Saturday, April 28, 2012

“Untrustworthy Tories, socialist NDP, bumbling Grits: Poll puts a pox on all”

An interesting headline in the Globe and Mail. I tend to agree with the poll results. All three parties need a new leader that people can trust.

Read the story here.

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  1. I thought Mulcair was supposed to be the moderate who pulled the NDP back towards the centre? Isn't that what hardcore NDP'ers are worried about? My perception of the man is that he reminds me of Pierre Trudeau in some ways. Frankly we could do worse, and have. Just look at who is running Parliament right now!

    I have consistently voted Liberal because they're usually the strongest candidate in my riding. I have no special love for them any more than I do the NDP. At this point I'd even settle for Bob Rae over our current Crime Minister, and that's saying something.