Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Risks of Cell Phone and texting

It can put you in a deep dark hole.

Those who do that while driving makes it even more dangerous.

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  1. I think they're unfairly labeling this young lady. She could have just as easily gone into that hole while watching where she was going. I expect she'll sue the city for her injuries, or they'll settle with her.

    Nevertheless people ought to look where they are going and not leaving the rest of us to dodge them. I've been walked right into by someone programming their iPod.

  2. Elliott Taylor,

    City did have signs and little posts too. She did not see them. Maybe city should have had a ribbon running across.

  3. Oh I see now there were "caution blocks" I wondered what those were they looked like chimneys on a roof. I also did not realize this happened in China, I thought it was NYC for some reason. I guess I just expect this sort of thing to happen there?

  4. Yes it happened in China.

    NYC a taxi driver will not even stop to help not to say risking his own life. Best he would do is call 911.

    In North America we have become a culture of self-centredness and dog-eat-dog.

    You have to give to Chinese and Japanese that in a time of difficulty they rush to each other’s help. The earthquake in Japan and tsunami revealed a lot about the character of Japanese.