Monday, August 31, 2009

Afghanistan: The thriving democracy

Should we really believe that? Especially now that reports are coming out about vote rigging and other election frauds. Is NATO achieving anything there other than creating more misery? Should we not stop being world police and let the locals decide their own fate, rather than telling them what their fate should be from the barrel of a gun?

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a special garage sale for you

Novel idea to overcome deficit. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a garage sale. Who knows, some may buy used underwear or used politicians;) However Tom Delay may be busy Dancing with the Stars and may not be ready for delivery right away.

And you thought politicians would not get any more crazy.

Click here to read the story.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Self-declared Right-Wing Terrorist

A guy declares himself a right wing terrorist and Rep. Wally Herger of California endorses this terrorist and calls him a "great American." At least this guy admits to being a terrorist and Herger shows his glee to meet the great American unlike Cheney who tries to hide his terrorism behind political rhetorics.

Republicans and sanity have parted company because of irreconcilable differences.

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Dick Cheney continues to torture his fellow Americans

If there was any doubt that Dick Cheney is the axle of the axis of evil (Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld) he has removed that doubt as this above video reveals. By torturing detainees this axis of evil has given a real bad name to America on the World stage.

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Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins needs a white hood

Keith Olbermann, Countdown, MSNBC.

Neo-cons are getting crazier and crazier. It is too much for some to accept a black man in the Whitehouse. Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins of Kansas is looking for a “Great White Hope” to revive the Republican Party.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Neo-Cons gone Crazy

What's up with neo-cons? They love to denigrate people. It is disheartening to read how they denigrated Ted Kennedy. They are going after anyone living or dead such as Obama, Kennedy and now going after some news commentators. Are they forgetting about conservative news commentators such as Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and the like who make fools of themselves all the time? Now they are going after Keith Olbermann of MSNBC.

Here is the latest attack on him.

Birthers, teabaggers, KKK. Simply too many crazies on the right. Healthcare reform is needed all the more to take care of these mental cases.

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Ted Kennedy: The Champion of Healthcare Reform.

This video is from Keith Olbermann, Countdown, MSNBC.

Ted Kennedy continued to fight for healthcare reform for close to half a century. The US Congress must honour his fight by passing the healthcare reform bill. The suggestion to call it "The Ted Kennedy Healthcare Bill" is a good suggestion.

It is about time that Americans ignore Birthers, Teabaggers and other crazies sponsored by Fox News and the Republican Party, and do something which is right for their country.

The true "Death Panels" are healthcare insurance companies. They look at humans not as humans but tools to make money. If a person is too ill or too old then he/she is not worth spending money on, as insurance companies no longer make money from this person. So if Americans want to get rid of "Death Panels" then get rid of health insurance companies and start on a humane path and go for substantial healthcare reform. Ultimately someday get rid of "Death Panels" altogether, "Death Panels" being private health care insurance companies whose sole objective is to make money.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Danyl Johnson "The X Factor"

The British (and the World) were enamoured by Susan Boyle. Now there is a new star on the horizon. His name is Danyl Johnson on a new show called "The X Factor". Click here to listen to the singer. Enjoy.

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Ted Kennedy Passed Away at age 77

God bless his soul. RIP.

Respecting his efforts and legacy Americans must pass healthcare reform. He fought for many years for such refom. Healthcare is one of the many causes that were important to him.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Premier Wen Jiabao of China Interviewed by Fareed Zakaria of CNN

It is a fascinating interview. Premier Wen Jianbao is a very bright, experienced person and has a great grasp of the international socio-political and economic situation - experience which Barack Obama needs if he wants to deal with the likes of Wen Jianbao or for that matter Putin of Russia.

I was surprised that Jianbao has a very egalitarian view of the world as a community of nations compared to the views of morons like Bush and Cheney and, if I may add, our PM Steve. Canada does deserve much better than Steve and his minions. Unfortunately the alternatives in Canada are not that promising.

This interview is worth watching. It is nominated for an Emmy Award and I think rightly so.
You can find Part I of the video here.

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William Calley and Abdel Magrahi case and International hypocrisy

First let us take the case of William Calley. There is no question of him being a mass-murderer. He killed over 500 innocent women and children in the village of My Lai in Vietnam. He admitted to having done it. He was charged, tried and was never put in jail. He is and has been a hero for some Americans. Up to recently he showed no remorse. Now he says he is sorry and that he followed bad orders.

Now let us look at Abdel Magrahi of Libya and the Lockerbie bombing killing 243 passenger including 11 people on the ground. If the allegations against him are true then he is a very despicable individual. However, he has denied involvement to this day. Even Scottish authorities and some relatives of victims believe that there may be others who were involved. So there are some doubts about this man being guilty. I have no specific opinion on him being released. If it was done on purely humanitarian reasons then one feels respect for Scottish authorities and their humanitarianism. However if he was part of some oil and gas deal with Libya then you be the judge that how money rules the justice system and every other aspect of our lives.

Nonetheless the hypocrisy, especially that of the American administration, is remarkable. William Calley goes free and that is okay, however if Magrahi is let go because he is going to die within months anyway because of prostate cancer then it is a mockery of justice according to the FBI Director Robert Mueller. Similar views have been expressed by other high officials including Barack Obama. I believe that America must overcome its hypocrisy if it wants any respect in the world. As long there is such blatant hypocrisy and lack of equal respect for all human beings there will be no peace in this world and without peace we will continue to live in a horrible world.

Finally both massacres were hideous and both parties must be equally punished under international law or under civilized national laws.

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Mark Sanford: The Pious Sinner.

Nice song, eh!

Okay, I have done quite a few posts on Mark Sanford Governor of South Carolina. You see, I have been trying very hard to be a pious sinner myself but I am not succeeding. Calling Mark Sanford, calling Mark Sanford. Help!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Afghanistan Elections: Who is the winner?

Too many claimants to win the August 2009 elections of Afghanistan but hardly any real winner. Karzai and Abdullah both are claiming victory. I suppose Bush can claim victory that he brought democracy to Afghanistan. Oh yes, our own Prime Minister Steve is claiming some victory too as he thinks he was instrumental in bringing democracy to Afghanistan. What democracy? We don't know. And above them all is Taliban laughing at them because after 8 years US and NATO forces have gotten nowhere in Afghanistan. It is a dead loss literally – hundreds of NATO young men and women dead and thousands of Afghanis dead and getting nowhere.

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Healthcare Reform and Mental Health

This video shows how much hatred there is. Too many people are sick with racism. During these demonstrations the true ugly face of racism has revealed itself again and again. Healthcare reform is indeed needed in the US. Not only are 46 million people uninsured but also millions may be insured but are seriously ill with racism and not getting help. They need help. I hope Obama will be able to provide some help for these mentally sick suffering from the deadly disease of racism.

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Town Hall Shouting.

You cannot call this a meeting. This is a shouting match. I have been to many noisy town hall meetings but this one gets the prize. This goes to tell you how strong the private insurance lobby is. This makes one sick. Capitalism gone wild. All the more reason for health care reform in US.

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Fashion Problems: French vs. Americans

French are very upset that Muslim women cover too much and must not be permitted to do so. A woman wearing Burqini was banned from a swimming pool because she was all covered up except her face. Excuse being that she scares the children and Burqini is unhygienic. Watch out Michael Phelps how you dress in a pool when you're in France.

In US some Americans complain that Michelle Obama bares too much. First her arms and now when sightseeing in Grand Canyon she was wearing shorts. Oh my. Too much for the religious right especially. Maybe she should have worn Burqini while touring the Grand Canyon.

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Governor Mark Sanford: “My sin is pious”.

If Senator Ensign can say that his sin is better than Bill Clinton’s sin then Mark Sanford has every right to say that his sin is pious. He loves his mistress, you know. John Ensign and Bill Clinton did not. Sanford’s mistress is his soul mate and that is not true in the case of these others sinners like Ensign, Clinton, Vitter, Edwards, Spitzer and many others. Jesus Christ taught, “love” and Sanford was doing some loving. Rest of them will burn in hell.

Okay I have to take some time off. I am going to go in search of virtuous and pious sins.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

John Ensign: “My sin is better than Bill Clinton’s sin”.

Senator Ensign from Nevada thinks that his affair with a married woman was not as bad and wasn’t illegal as Bill Clinton’s was with Monica Lewinsky. Way to go Senator. Senator’s parents paid over $90, 000 to the woman and her husband – the woman that Senators had jollies with. I suppose that makes her a whore and it is all hunky dory. However Senator must remember that others have resigned over it including former governor of N.Y. Eliot Spitzer.

Ensign has climbed the ladder of hypocrisy much higher than many of his current colleagues in the Senate. He gave new meaning to Clinton’s statement, “It depends what ‘is’ is.”

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tom Ridge Divulges

Lies and more lies of the Bush administration. His own first Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge discloses the part politics played when it came to national security. Keith Olbermann of Hardball, MSNBC, calls it "The Nexus of Terror" as Bush used fear of terrorism to win elections in 2004 – Bush inflicting terror on his own countrymen.

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Tom Delay Showing off his dancing shoes

Tom Delay was on Chris Matthews's show Hardball, MSNBC, bragging about his dancing shoes that he got for his upcoming dance on Dancing with the Stars. He pointed out the high heels of his new shoes. He sounded like a little bo-peep who lost all her sheep and took up dancing.

"You must have heard of little bo-peep
She was the girl with all the sheep
Well one day it's sad to say
Her sheep all ran away
She was lonely and she was blue
She was sad and crying too
So I told her what to do
I said put on your dancing shoes

Put on your dancing shoes
And dance away your blues."

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Afghanistan: Thriving Democracy?

In the West we mean by democracy open and free elections to elect leaders. Is such a thing happening in Afghanistan? Poor general public is under the gun whether they go and vote or stay home. If they don't vote then they're a part of the Taliban and thus face guns from NATO or the US and if they vote then they may face Taliban guns for being allies with the enemy or infidels. In either way this election in Afghanistan at this time is a big farce.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel the most powerful woman on the Forbes 100 most powerful women list.

And there are songs about her. Rolling Stone’s love of life is Angie ;)
Story on 100 most powerful women
Forbes list

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tom Delay wants to be John Travolta

Tom Delay joined the ranks of disgraced politicians in 2006 when he had to resign his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives because of corruption charges. He was also the House Majority Leader and a Republican rising star... whatever that latter one means. Anyway his political career ended in 2006. Now he is launching a new career at age 62 as a dancer and he will be debuting on Dancing with the Stars. Maybe Rod Blagojevich of Illinois should be his dancing partner. It will be a bi-partisan team and it could become the greatest attraction ever of the show and maybe all T.V shows of that nature. Formidable team to reckon with.

Tom Delay is practicing dancing these days to get ready for the show.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Suaad Hagi Mohamud: Too many cases now

What is going on with our foreign services? Too many cases now. It seems it is always a minority and a Muslim involved. What happened to their rights as Canadians? If minorities now accuse the Harper government of racism then they won't be very far off. The only way Harper or his Foreign Minister Cannon will learn is if they are denied entrance back into Canada and detained. Something is terribly wrong with the whole system.

The way the Harper government is dragging its feet over Omar Khadr again points to the same conclusion that it has racist policies.

Click here to read on Suaad Hagi Mohamud.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Shah Rukh Khan Detained In US

Apparently he is a very popular actor in India and Indians are very upset. Have American gone a bit paranoid? We have the Suaad Haji Mohamud case and now this in the US. What the hell is going on? . Interesting part is that Shah Rukh Khan just completed a movie on the same subject matter, racial profiling.

The following is a Youtube video on the incidence.

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Interesting Headline: "The Environment is Healthier Than Ever"

Read More:

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Health Care Reform: Some Americans gone cuckoo

Some idiots showing up at Obama rallies with guns. It is scary. Amendment II must be amended to controls such idiots.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Burqini is hard on eyes in France

Nicolas Sarkozy has made it perfectly clear that he does not want women in burqa. He prefers them in the buff. That is why he is so madly in love with Carla Bruni who did pose nude for the world.

I was once on a beach where there were a lot of French families, I saw quite a few ladies in the buff. I will be untruthful if I didn't admit that I had the time of my life ;) I enjoyed this beach more than many others and I am a bit of a beachcomber.

But why can't we get along and respect each other's cultures. Now there is a big controversy over Burqini which covers the whole body except the face and a Muslim woman has been banned from a swimming pool in France because she must be in a regular swimsuit, preferably two piece. The excuse used is that the Burqini is unhygienic. Wow! Really? Can fabric material be infectious? A man or a woman can have a highly infectious disease on their private parts which can be easily covered by regular swimwear. Now are they going to require uncovering that too? So what is the big deal? People may have more germs and fungus on their feet than any other part. Because of these germs on the feet, the surrounding walking areas of pools are rampant with germs and people can easily get fungi disease between their toes. What happened to hygienic there? It is baloney.

What is the difference between a man who forces a woman to undress compared to the one who forces a woman to completely cover-up? In the case of this swimming pool a big scary man was interviewed who wanted a Muslim woman to uncover herself by wearing a traditional French swimsuit – a skimpy two-piece. Don't the women have their opinion too. Why not let them decide? If someone's belief calls for covering up then leave that person alone. Hypocrisy knows no boundaries and is indeed universal.

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Taser company to sue the inquiry?

Taser International is going to sue the Braidwood Inquiry of British Columbia. That is one of the oddest thing I ever heard. What is going to be the argument: that how stupid people can get that when tased they die? The Braidwood Inquiry is asking for discretion in the use of taser by police and that is illegal? It will make an interesting court case.

I suppose next Charles Manson will be suing the families of victims that how dare they die.

Click here to read more.

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Harper Seeking Popularity

You must have heard that Vladimir Putin shows his bod to the Russian people once in a while when fishing or swimming. Reports are that this makes him very popular with the Russian people. Stephen Harper is not going to be left behind so he is going to try something similar with Canadians ;) Let us see how this one turns out.

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Plight of Children in Afghanistan

Is this the progress we have made in Afghanistan? I suppose they can fly a kite too. It has become an atrocious war that we must not be associated with.

This video was made 2-3 years ago. I understand plight of children has gotten worse.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

US Healthcare Reform and the Ugly Face of Racism

The demonstrations against the proposed healthcare reform continue to get more ugly by the day. Quite often protestors are less interested in healthcare reform and more interested in the President's skin colour. It is obvious from their placards. The white separatists, birthers, and teabaggers are out in full force. Some of the leaders are Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Sarah Palin did her number when she started the business of "Death Panels" that she said Obama will create. It is obvious that it is the dreaded infection of racism. It is a serious and dangerous disease and it is quite often life threatening to those who have it and to the rest of society. These people must be treated as soon as possible before the outbreak gets out of hand.

There are dozens and dozens of pictures of these white supremacists, birthers, and teabaggers, pretending to demonstrate against healthcare reform, on the Internet with pictures of crazy placards. I have taken a few from the Internet and put them in the above composite. That should give you some idea of what I am talking about. As some of the placards read:

Obama Lies
Grandma Dies


Obama Go Back to Kenya


Showing Obama as Hitler or as the dangerous Joker Character
And He and his supporters are depicted as Nazis

And many more like that. Disgusting stuff.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jon Stewart on Healthcare Reform in the United States

Click here, it is the first segment of the show. Excellent take by Jon Stewart, hilarious!

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Ghost or just a tiny whirlwind

I am not a believer in ghosts and goblins but a while ago I was walking and saw a woman in a long skirt. I did think, "what a beautiful woman". Next thing I know there was a quick whirlwind which picked her skirt right up and then slightly touched me and disappeared as if saying "how do you like that?" I could almost hear laughter. I thought to myself, "no that cannot be a mischievous ghost". But could it be.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sarah Palin the Healthcare Expert

What is with Sarah Palin? She has really jumped the shark this time when she said that Obama will have "death boards" to decide who lives and who dies. I think Keith Olbermann of MSNBC is right when he said that she does not deserve to hold any public office including that of a Governor.

What Obama is proposing does not come anywhere near the public healthcare system that we have in Canada and we never had such "death boards" that Sarah Palin refers to. May be we should check with Stephen Harper if he has such "death boards". You never know ;)

Canada, if I may say, has a very successful public healthcare system and it is available to everybody. Yes certain procedures which are very expensive and not medically essential may not be available through public healthcare but no one is stopped from such procedures. If the person involved has the money to go to private clinics or go to the US no one is there to stop such a person. So so-called dangers of the public healthcare system is pure fear-mongering and Sarah Palin is good at it. Her statement actually causes terror for those who do not understand public health care. She has tried to tone down from her original statement but it is too little too late. She is simply not fit to hold any public office.

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Donald Marshall Jr.: A Life to Remember

I did not know him as such and never met him, although once I had a chance to meet him but I could not attend the function where he was at. Donald Marshall exposed the blatant deficiencies in our justice system and how it operates – especially that of Nova Scotia. That is why capital punishment could be so horrendous as an innocent person could be executed. He was 17 years old when he was put in prison. Donald Marshall spent 11 years of his life in prison for a murder he did not commit and maintained his innocence through all that time and ultimately succeeded to prove himself innocent. However the jail term must have done extraordinary damage to him as part of his remaining life was very troubled.

He never stopped fighting for native rights after he was exonerated from murder allegations. He fought for the fishing rights of Natives all the way to the Supreme Court and won. Because of his jail ordeal and his fights for Native rights, he became an iconic figure and rightly so.

I had the good luck of having a few Native friends over the years and I have the utmost admiration and respect for them. I find my Native friends to be spiritually enlightened, you get that sense when you interact with them. I think Donald Marshall was an extraordinary human being and a great soul. He will be missed by many. May God bless him.

You can click here for a good write up on Marshall in the Toronto Star.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Keith Olbermann on Sarah Palin

...and on other rightwing crazies, these crazies need help for their own mental health.

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Stephen Harper in Mexico and his moves

Move over Dubya and Hillary. You have seen George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton do some African dance. Now it is Harper's turn to do some Mexican dancing. So

"Ole ole, ole ole baby
ole ole,ole ole.
let me tell you the concept
for tonite
party all night up into daylight
now get up and get in line
Ole ole, ole ole baby."

But for some reason his heart is not in it. Has he had it? Is he just going through the motions? Would he run in the next election? Time will tell.

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Afghanistan: The Side Effects of War

Both the US and Stephen Harper of Canada claim that great progress has been made in Afghanistan. Such as democracy, women rights, education and better healthcare. However, the reality is quite different. Poverty is on the rise. One way to cope with the misery of life is that more and more Afghanis are turning to opium addiction. The addiction has gotten so bad that some parents sell their daughters and sons to fulfil the need for their addiction. Some progress.

When will this farce of progress be exposed? What a farcical and tragic world we live in.

Expectations from the Obama government are high but would Obama be able to deliver.

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William Jefferson's Frozen Assets

William Jefferson, former Congressman from Louisiana, was convicted on bribery charges and may be jailed for 20 years. What was he thinking? Why do some politicians get so corrupt after they get elected?

Maybe after he comes out of jail he can form a consulting firm with Brian Mulroney, "How To Get Rich Quick".

Click here to read the story.

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Chelsea Clinton has a marriage proposal: US President in the Making

A Kenyan guy wants to marry Chelsea Clinton and made a cash offer to Bill Clinton in 2001 to give his daughter's hand in marriage to this guy. The offer has not been accepted yet.

Hey maybe Bill and Chelsea should consider. Who knows another president of the US may be an outcome of such a union ;)

Update: My apologies. The offer for Chelsea’s hand in marriage is much better than cash. It is 40 goats and 20 cows. Great offer. ;)

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton Dance

Who is better?

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US Healthcare Reform and Demonstrations

Demonstrations against healthcare reform in the US are turning ugly. There have been clashes, violence and arrests by police. What is really going on? Is it more than disapproval of healthcare reform? Is it turning into an ugly racism? Are these demonstrators a combination of white supremacists, tea-baggers, and birthers? Does not look good. We as Canadians wish our American neighbours all the best.

Oh Yes, public healthcare works. For the decades that it has been in practice in Canada, there has not been a single case where a bureaucrat has influenced any kind of medical procedure or treatment. It is universal and available to everybody. And every time a person goes through a very expensive medical procedure his or her taxes do not go up. So the rightwing fear mongering in the US of bureaucrat influencing is baloney. What the U.S has now is private insurance companies driven solely by greed and profit (and they DO influence provision of healthcare in order to maximize their profits). Any public aspect will overcome that greed and profit motivation.

Click here to read more about the racism aspect of these demonstrations.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Charles Manson and Erik Prince

Is there much difference between these two? Do they share genetic make-up? They are both mass murderers and they both used others to do the killing. Manson persuaded people to go and do the killing without any payment. The Prince of Darkness persuaded people to do the killing for him at a good price. One did the killing in the Los Angeles area the other did the killing in Iraq and there is the possibility in Afghanistan and Pakistan now - Blackwater now carrying out execution under the name of Xe Services. The only difference I see is that Prince managed to murder a lot more people than Manson. Also Manson was self-employed and Prince was hired by Cheney and retained by the Bush administration.

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Michele Bachmann in love with George W. Bush

They were seen kissing in the House of Representatives. However she says:
"He [President Bush] kissed me in Minnesota, too" - Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Strib January 24, 2007

She is a Representative from Minnesota, the woman who wanted that Congress members should be investigated for their loyalty to the US as she considered some to be dangerous.

Michele Bachman on minimum wages:
"Literally, if we took away the minimum wage - if conceivably it was gone - we could potentially virtually wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs at whatever level." - Michele Bachmann, 1/26/05,

On the environment and carbon dioxide:
"Carbon dioxide is not a harmful gas, it is a harmless gas. Carbon
dioxide is natural. It is not harmful. It is part of Earth's life cycle."
- Michele Bachmann on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives on Earth Day, April 22, 2009

She is also a revolutionary:
"It's like Thomas Jefferson said, a revolution every now and
then is a good thing. We are at the point Sean, of revolution."
- Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., on Sean Hannity's radio show, March 27, 2009

Did she have an affair with her beloved President Bush? Is she the mother of Barney? ;) The same Barney that Bush thinks is his son.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

John Bolton is Mad

John Bolton, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations under Bush, is very critical of Bill Clinton for making the trip to North Korea. He says it constituted negotiating with the terrorists and giving ransom. We may not like Kim Jong Il but he is head of state of North Korea. The journalists by mistake, or whatever the circumstance were, crossed the border from South Korea into North Korea and were arrested. They were given 12 years hard labour imprisonment and Bill Clinton got them released. And to John Bolton, what is wrong with that?

Bolton should ask the families of Laura Ling and Euna Lee the journalists, how do they feel? He should tell these families that Laura Ling and Euna Lee's lives don't matter and his Bush era misguided and dangerous policies are more important.

Was it not Bolton's party leader who made a much bigger move, in the case of North Korea a sitting US President was not the visitor, but when Nixon visited China. At the time, it was a much bigger standoff between China and the US. Henry Kissinger made many trips to pave the way for Nixon. That one moment might have changed world history when Nixon met Chinese leaders which paved the way for the fall of the iron curtain which brought down the USSR. Someone must tell Bolton that diplomacy does work.

Also, why not release some of the hostages the US is holding at Gitmo. Also the people of Iraq and Afghanistan are being held hostage because of Bush/Bolton policies. Clinton has opened a big door to North Korea to negotiate on other issues such as nuclear proliferation. If the US learns to give some respect to leaders of other nations it may open many more doors compared to gun diplomacy carried out by Bush and the likes of Bolton.

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Bill Clinton does it again

It was a quick and fast negotiation and Bill Clinton got the girls - Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Okay I could not help it. A little bit fun when it comes to Bill Clinton. I am sure a lot of background negotiation took place before Bill Clinton got to North Korea. But the man still has the charm and got it done.

I think Bill Clinton is a great negotiator. I think he was a great President minus some personal failings. He continues to play an important role as a veteran politician both in the US and internationally.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Barack Obama is an Aussie

All the spaces in the cuckoo's nest have been taken up by birthers. If you need to join you will need the permission of Orally Titz oops I believe it is Orly Taitz – she is all fun.

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Bush has a son named Barney

It is only fair that Barney is told who his mother is. Is Bush his biological father or conception was through artificial insemination? The World must know as Barney has aggressive tendencies too.

Look at the havoc Bush has caused. Barney could be worse. ;)

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Eric Prince the Crusader

Blackwater, well known for their illegal activities and murders in Iraq, have a new distinction now. Eric Prince the Chief, up to recently, still owns Blackwater, now called Xe Services. He is a self-declared crusader who believes his life mission is to wipe out Muslims from the face of the earth. Xe Services is now carrying out similar activities in Afghanistan/Pakistan. Apparently Bush knew about him and it is between the two crusaders to do what the Bush Administration did in Iraq. Apparently Eric Prince's services were bought by Cheney so he is another crusader. How many mass murderers will the US ignore without taking any legal action against them. If nothing is done then the US is an unjust society. So much for democracy.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Did you know?


Fascinating stuff about the universe we live in.

Click here to read the story.

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An astronaut lands on Mars?

There is talk of going back on the Moon as well as visiting other planets in the solar system, especially Mars. Does Mars have life? We don't know. But if humans ever run into other living intelligent creatures what will the reaction be? Maybe they will accept us as pets and likeable creature or we will be plain unwanted. It will be interesting if it happens. There is bound to be life somewhere in the universe other than Earth. With global warming and many other forms of pollution we may need to find another planet to live on. By "we" I mean the few who may make it after total disaster struck earth, if it does.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Karlheinz Schreiber Deported

Karlheinz Schreiber is finally deported to Germany. He looks like a likable guy. I for some reason feel sad to see him go. He is 75 and in Germany they are waiting to charge him for tax evasion and bribery and probably he will become a political football there too.

Granted that Karlheinz Schreiber is a crook but no crook succeeds without few partners and partners he had a few.

Was Brian Mulroney involved in his deportation and was the Harper government behind this deportation? Hard to say and maybe we will never know.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sarah Palin and Todd Palin Splitting?

This story sounds as reliable as the birther story started by some clowns. The reason given for their split is that both had affairs. Okay, that part could be believable but splitting. The most important affair in Sarah Palin and Todd Palin's lives is money, therefore business affairs come before any other affair. Sarah Palin stands to cash in multi-millions from her book and speaking engagements. If there is a split, that opportunity may be diminished because of the bad publicity that will follow. Especially Todd Palin would want part of that windfall. So in my opinion, affairs may be, business affairs first and no split, not now.

You can click here for the story.

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Talented Pope

Pope Benedict XVI has signed up with a major record company to do a singing album. Quite a talented Pope. Is he going to replace the Beatles or Michael Jackson? Maybe he will show some dance moves or maybe it will be some skateboarding.

Click here for the story.

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