Monday, April 30, 2012

Ottawa to sell off Canadian 20 valuable pieces of art

"La Cathédral enguirlandée", 1951, oil on canvas, by renowned Quebec
painter Paul-Emile Borduas is among 20 valuable pieces of art
the Department of Foreign Affairs has designated for sale.

Foreign Affairs is doing the selling. Maybe they need money for Mr. Mackay’s helicopter rides. Where would they stop – CBC and CN Tower of Toronto next? Harper government will sell the people of Canada if it could.

Story in  The Toronto Star.

Update: Baird calls off sale of valuable pieces of art. How are they going to pay for Bev Oda's travels then?

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  1. I actually felt a little bit nauseated reading this. I almost cannot believe it. But then I remind myself who is behind it.

    They've got no right to sell off Canada's cultural assets. These belong to all Canadians, not to the government du jour.

  2. Baird stepped in and said that this decision would be over-turned according to CBC Radio "World at Six" newscast. I hope that is true.

  3. There was a story in The Globe And Mail that Baird has called off the sale. So it must be true and I hope as well that it is true.