. Denis Laforge did not stay long enough to see another face in the cloud. It was Santa all along checking on Mr. Laforge to see if he was a good boy.

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Stephen Harper Playing Poker at G-8.

I suppose he is a good poker player as he is a perfect bluffer. After all he bluffed close to 40% Canadian voters to win his majority.

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Friday, August 05, 2011

Glenn Beck Hits a New Low

Beck and his two minions try to make fun of Chris Matthews, but instead make jackasses of themselves. This further puts light on why even FAUX News could not put up with Glenn Beck's moronic behaviour.

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Grand Falls, New Brunswick - Jesus Appears Through a Cloud

In Grand Falls, NB people saw Jesus Christ in a cloud. This seems as bad as samosas being banned in Somalia because crazy fanatic clergy thinks it signifies the Christain trinity.

To me it looks like a picture of Colonel Sanders advertising his Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Click here for the story.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

United States of America: Has it lost its collective brain

There is a story on MSNBC that the US is considering to grab “nukes” from Pakistan because there is a danger they may fall into the wrong hands. I suppose after Osama Bin Laden, US is emboldened. No doubt it was a flawless operation, but to ‘grab’ Pakistan’s nukes sounds like a mission impossible.

According to some estimates Pakistan has 115 nukes. Surely they’re not in one warehouse where the US can go and snatch them from Pakistan. This may start a devastating war between Pakistan and US. I read somewhere that Pakistan has one of the best trained militaries in the world partially because of ongoing hostilities with India.

US Empire seems to be falling apart. First there was this crazy debt ceiling crisis created by foolhardy politicians on both sides and now discussion of this venture. Looks like an adventure for Armageddon.

Read the story here.

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Pat Buchanan: “your boy”

Pat Buchanan is interviewed by Al Sharpton and Buchanan called Obama Sharpton’s boy. Sounds derogatory. Sharpton resented that but Buchanan called Obama “your boy” again and again. What is with these Repugs?

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Keith Olbermann's special comment on debt ceiling deal

It is a good commentary and as usual Olbermann delivers it with passion. US is on a path of self-destruction.

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