Thursday, January 30, 2014

Harper's Conservatives Further Damaging Canada

 Are Harper's CONs completely out of touch? Don't they realize this is a multicultural country? Harper's CONs seem to have no use for Muslims, given statements by Harper's Chief of Communications towards a leading Canadian Muslim group, the National Council of Canadian Muslims, deriding them as a group with "terrorist" ties. This derisive statement reinforces negative stereotypes against Muslims, and is unbefitting for someone speaking on behalf of the Prime Minister. The flippant attitude of the Conservatives is appalling, especially in light of a libel action by the Muslim group against the Prime Minister's Office. The response of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird wasn't better, calling on people to "google" the organization, rather than confront the bigoted nature of the Communications Director's statement. Harper's Conservatives are damaging the multicultural fabric that has made this such a great country, they continue to be an embarrassment. You can read more on this here.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Obama's State of Union Address in 60 seconds

Interesting. At least he recognizes climate change and need for clean energy. He also recognizes the need to do something about the inequality in U. S society.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Harper Ignoring Warning Signs, About Dangers of Transportating Tarsands Oil

Lac Megantic explosion.

We have been hearing more about the dangers of transporting tar sands, pipeline explosion in Manitoba - TransCanada pipeline's "apology" is hardly enough - train derailments and, worse, explosions in the case of Lac Megantic. Despite all this, Harper is blind to reality, he wants to exploit and ship more tar sands crude oil, regardless of the health and safety consequences for Canadians.

Harper is muzzling scientists who dare present facts that contradict him, it's all about making the oil and gas industry bosses happy, not about the health and safety of the general public. However, the inconvenient truth is still getting out about the dangers of transporting tarsands. Of course those in the oil and gas industry claim that studies showing the dangers of tar sands are wrong, they care more about profits, which is what Harper cares more about too.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Security situation at Sochi Olympics, Russia, does not look good

The security at Sochi Olympic seems to be serious problem. We live in a very troubled world.

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The Egyptian situation

I don't know where it is headed to. More deaths and destruction. From Arab Spring to Arab tragedy and it is getting worse.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Stephen Harper Receives Honorary Doctorate from Tel-Aviv University

I feel sorry for students and graduates of Tel-Aviv University, this must be an embarrassment for them. I hope this doesn't damage the university's long-term reputation. Harper's Netanyahu love-fest continues, many in Israel are critical of Netanyahu's hardline politics, but Harper is blindly obedient to the Israeli prime minister.

To top the day off, Harper visited a bird sanctuary named after him.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stephen and Benjamin's Rendezvous

Does Netanyahu really speak for "all of the people of Israel" as he claims here? Many in the country feel his hardline stands are counterproductive for both the Palestinians and for Israel, counterproductive to peace. Nonetheless, the hardline Netanyahu was positively beaming in his introduction of Stephen Harper, who has given blind support to hardline elements in the Israeli government, embodied by Netanyahu.

Just as many Canadians are ashamed of Harper, many Israelis are ashamed of Netanyahu.

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World's 85 people own the wealth equal to half of the population of the world

The combined wealth of the world's richest 85 people is now equivalent to that owned by half of the world's population – or 3.5 billion of the poorest people – according to a new report from Oxfam.

The wealth of the richest 1% in the world is now 65 times the total wealth of the 
bottom half of the world's people, Oxfam says.

Read more here.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

California: Instead of rain or snow the state is getting wildfires in the dead of winter

California has a serious drought, it did not get such a weather in over a century. Drought is causing serious problems for farming besides other uses of water. Drought is affecting other states as well, but California is the worst hit. Drought is causing out of control wildfires and the state needs more firefighters.

What climate change deniers have to say about this situation?

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Stephen Harper and Benjamin Netanyahu: Love Affair

Both Harper and Netanyahu are singing songs for each other. I could not find the video where Netanyahu talks about his love for Stephen Harper and Canada. Below is a video about Harper's love affair with Zionism and Israel. According to CBC News Harper is taking some 200 business people with him to Israel on taxpayers' expense.

The Middle East is a particularly troubled region of the world, and this is where Harper’s most egregious double standards come to the fore. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which lies at the heart of the broader Middle East crisis, is an issue where Harper has revealed himself to be a willing accomplice to imperial aggression.

Affirming his blind subservience to Israel, Harper said in a 2010 speech on Parliament Hill that as long as he is prime minister of Canada he will defend Israel “whatever the cost,” and apparently no matter what Israel does. A year earlier Harper gave a speech at a United Jewish Appeal Federation event and proclaimed Canada’s “unshakable support for Israel," reassuring the Zionist audience that, "Our government believes that those who threaten Israel also threaten Canada.” Bloc Québécois MP Richard Nadeau said Harper is “more Zionist than [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.”

Read more here.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

California: Climate change and erratic weather

I was watching NBC nightly news and this piece was an eye-opener. If some people still don't believe in climate change then I don't know what will convince them.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stephen Harper's gift to Canada

He is trying hard to make Canada prosperous.:)

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Does God exist?

This topic has perplexed me since I was a young kid and I still don't know the answer. Input from the fellow bloggers will be appreciated.

Does God exist?

If the answer is 'yes' then why God is hiding from his creation.

"The Hiddenness of God"

A related problem is that of divine hiddenness. Many people are perplexed and see as problematic that, if God exists, God does not make his existence sufficiently clear and available. The problem, concisely stated, can be put this way. If God exists as the perfect, loving, omnibenevolent being that theists have generally taken God to be, then God would desire the best for his creatures. The best for God’s creatures, at least in the Christian religion and to some extent in all of the Abrahamic traditions, is to be in relationship with God. However, many people, both non-theists and sometimes theists themselves, claim to have no awareness of God. Why would God remain hidden and elusive, especially when individuals would benefit from being aware of God?

John Schellenberg has argued that the hiddenness of God provides evidence that God does not in fact exist. Using a child-parent analogy, an analogy which is often used in the Abrahamic traditions themselves, Schellenberg notes that good parents are present to their children, especially when they are in need. But God is nowhere to be found, whether one is in need or not. So God, at least as traditionally understood, must not exist.

Schellenberg offers several different forms of the argument. One version can be sketched this way. If God does exist, then reasonable nonbelief would not occur, for surely a perfectly loving God would desire that people believe in God. And if God desires that people so believe, God would work it out so that persons would be in a reasonable position to believe. However, reasonable nonbelief does occur. There are persons who do not believe in God, and they are reasonable in doing so. Even after studying the evidence, examining their motives of belief, praying and seeking God, they still do not believe and see no good reason to believe. But a perfectly loving and good God, it seems, would ensure belief in God by all such persons. God would make himself known to them so that they would believe. Since there is reasonable nonbelief, then, we have solid evidence that God, as a perfectly loving, caring being does, not exist. The argument can be stated concisely this way:

1.If there is a God, he is perfectly loving.

2.If a perfectly loving God exists, reasonable nonbelief does not occur.

3.Reasonable nonbelief occurs.

4.So no perfectly loving God exists (from 2 and 3).

Various replies can be made to this argument. While not a common move by theists, one could deny the first premise. Dystheists maintain that God is less (maybe much less) than omnibenevolent. This view of God is certainly not consistent with traditional theism whereby, as Anselm put it, God is “that than which nothing greater can be conceived.”

Another reply is to deny premise two, and several reasons might be offered in support of its denial. First, it may be that those persons who do not believe are, for one reason or another, not ready to believe that God exists, perhaps because of emotional or psychological or other reasons. So God hides out of love and concern for the person. Second, it could be that God’s revealing himself to some people would produce the wrong kind of belief or knowledge of God or could cause one to believe for the wrong."

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Conservative Party: Is the end near?

Stephen Harper and Rob Anders

……….as Tories take a dive in the polls and the chances of re-election in 2015 — especially with another majority — grow dimmer, the cracks are beginning to show. The latest comes in the form of a nomination challenge to Calgary MP Rob Anders by a group of more centrist Conservatives.

Read more here.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Neil Young Calls Out Stephen Harper on Tar Sands

Stephen Harper is an international embarrassment for his unconditional hawking of the tar sands, disregarding the rights of First Nations, and ignoring the negative environmental effects. On the latter, we already know that Harper is muzzling scientists, preferring to listen to corporate greed over facts and research. Neil Young is drawing new attention to the tar sands fiasco - and the overall fiasco of the Harper Conservative government - which is reckless about environmental conservation, the rights of First Nations, and Canada's increasingly tarnished reputation. The responses from the PMO by Harper's employee are amplifying all this.

Update: Prime Minister's office responds to Neil Young's protest against Tar Sands.

"Even the lifestyle of a rock star relies, to some degree, on the resources developed by thousands of hard-working Canadians every day," Jason MacDonald said in a statement. "Our government recognizes the importance of developing resources responsibly and sustainably and we will continue to ensure that Canada's environmental laws and regulations are rigorous." Read more here.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Harper government:CBC Fifth Estate Documentary Exposing Damage to Scientific Research -"Silence of the Labs"

I knew about Harper's war on science but CBC's Fifth Estate documentary, Silence of the Labs, was revealing, showing the full extent of the damage being wrought by the Harper Conservatives. I never thought it was this bad. The damage done is immense, scientists muzzled, world renowned research projects axed, all in the name of politics.

An archeologist leading a team researching Viking landings on Baffin Island - a project that received international media attention - was axed because the Harper CONS wanted to emphasize British history, including the War of 1812, and did not want anything that distracted from that.

Research that reveals inconvenient truths about the oilsands, exposing the ecological destruction they are unleashing, is also being axed. Harper is blatantly acting at the behest of the oil industry.

Harper has made Canada a joke in the scientific community, putting his head in the sand and ignoring facts and reality.

You can find a link to the whole documentary as well as extra clips and documents at this link.

The full version of "Silence of Labs" is also available on YouTube:

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ariel Sharon Dead

Stephen Harper is very saddened.

Sharon who butchered Palestinians mercilessly.

Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, described Sharon as "one of the architects of modern-day Israel" and one of its "staunchest defenders" in a statement of condolence.

"A renowned military leader, Mr. Sharon pursued the security of Israel with unyielding determination that was recognized by friends and foes alike."

I wonder what rest of the folks think.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Train Carrying Oil Derails, Catches Fire in New Brunswick, Canada

Too many train derailments carrying crude oil. This time in New Brunswick. Luckily it happened in a non-populated area and nearby community Plaster Rock was evacuated. There seems to be no end to these derailments. I could not find the video which shows as if an atomic bomb was exploded.

How much damage this kind of crude oil transportation will cause before Harper government will take any action?

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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Getting something off her chest

Lucky Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gets an eye-opening experience as he is confronted by a topless demonstrator with a message written on her back during a tour of the Hanover Fair in Hanover, Germany, on April 8. He was accompanied by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

I think Putin is having fun and thinking bring on more. :)

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Friday, January 03, 2014

Stephen Harper an expert flip-floper

He is good at it but one of these days he is going to land on his head. Senate scandal might do it.

Sorry the picture is very small. Camera was at a distance and was not allowed to be any closer.:)

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