Saturday, January 31, 2009

Octuplets’ Mother Wants to become Money-making Machine

Bizarre as this whole saga is, that this single mother had 8 babies (octuplets) and 6 previously, all children under 14 years of age, its gotten even more bizarre. Apparently she could not have children naturally so she decided to defeat nature and went for in vitro fertilization (IVF). She previously had twins. She lives with her parents and an unknown father who donated all the sperm.

Now the story has taken another bizarre turn. The mother is asking for $2 million to speak to the media, including Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer. In this difficult time, maybe she found a solution to make money - have 14 children. Or did she? This in vitro fertilisation has gone too far.

Click here to read more.

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Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy celebrating

Yes they are celebrating along with the other sixteen newly appointed Senators. What a job. Over 100,000 smackers, great work environment, hardly any work to do, travel all over the world and many more perks. Best hotels including the ones in Dubai but be careful not to have sex on the beaches there. Those Dubai folks will do anything and everything indoors. Outdoors very selective and sex no, no.

No worry about ups and downs in the economy as long as we simpletons keep working and providing for their salaries and perks. Way to go Wallin and Duffy and rest of them.

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Turkish Prime Minister to Israeli President: "You Kill People"

Turkish Prime Minster Recep Tayyip Erdoga gave it to Israeli President Shimon Peres. All the power to the Turkish Prime Minister who showed backbone which a lot of world leaders lack – especially Iggy and Harpo who were born without one. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last Thursday January 29, he told Peres as it is and then got up and left the forum and flew back home. I heard that he received a hero's welcome in Turkey. That is the way to go.

You can click here and here to read the rest of the story.

Pretty well whole world has either condemned the carnage in Gaza or expressed concern about the Palestinians in Gaza. Only Harpo and Iggy endorsed Israel unconditionally to carry out the carnage (well Bush too, but he's out of office now). I feel ashamed to be Canadian after the way these two, Harpo and Iggy, reacted to this carnage giving us the bull that "Israel has right to self-defense." Some self-defense! If all the mass murderers were able to get away with such self-defense then our justice system and world justice system has not moved an iota from barbarianism.

Iggy and Harper not only are allies on the flawed budget that ignores hardworking Canadians losing their jobs (not to mention on voting down pay equity for women) but they also endorsed unconditionally the massacre in Gaza.

Below are some examples of what Iggy and Harpo have supported.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Keith Olbermann: Clips From the Late Night Shows on Blagojevich

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Warren Kinsella: Does he have a sense of humour?

Warren Kinsella says that Ezra Levant "closely resembles Newman (of Seinfeld), but is less intelligent." Let us see now...

What do you think?

Here is what more Kinsella writes about Levant:

Ezra Levant, Kinsella says, "begs for crucifixion, then complains about the view. A porcine hypocrite. Doesn't have a job, is disliked by every normal person on Earth. Being sued for libel in countless actions; under conduct review by the Alberta Law Society; fired from the Calgary Sun, Stockwell Day's office, and would be screwed without Daddy's money. Closely resembles Newman, but is less intelligent." Ouch, Ouch!

Click here to read more.

The more recent news is that Kinsella is racist. Is that true? Click here to read about this latest development.

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George W. Bush Recognized in Iraq

George W. Bush was finally recognized in Iraq. All the "democracy" he brought to that country needed some recognition. A memorial was unveiled in his (dis)honour. Now Bush has replaced Saddam Hussein for monuments. Because of Bush's lasting impact on Iraq, this monument will never be brought down or destroyed. A very fitting tribute.

It is about time that this man (Bush) is tried for crimes against humanity and put into a shoebox because that is where he belongs. He is a shoe covered with grime and he must be kept in a box and stored in a dark closet – also know as a slammer.

Click here to read more.

UPDATE: The monument has been removed, but I have a feeling it will not go away. It will be back

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gaza: An Appeal by George Galloway to Help

George Galloway is an impressive man. You can click here to read his bio which I wrote up and posted earlier. Now, he is appealing for aid and help to victims in Gaza. Please click here to read and see if you can help in any way.

The more one reads about Gaza, the more dreadful facts one finds out. It is not easy to watch these videos. Here is one from series of videos posted on the Youtube.

This is the brutality that Iggy and Harper support.

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Michelle Obama Pregnant?

That's what some are saying. The Presidency is a lot of work, but Barack Obama seems to be keeping up just fine ;)

You can click here for the story.

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Michael Ignatieff has a "sole"mate

Yes, he is a complete doormat to Stephen Harper. They were made for each other.

Iggy's caving in is not only regrettable but also breaking the trust with NDP and BQ, which is even more deplorable. Can he ask them for support ever again? I do not think so. Very prominent and elder statesmen like Jean Chretien and Ed Broadbent helped shape the coalition deal. All this went out of the window now thanks to Iggy.

Justifications are being given that the majority of Canadians supported the budget. Hey Iggy, did you provide an alternative? Instead of working with other opposition leaders he chose to be a doormat to Stephen Harper. I am not an NDPer and I definitely do not support the BQ’s position on separation, but the deal was made in good faith and that good faith has now been violated. If fellow Parliamentarians can no longer trust Iggy, then how can Canadians trust him?

Iggy is good at wielding a knife. He knifed Dion in the back to get appointed as leader and then he knifed the coalition deal because he wanted power on his terms only, no sharing with anyone. The Coalition was the only fair hope to get rid of Harper government at this time.

Now, Iggy's knife wielding became so good that he has thrust one into his own chest. Good for you Iggy.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Michael Ignatieff’s Baggage

Michael Ignatieff's baggage is getting heavier and heavier. His shoulders and head must ache.

The man was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He spent most of his adult life outside of Canada. He simply does not connect with the Canadian public. He spent most of his working life in an academic environment where he seemed to have been closer to neo-cons than to progressives. He supported the Iraq war at the onset. He supported torture and made statements to that effect in 2004. Since then, he has tried to retract but has he really changed?

He fully supported the Afghanistan war and he still does. If he becomes Prime Minister, would he ever pull out of Afghanistan? Does not look like it.

He was not elected leader but appointed by the Liberal caucus.

Then he gave unconditional support to the rogue government of Israel to carry on its recent slaughter in Gaza. He showed no sensitivity whatsoever to the plight, death and destruction of women, children and innocent citizens in Gaza.

Now he is propping up the Harper government only asking Harper to provide updates on his stimulus package every term. Sounds like a professor asking his students to submit their mid-term assignments.

This is also known as Dion syndrome, propping up the Harper government and rolling over on non-confidence motion after non-confidence motion. This should do Ignatieff in. There was a hope that if he worked with the NDP on the coalition he may actually learn something. That hope is gone. Michael Ignatieff is no leader.

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Rod Blagojevich? Meet Mahatma Blagojevich

What is happening to Blagojevich? Now he is comparing himself to Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Okay, Ghandi was successful at ending the rule of the British in India. Martin Luther King gave his life for civil rights and Nelson Mandela spent most of his adult life (27 years) in jail to get rid of apartheid in South Africa.

Now Rod, what has he ended, promoted or gotten rid off?

Click here to read more.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Keith Olbermann: Worst Person in the World


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Jim Flaherty Budget, January 2009

Jim Flaherty has presented his budget, but does he himself believe in it? Too many incentives for neo-cons in order to survive – maybe too much government for Flaherty’s liking.

The NDP and the Bloc have rejected it as not good enough given the economic situation. The mayor of Toronto, David Miller, feels the same way. Labour unions are not happy either and neither are consumer groups. Iggy is going to sleep over it. Let's see what Iggy has in his bag of tricks tomorrow.

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Jim Flaherty: The Shoe Fits

Jim Flaherty is all set for the budget speech. As being a true devotee to Bush, he first checked to see if the shoe fit his head. But would this shoe fit the opposition? Layton and Ducceppe have already shaken their heads and said it will not. Iggy is not sure as he is used to wearing American shoes. The problem for Flaherty is that his object of devotion, Bush, is gone and Obama's shoe may shrink his head.

Obama is a brilliant and a realist, he is extending a hand of friendship to the whole world. His stay in Indonesia was used against him by the neo-cons during election but he has turned it into an asset for reaching out to the Muslim world. It is hoped that it will be a kiss of death to the extremists as their cause to incite hatred against the US may wane. I may be writing more on this move of Obama later.

Back to the budget speech. Iggy is very shaky and tomorrow, Wednesday, we will know which direction his shoe rotates. Iggy may be a bright professor, but he is definitely a beginner in political field. Who knows, he may pick up a tip or two on the way. Time will tell. So far his performance has been nothing but disappointing.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Throne Speech January 2009

Is Harper's heart and mind in the speech or is he thinking about his next move on how to bully the opposition. Apparently both Layton and Duccepe are unimpressed with his shenanigans, but Iggy is wavering. Maybe Harper is thinking how to make an a%# of Iggy and survive this time. Tomorrow we will get a better idea.

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Rush Limbaugh: The Horse’s Derriere

This comedian said he hopes that Obama fails. What does he mean by it? That the economy which is already collapsing should completely collapse? That healthcare reform must fail and let people suffer? That the US is at war with Iraq and Afghanistan and that it should fail and suffer humiliating defeat? The World is at peril because of so many conflicts abroad and economic turmoil at home. What does this clown mean any way? Does he want to see the complete collapse of the United States, to see American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan get killed in greater numbers, and have more chaos Worldwide? Because that is what Limbaugh is implying when he says he wants Obama to fail.

I think he also means that a black president must fail so that the US does not have to elect a black president ever again. This horse's derriere has wished the collapse of American society and the world, and he has also proven that he is the biggest bigot around. Those who employ this horse's derriere and pay him millions must not be any different.

Click here to read the story.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sarah Teather, another UK MP against the Massacre in Gaza

Many UK MPs spoke out against the slaughter in Gaza, George Galloway, Sir Gerald Kaufman (who is Jewish), Sarah Teather ,and many others. Why are our MPs muzzled? The slaughter in Gaza is unacceptable by any standard. No civilized society or people can condone such butchery. The Israeli government cannot be considered civilized. It is barbarian. And I will include Harper, Iggy and Bush in that pack for being enablers. The sooner the world realizes the plight of Gaza and the atrocities of Israeli authorities, the better it will be for World peace.

There are many videos on the plight of Gaza. This one below, entitled Cry for Gaza, is quite moving.

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Pope Reinstates Bishop Who is Holocaust Denier

I have a lot of respect for the Vatican, they have taken a lot of positive stances on human rights. I especially liked Pope John Paul II, he was a humanitarian and internationally respected in this regard. I also like the current Vatican's condemning the Israeli Defence Force's slaughter in Gaza, as well as the Vatican's ongoing opposition to the Iraq War.

However, I was discouraged to hear that the Pope is reinstating a Bishop who is a known Holocaust Denier. At the very least, this Bishop should expressly denounce his previous statements on the Holocaust.

Reinstating this Bishop is an affront to the Jewish community and will damage Vatican-Jewish relations which the previous pope had worked so hard to repair. Also, denying the horrors of the Holocaust is plain wrong.

You can click here to read the story.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mike Murphy, New Brunswick Health Minister: Iggy Syndrome (aka the Iggy Effect)

Is New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham aware of this? Mike Murphy's plans to partially-privatize health care will be a major blow to Canada's public health care system, something that we have taken pride in as Canadians. His arrogant manner and demeanour makes it that much worse - he doesn't care about the people that will be hurt by his decisions, and he doesn't listen to anyone. His policies are dangerous.
Murphy must be stopped. Below is an excerpt from an article on Murphy from the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal.

"The New Brunswick health minister (is) often the target of curses and complaints... Opposition politicians regularly call for his resignation, doctors have left their posts in anger and at least one francophone group is accusing him of trying to strip them of their constitutional rights."

To read full story
click here.

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Barack Obama: First three days in office

Naysayers can say what they want, but I believe Obama had a great first three days in the Oval Office. He did some grounding breaking work and made some extraordinary executive orders that one has to commend. They include:

No more torture – easing the mind of many in the world.
Guantanamo Bay to be closed in one year- removing a black spot on US .
Stem cell research on. It will save many lives and improve the quality of life for many.
Executive orders to remove restrictions on abortion.
Executive orders to end lobbying his government.
Executive order to freeze the salary of senior staffers (great symbolic gesture for these tough economic times).
Sending high level delegates to the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Asking Israel to remove the embargo on Gaza if it wants peace.

These are just a few examples. Neo-cons are already angry on many of these issues and about Gitmo they say it is too dangerous to bring Gitmo detainees to the US. Now let us see. The following serial-killers, living or dead, are ok. To name a few.

"Jeffrey Dahmer was responsible for a series of gruesome murders of seventeen young men in Ohio and Milwaukee

Ted Bundy was one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history. Bundy screamed his innocence until his death in the electric chair was imminent. Then he told just enough to show the true evil inside him.

David Berkowitz – aka "Son of Sam" and "The .44 Caliber Killer"; convicted of six murders in New York.

Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono, Jr.– aka the "Hillside Strangler"; killers of 13 women and possibly involved in three other killings."

However, Gitmo detainees are too dangerous, according to these neo cons. The fact is that many of them have been charged with nothing and maybe getting training at Gitmo to become hardened extremists. They might have been peaceful citizens when they entered Gitmo. This happens all the time when people with minor delinquencies are housed with hardened criminals – prisons become universities for criminals.

Then there was this bozo who attacked me when I made this post: He insisted that I should include Obama in that picture as Obama is mirror image of Iggy according to this bozo. First I tried to reason with him but then he became very obnoxious and abusive. Bozos like this need parental guidance when they use the computer and especially when they attempt writing blogs. If bozos like these are supporters of Iggy and Israel, then I feel sorry for Iggy and Israel.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

George Galloway - Palestinian Rights and Israel

George Galloway is a man who speaks the truth. After reading about the Palestine-Israel issue, I have reached exactly the same conclusions as him. There is a need that our conscience in the West is shaken up real hard. Slaughter and butchery is reprehensible no matter who commits it. It is our moral duty to fight against such injustices.

UPDATE: Brief Biography of George Galloway:

George Galloway was born and raised in Dundee Scotland. He is from a family of devout Roman Catholics and non-drinkers and himself developed a strong admiration for the Kennedy family in the US, fellow Catholics. At the young age of thirteen, he became involved with the Labour Party quickly distinguishing himself as a local party activist. He won his first election to Parliament in 1987 representing the riding of Glasgow Hillhead. He became an outspoken Member of Parliament, standing up for issues that were important to him, including the cause of Palestinians. In 1997, after redistricting, he was elected as representative for the riding of Glasgow Kelvin.

With the Labour government's support of Bush's 2003 invasion of Iraq, George Galloway quickly became an outspoken critic of that war, directly confronting the leader of his party, Tony Blair. For his outspoken opposition to the war, Mr. Galloway was expelled from the Labour Party.

In 2005, Galloway ran as a candidate for the newly formed RESPECT coalition - an anti-war political party that was to the left of Labour. He was elected to represent the London riding of Bethnal Green and Bow in that year. He has since continued his advocacy work for the Palestinian people and against the War in Iraq. As well, he is a strong supporter of other progressive and social democratic causes such as combatting poverty, and supporting the rights of trade unions.

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Ehud Olmert: Mission Accomplished and the Cheerleaders

Barack Obama is on the right track. He has not expressed unconditional support for Israel and he is apparently conscious of the plight of Palestinians. Of courese there are still the cheerleaders of Olmert, and they are Bush, Iggy and Harper. The American people have dumped Bush. Someone must shake Iggy's and Harper’s heads hard so that they may come back to their senses. Otherwise, we must dump them too.

Below is a video by Michael Heart on the plight of Gaza. Michael Heart is a songwriter and singer from L.A.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gaza: The Killing field

From this link:

I found some other links to songs by Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens). I will be posting a few. Above is one where he sings for Palestinian children (a very recent video) "mother don’t cry for me." He uses some of the same images that I used in my animated picture aggregates. These are images which some heartless, cold-blooded fanatics objected to and called pornographic. It breaks your heart to listen to this video. Mothers and fathers and fellow human beings out there, speak up for the children of Palestine. If you won’t then who will?

If this atrocity continues it could be my children and it could be your children. The only mistake these children made was that they were born in Palestine. Or would you call it a mistake?

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Gaza and Palestinian Land: A killing field for the last 60 years

I was going to do a funny picture today about Obama's first day in the Oval office. But then I started reading this story "The World Should Stop Israel's Killing Machine." A link was sent to me by a fellow Liberal Blogger. My humour disappeared and I could hardly eat my breakfast.

Dear friends, since this current slaughter began in Gaza and the fiasco at so-called Liblogs, I started reading more and more about the Israeli–Palestinian struggle. All these stories have touched me. As a matter of fact, I have been very selective in my readings. If the source was Arab or Palestinian, I worried about bias even though I had seriously started doubting our Western media. Now I have started believing Arab and Palestinian sources more. However, this story is not written by an Arab or Palestinian, but by a former US Marine. Here is his picture and brief bio below.

"Tim King is a former U.S. Marine with twenty years experience on the west coast as a television news producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor. In addition to his role as a war correspondent, this Los Angeles native serves as's Executive News Editor.

Tim spent the winter of 2006/07 in Afghanistan with Oregon troops. Tim recently returned from Iraq where he covered the war, embedded with an Oregon Guard aviation unit. Serving the community in very real terms, is one of the few truly independent high traffic news Website, affiliated with Google News and several other major search engines and news aggregators.

You can send Tim an email at this address:"
This story is written by Mr. King the former US Marine. I will like you to watch this video before reading the whole story and links. The song is try-not-to-cry by Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) and the Outlandish:

Below is the link for the whole story and other links on the site.

Now I understand why that Bishop at the Vatican called Gaza "A Concentration Camp." Also, there was a Jewish MP from Britain , Sir Gerald Kaufman, who said that Israel was acting like Nazis.

I will request other bloggers to please post this story on their sites too.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Caroline Kennedy Withdraws her Name From Senate Consideration

As reported by MSNBC.

This is unfortunate news. The Kennedys have a proud tradition of public service. Caroline Kennedy is intelligent, hardworking, and would have made a great Senator. It is sad.

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New Liberal Party of Canada?

It is good to see the Liberal Party of Canada listed on the LiberalsOnline aggregate. Maybe there is still hope for a progressive Liberal Party. Maybe as well Michael Ignatieff will realize his international blunder for supporting the Israeli Defence Force's slaughter in Gaza. Maybe there is still hope. If Ignatieff shows real liberalism and progressiveness, then there is a hope for Canada. Look what alternative we have – Stephen Harper. Canada does not need two Conservative parties, which is where I fear Ignatieff has wanted to take the party.

The Liberal Party may also consider removing the tumour of Liblogs from their side. Maybe good Liberal bloggers will consider to leave this so-called "Lib"-logs. Then the administrative board of this aggregate is free to change its name to something more suitable to their policies. Maybe "Ezra Levant and Cheerleaders" or "Lechlogs" (the latter an abbreviation of Levant and Cheerleaders).

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George W. Bush Receives a Gift From Al-Maliki of Iraq

While back at Crawford Texas, Bush opens gifts. He opens a gift from Al-Maliki of Iraq. Surprise, surprise, it is "the shoe" which he was given in Iraq but forgot to bring with him.

The World must feel relieved now that this moron has left the Whitehouse. His Presidency was as brilliant as the coyote trying to catch the roadrunner in the famous cartoons.

This dangerous dolt Bush alienated the whole world. In the Middle East and in South East Asian countries, America is the most hated word thanks to him. He further obliterated America's reputation by breaking international laws through torturing detainees, especially at Gitmo. He was a wild boar in a china shop.

First thing Barack Obama did was to postpone the trials at Gitmo, he intends to close Gitmo altogether. This is a very smart move. It will ease the minds of Muslim countries to a great extent. Obama also offered a hand of friendship to Muslims through his Inauguration speech. This will further ease the minds of many in the world. It is hoped that there will be less anger against the US and hence maybe extremist will be unable to find recruits to strike at the US. This vicious circle of "an eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth" must end before the whole World goes blind.

Bush's dogma was, you break my toy and I will break your whole house. Maybe that is what Barack Obama was referring to when he talked about ending the childishness in his inaugural speech.

Now that Gitmo is going to be closed, what will poor Harper do with Omar Kadr? Maybe Barack Obama should put Harper and Ignatieff in Gitmo.

Now, there is a story that Omar Kadr has said that he met Maher Arar in Afghanistan. The neo-con jackasses are all hyped up about it. They quickly forget the torture and how that information was extracted.

A lot more can be achieved through peaceful means and negotiations, war must be the absolute last resort. The World must get rid of all the cowboy dopes (and cowboy dope wannabes) who call themselves "leaders."

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack H. Obama In, George W. Bush Out

Please note, I prepared this picture in a hurry.

Goodbye and good riddance to Bush. Barack Obama, I hope you fulfill your promise on the economy, on healthcare, and on international affairs. Bush and Cheney must be put on trial for violating both international law, and the Constitution of the United States.

Barack Obama's election represents a powerful blow to the racial divide in America. I hope also that this influence will extend overseas. I also hope that Obama can use his influence to stop the killing in Gaza and bring a peaceful conclusion to the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

This is a new era, it's no longer time to beat around the Bush.

P.S. Please find below the Inauguration Speech:

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Michael Ignatieff, Stephen Harper and Their Buddy

Is there any difference? Do you see any difference in these like-minded creatures?

It all started with that jerk Ezra Levant, he maligned many Liberal bloggers as "anti-Semetic" and "anti-Israel" just because they were expressing their horrors at the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. This upset me too much. Then, I started reading more about the situation in the Middle East, it upset me even more.

After that, some good bloggers were kicked off Liblogs because they also expressed horror about the slaughter. I protested the expulsion... and then I was expelled. I became even more upset and read more about the situation in the Middle East. I came to realize that real crimes were being committed there by the Israeli government, both currently and in the past. That is when I started devoting my blog more and more to the Gaza tragedy.

Then of course I heard the speeches from the two British MPs. One Jewish MP, Gerald Kaufman who said that Israel was acting like Nazis in Gaza, and George Galloway who expressed grave concern over this slaughter as well. All this became more and more upsetting to me, that the World is allowing this tragedy and that the gutless and spineless Bush, Harper and Ignatieff are unconditionally supporting this. Hey World, your conscience had better bother you. MPs Galloway and Kaufman are saying it like it is.

I have no respect left for Harper and Ignatieff. Especially Ignatieff disappointed me the most because I expected better from him. He turned out to be a complete pinhead who is in total disconnect from reality.

What really unnerved me was when I heard the story of Palestinian Dr. Izz el-Deen Aboul Aish who worked for Israeli hospitals. His daughters were slaughtered in his house when Israelis dropped one of their bombs. Here is his story:

So fellow bloggers, and whosoever else is reading this blog, please tell me if there is any doubt left that the Israeli government is committing crimes against humanity.

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Keith Olbermann: Bush has confessed to crime

The Bush-Cheney administration violated the US Constition and human rights, in particular through torture. They also violated the Geneva Convention and other international laws in this regard.

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Martin Luther King Jr. - I Have a Dream Speech

In honour of Martin Luther King Day

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Warren Kinsella-Rove

Is that not the full name? I cannot tell difference between the two. Can you? They both like to play with their little toys in their "war rooms" and both like dirty tricks. Also both like to sue and to get sued.

Both are totally self-absorbed and seek publicity no matter what it takes. Surely Warren Kinsella is a drone sent to Canada by Karl Rove.

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Bill O’Reilly: the Zoo Creature of Faux News

Talking about bonkers, this O'Reilly guy of Faux News is a jackass. He was talking about the security at the inauguration of President-elect Obama and that it may scare some people away, then he barked out "it is a zoo, no thank you I have been to enough zoos." (Not an exact quote but primarily that is what he said). I do not think it is the security which was bothering him, he seemed to be pissed that a black guy was going to be sworn in as a President.

Then he was interviewing Al Sharpton of the NAACP and got little upset with him. He told him that they (blacks) should stop complaining about discrimination as one of them was now going to be President. He also said that Bush was a great president and that Al Sharpton was being too unkind to him. He added that Al Sharpton must be thankful for the achievements of Bush including his great contributions to the well-being of "coloured people" in the US and Africa. He added that Bush did more for Africa and "coloured people" in general than any other President in the history of the United States. "Coloured people?" Would you not include Iraqis and Afghanis amongst "coloured people" – yes Bush killed over a hundred thousand of them and made millions homeless in their own countries or refugees in neighbouring countries. And of course using the term "coloured people", does not O'Reilly realize that its 2009 now?

Maybe Bush should ask O'Reilly to write his Bio. O'Reilly confirmed his image of being a complete jackass.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ezra Levant has gone a bit cuckoo

Ezra Levant keeps on mercilessly attacking folks who oppose the brutality of Israel's actions against the Palestinians. I was checking how many bloggers he has attacked. In one post alone he attacked quite a few and in a later blog yours truly becomes a target too. I have talked about Levant's attacks in some of my earlier posts.

Here is the link where he attacks quite a few people at once:

Has Ezra Levant not gone over the line a bit?

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Ehud Olmert: Torturing the Whole World

Ehud Olmert wants to kill enough Palestinian women and children so that the world becomes numb with pain and goes along with him on whatever he wants. It is a lot worse than waterboarding. Waterboarding is indeed torture. I do not know what should we call the killing of innocent civilians, including children, to shock the world into your way of thinking. Is there any doubt that this man has committed crimes against humanity?

Can you imagine a guy caught on the street after killing few dozen people, the police come to arrest him he says, "I have ceased to shoot unilaterally." Olmert is doing exactly that. Now he wants the world to know that he has ceased fire unilaterally. IDF is occupying most of the Northern Gaza, shooting at will and bombing. That is ceasefire? Olmert then blames Hamas that they are still firing rockets.

Leave their homes and their land Olmert you idiot and accept the punishment for your crimes, as a person would do in a civilized society. Oh yes, your buddies in that crime must be included too.

Then George W. Bush approved of this and may actually have encouraged the slaughter of innocent women and children. After all he did the same himself in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here are some goodbyes (and good riddances) to Bush.

Bush sendoff by Keith Olbermann.

Then we have Micheal Ignatieff here in Canada calling himself the Leader of the Liberal Party. He parrots Bush's mantra as does Harper. As said before, Iggy is a pinhead. He is totally disconnected from the Canadian public.

And here is a video which may remove any doubts you may have about the mass murder by Olmert and other criminals.

"UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza"

Finally it is hoped that Obama will be more humane about this and not support this kind of mass murder by the thugs who are running the government in Israel.

UPDATE: Another good video from the British Parliament, this one from MP George Galloway:

Why is it that debate in the British Parliament is so much more informed and intelligent than debates in our own Parliament? I guess we have those two clowns - Iggy and Harper (as well as their cronies like Warren Kinsella) - to thank for the pathetic state of politics in our country today.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dixie Chicks - Not Ready to Make Nice

That's how I feel too.

P.S. This may not be as good as the original video - which was not embeddable - but it still gets the message across.

You can watch the original video, by clicking here.

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Dixie Chicks - My favourite band

Remember this picture from 2003:

These ladies impress me too much. So I declare them my favourite band.

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Michael Ignatieff the Leader

Good for you Mr. Ignatieff

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Liberal Party of Canada: Its Current Face

This picture is partially for the rude guy who visited my blog and insulted all my visitors. It is people like him who are poisonous for the Liberal Party, they are like the skunk people run away from. He claims to support Warren Kinsella and definitely earned no friends for Kinsella in the process.

Kinsella has become a very divisive force in Liberal Party. I do not know what kind of advice he is giving to Ignatieff, as the appointed Liberal leader is now giving unconditional support to the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza by Israel. Kinsella sure sounds like Karl Rove or his drone.

You may ask why I have included Ezra Levant among these cone-heads. He might as well join Liberal Party now because he will meet many of his fellow neo-cons there. The amount of cheering and commendations Ignatieff has received from the National Com.Post through their Op.Ed. is obvious.

Ignatieff says that he supports the Israeli Defence Force's (IDF's) slaughter of Palestinians because Israel is a democratic country. It is no longer democratic country. A sizable section of its population has been disenfranchised. All the Arab parties have been banned from participating in the elections. Is that the new standard for a democratic society? Go call me anti-Israel if you want, but in its current status and under its current leadership, it has become a rogue state.

Moreover, successive US administrations have turned Israel into very dangerous Frankenstein by arming it to the teeth with all kind of WMDs. Iraq was destroyed because of the lies of Bush that it had WMDs, but meanwhile Israel is equipped with all kinds of WMDs. This is the worst international crime by the Bush administration and worst kind of hypocrisy. Israel has been routinely killing its neighbours at will. In 2006, thousands of Lebanese were killed, and now Palestinians in Gaza. Is that a democracy? Absolutely not.

Finally Ignatieff may call himself the leader of the Liberal Party but I cannot accept him as a leader. He must go back to his Ivy league university and teach there and please do not teach in a Canadian university because they are relatively progressive, at least the ones I attended in Ontario.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Plane Crashes in Hudson River and the News Coverage

The pictures of the plane crash are from the MSNBC website

Yesterday when I heard about the plane crash in the Hudson River, I was alarmed and I did watch the news. Thank God everyone was safe because of the extraordinary expertise of the pilot. The pilot did some skilled manoeuvring to steer the plane and save lives by not crashing into a populated area of Manhattan.

However, I do wish to point out the imbalance of coverage. CNN, MSNBC, Faux News, CTV and CBC were broadcasting almost exclusively about the plane crash – on and on and on. Even after the Bushy Farewell Speech of self-glorification (and self-delusion), NBC (not as quickly on MSNBC) gave a few seconds of debate and then back to the plane crash.

My God, are we that oblivious in Canada and the US? The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) is slaughtering men, women and children in Gaza day after day after day, and hardly any mention on all these networks. I really truly shudder with this kind of inhumanity being shown. Israel has turned Gaza into one major graveyard, a big mass murder in a short time. I have no doubt now that the IDF is committing war crimes and that current Canadian and American governments, by not saying anything against it, are actually aiding and abetting this crime. Even our "Liberal" Leader Michael Ignatieff is throwing full support behind these criminal actions. Is it not being an accessory to the crime to openly give consent and support like that?

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Warren Kinsella the Kingmaker... Not

King Iggy, CabiNut and Courtiers
Who is this Warren Kinsella? I know relatively little about him. Is he a Karl Rove drone sent to Canada? Because his tactics are Rovian. I tried to check his bio and found very little, but here is a quote about him:
"Kinsella lifts the veil on what really goes on inside campaigns - and it's not pretty. This is the good, the bad and the ugly of partisan politics, and Kinsella argues that all three are necessary for a healthy and democratic political dialogue."
So the "bad" and "ugly" has entered the ballroom of the Liberal Party. Now everyone will be dancing to a different tune. It looks he has now taken over Liblogs. Does this mean that poor little Cherniak has lost his monopoly? All the provincial political parties are listed on the left bar. I was surprised that Danny Williams was not there. He is the biggest supporter of Liberal Party. Remember him saying "Anyone but Harper." To be fair to Williams though, I like the guy. He stands up what he thinks and what is good for his province. He is not self-serving, but has the best interests of Newfoundlanders in mind. I think Karl Rove, err Warren Kinsella, missed out on that.

With this new control by Kinsella and Liblogs turning into an official Liberal Party site, do not expect any independent thinking. The only reality on Liblogs will be what the political hacks say, the rest becomes invisible in the red smoke engulfing the ballroom, or in this case Liblogs. Any dissenting view will be drowned out by the official line. It is going to be Iggynation causing a lot of indignation. Good luck to Rovians in the party and enjoy your iron fist. With these kinds of tendencies you ain't seen nothing yet. Keep waiting for new episodes to be broadcasted soon.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bush's Farewell Address: Chris Matthews' take on it

Right on!

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Jason Cherniak: A Favourite of Conservatives

Cherniak may not realize it, but his removal of folks from Liblogs, and all the split that was caused by it, is a source of celebration for conservatives. Basically they are saying to Cherniak, keep up the good work, we love it.

I found one conservative blog where links are given to my blog, James Curran's blog, and a few other blogs as well (including the new aggregator,, created by James Curran) talking about the split. Frankly, I find it disturbing that this situation has arisen. Here is the link:

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Ehud Olmert's Explosive Hat

No question Olmert is a danger to his own country of Israel and to its neighbours. The way he is going he will become a danger to the whole Middle East and maybe the entire World as well. He probably received this explosive tendencies and nuke hat from his friend George W. Bush. Where would he stop?

He first wanted to destroy Lebanon and luckily did not succeed, however he killed thousands of women and children. Now he wants to turn the whole of Gaza into dust and a graveyard. If he continues in his current destructive mode the area may become a flash point for the world.

Many news agencies are reporting that now the United Nations headquarters in Gaza has been bombed. It has gotten so bad that the U.N. Secretary General has strongly condemned this latest catastrophe.

You can click here for the story.

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Tony Blair: The loyal poodle

George W. Bush awarded the Medal of Freedom to Tony Blair, John Howard of Australia and I believe the President of Columbia as well. However, Blair remains the loyal poodle of George W. Bush, and has no intention of seeking freedom.

He was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer of CNN prior to the receiving the medal and he parroted Bush's and Ignatieff's position on Israel-Gaza tragedy. What a creep!

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George W. Bush: The War Criminal

When George W. Bush says he is "misestimated" and that his intelligence is lacking or very defective, he is not referring to intelligence agencies. He would be pleading insanity for his war crimes. Let's face it, a doorknob is more intelligent than Bush. However, I do not think this defence will work. Below is the case which Congressman Dennis Kucinich made for the impeachment of George W. Bush:

"Resolved that President George W. Bush be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, and that the following articles of impeachment be exhibited to the United States Senate. ...

"In his conduct while President of the United States, George W. Bush, in violation of his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and to the best of his ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has committed the following abuses of power..."

The first article Kucinich presented, and many that followed, regarded the war in Iraq: "Article 1 - Creating a secret propaganda campaign to manufacture a false case for war against Iraq."

Article I

Creating a Secret Propaganda Campaign to Manufacture a False Case for War Against Iraq.

Article II

Falsely, Systematically, and with Criminal Intent Conflating the Attacks of September 11, 2001, With Misrepresentation of Iraq as a Security Threat as Part of Fraudulent Justification for a War of Aggression.

Article III

Misleading the American People and Members of Congress to Believe Iraq Possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction, to Manufacture a False Case for War.

Article IV

Misleading the American People and Members of Congress to Believe Iraq Posed an Imminent Threat to the United States.

Article V

Illegally Misspending Funds to Secretly Begin a War of Aggression.

Article VI

Invading Iraq in Violation of the Requirements of HJRes114.

Article VII

Invading Iraq Absent a Declaration of War.

Article VIII

Invading Iraq, A Sovereign Nation, in Violation of the UN Charter.

It's a lengthy document. You can read the rest here:

As is obvious from Kucinich’s resolution, George W Bush, Dick Cheney and associates did commit war crimes and they must be put on trial and punished appropriately. Such a trial will go a long way to re-establishing the reputation of the United States as one of the great democracies in the world history.

The election of Barack Obama to the office of President has already had some impact on the image of the US, but if nothing is done about George W. Bush and associates, then the image of the US will remain damaged in the world community.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crazy, Crazier and Craziest

Crazy comes in all shapes and forms. No day goes by that you do not find new ones. Here is the craziest for your smirk and snarl:

And of course you have visited this one too, they just keep coming!

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The Liberal Party, Then and Now

Pierre Trudeau, in my opinion, was one of Canada's greatest Prime Ministers. He fought seperatist forces and stood up for Canadian unity, defeating Rene Levesque in the 1980 Quebec referendum. Trudeau also asserted a strong and independent foreign policy for Canada, one that was based on diplomacy, peace, and human rights. His name is well-known throughout the World, something that is not common for a Canadian Prime Minister.

With the Americans, Trudeau maintained a productive and healthy friendship, but at the same time he did not let Canada's interests get subsumed by the United States. As well, he strove to limit the growth of American corporate dominance in the Canadian economy.

That was the Liberal Party then, but now...

Poster by Simon Pole

My apologies to my Liberal friends, but some of the current trends in the Liberal Party are very disconcerting to me, especially under the leadership of Michael Ignatieff. The Party seems to have departed from many of its past traditions. Also, between Harper's calling Canada a "second-tier socialist country" and Iggy's statements above, it is disturbing that the leaders of our two major political parties have so little pride in this country.

P.S. If you want to see all the posters, you can click here. The artist encourages others to use his posters on their blogs and websites.

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Coalition in Ottawa is well and alive

For the folks who think the coalition is dead, put your mind at ease ;) It's gotten a new life and a face-lift. Maybe Harper's primping staff came in handy.

Iggy and Harper will be great partners. To begin with, there is Iggy's support of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (Harper even came over to shake Iggy's hand in the House of Commons when he voted to extend Afghanistan). Then, Iggy is more enthusiastic than Harper to cheer on Israel to carry out the carnage in Gaza. Good for you Iggy.

The situation in Gaza has become so dreadful that according to MSNBC news, there is hardly any land available to bury the dead. "Gaza is all a graveyard," the report says. It is obvious what the objectives of the Israeli government are and with the help of Bush, Ignatieff and Harper they are achieving it – to turn Gaza into one big graveyard. Now this news is not from any propaganda source of the Palestinians, it is from MSNBC, and American news source. The tragedy is becoming more and more compounded. You can read more here.

Can Jack Layton have a coalition with Ignatieff in good conscience? Ignatieff who cannot be told apart from George W. Bush or Stephen Harper. I feel the strong need to say "God Bless Canada" or more appropriately "God Help Canada."

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gaza: Interesting Post

I do not follow Small Dead Animals' blog, but I found out this interesting post on Gaza and the Liblogs fiasco. Click here to read the blog.

UPDATE - More BT Stuff: I have had a chance to look at some of the comments under SDA's blog, now I know what Canadian Cynic was talking about. These people are plain crazy.

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Israel is commiting war crimes

Prominent lawyers in the UK have stated that Israel's actions in Gaza are war crimes, and not self-defence. I hope that people in postion of power in North America will catch on with this mass murder carried out by the Israeli Government.

Israel’s bombardment of Gaza is not self-defence - it’s a war crime
January 11, 2009
Sunday Times

ISRAEL has sought to justify its military attacks on Gaza by stating that it amounts to an act of "self-defence" as recognised by Article 51, United Nations Charter. We categorically reject this contention.

The rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas deplorable as they are, do not, in terms of scale and effect amount to an armed attack entitling Israel to rely on self-defence. Under international law self-defence is an act of last resort and is subject to the customary rules of proportionality and necessity.

Click here to read more.

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Gaza and Guantanamo Bay

Is there a difference between Gaza and Gitmo? In many cases, it is worse in Gaza. It is a small strip of land where 1.5 million people are cramped. The vast majority them live in subhuman conditions - unsanitary, cramped in small dwellings, hungry with little or no medical facilities - most of it due to blockade by Israel from sky, sea and land. Many Palestinian youth and children are captured at will by the Israeli Military and kept in the worst conditions where they are treated like animals. Some of the pictures above show the horrors. There are hundreds of stories on the Internet too. For example this one from the Guardian.

The treatment of Palestinians is so bad that Gitmo looks much more humane compared to what is happening in Gaza, and to those who are kept at Israeli detention centres.

It is time that the World's conscience wakes up so that we can end this horrible inhumanity. It is time to stop the horror, the war crimes and the crimes against humanity being committed everyday by the Government of Israel.

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Cherniak WTF: The Humanitarian

There is Cherniak, and then there is Cherniak WTF. I feel indebted to this gentleman. He comments regularly on many blogs and makes very valuable contributions. He also makes a compelling case for a humanitarian approach to solve societal and world problems, including the Gaza tragedy.

Below is some very important information he brought to the attention of the readers of my blog:

"Is Israel Guilty of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity?
- Using powerful shells in civilian areas that the army knew would cause large numbers of innocent casualties.
- Using banned weapons such as phosphorus bombs
- Attacking medical facilities, including the killing of 12 ambulance men in marked ambulances
- Killing large numbers of policeman who had no military role."

You can click here to read more.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Cherniak's Supporters

I didn't want to write another post on Cherniak, however, I couldn't help but notice the following: Cherniak does have some very ardent supporters, this is who they are!

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Sigh, What Happened to the Liberal Party I Once Knew

I was initially attracted to the Liberal Party because of Pierre Trudeau, a strong and charismatic leader who fought for a Just Society, and took decisive stances in favour of human rights. The Liberal Party has had other great leaders too, like Lester Pearson, Jean Chretien, as well as John Turner and Paul Martin who led the party through some difficult times.

Alas, this is now a Liberal Party that I no longer recognize...

Poster by Simon Pole

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Israel's Defence

Israel says it is threatened by Palestinians in Gaza. What a dangerous mockery to justify mass slaughter of women, children and innocent civilians. Maybe it is because of the Internet that more information is available day by day, but I have never seen so blatant a mass murder in recent history.

Israel's defence is like a drunken driver in a Hummer killing a person. The defence being that "I saw this boy on the sidewalk and he looked threatening, so in order to save my life I had to run him over." Israel's leaders are drunk beyond any civilized limit by military power thanks to successive US administration who armed Israel to teeth over so many decades. According to former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Israel has over 100 deadly nuclear weapons. Now it is in the news that it is using deadly chemical weapons on Palestinians. Has anyone bought Israel's ruse other than the so-called "leaders" in North America – George W. Bush, Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper. Is there any other country in the world who is buying into this ruse.

Now let us turn to some supporters of Israel's actions in Gaza. Namely, Jason Cherniak and gang. They have libeled people left, right and centre. They use the term anti-Semitic so frivolously that it has lost its meaning completely (a complete disrespect to Jewish people who have faced discrimination and oppression throughout their history, including those who faced the horrors of the Holocaust).

On those who have been libeled by Cherniak and company, let us start with James Curran, a self-declared friend of Israel who has resigned from Liberal Friends of Israel and now has also resigned from so-called Liblogs as well. This gentleman was accused again and again of being anti-Semitic, including by Ezra Levant of the National Post. This was a blatant libel. Curran is far from being anti-Semitic. Then there is MoS who was accused of defending Hamas's using innocent civilians as protection shields – Cherniak himself made that accusation. I read MoS's post very carefully, he is nowhere supporting such a thing. Nonetheless, he was booted out of Liblogs because of that. I believe that was a libel on Cherniak's part. I then vehemently protested MOS's expulsion and the next thing I know I was booted out too.

Then there was the write-up on the top of Liblogs, Cherniak telling everyone how we must think and write. I thought it was flabbergasting and a severe breach of trust. The Liblogs aggregate was supposed to be one that allow varied opinions of different Liberal Bloggers and one that was not beholden to one person's point of view (much as the Liberal Party itself has historically been a broad tent allowing a diversity of opinions). Cherniak thus attracted many bloggers to his Cherniaklogs under false pretences. Now James Curran and friends have resigned.

And of course there is a long list of past libels and abuses by Jason Cherniak, where he labelled people who disagreed with him as anti-Semetic, and where he spread false rumours as well (such as the ridiculous rumour he spread about the NDP stacking the vote in Trinity-Spadina in 2006). If I were to get into these past libels and abuses, the list would be endless. That is why I am only focussing on Cherniak's recent actions.

In sum, Cherniak has become an extraordinary liability both to himself, to others, and to the Liberal Party that he professes to support.

Did anyone ever tell Cherniak that if you are in a hole, stop digging. But instead, every time he picks up an even bigger shovel. Is he reading other blogs and what people are saying about him? For example this one here has a very funny picture of Cherniak, and Canadian Cynic has a hilarious post on him.

Quite frankly it was the anti-Semitic smears that strengthened my resolve to oppose the current slaughter of the Palestinians. Since then I have read extensively on the tragedy and seems to get worse every day. The World has to wake up to this extraordinary inhuman slaughter and speak out against it. Thank God that European nations are doing it and the United Nations has made its position clear on this also. Even the Red Cross has broken its silence and is pointing out the atrocities of Israel.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Israeli-Arab Conflict - Media Dictionary

Interesting media dictionary on the Israeli-Arab conflict posted by Excited Delerium.

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Cherniak, Thank You

Thank you Jason Cherniak, since you deleted my posts and kicked me off Liblogs, I've been receiving some interesting e-mails and links. The excerpt below, from the Globe and Mail, quite frankly shocked me.

Now you understand what I mean when I say that Cherniak is damaging the Liberal Party, he has galvanized people not only against him, but against the Liberal Party and against Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff (my comments section and e-mail inbox is evidence of this fact).

P.S. The black and white Iggy posters, like the one below, were also brought to my attention in the aftermath of Cherniak's purge of Liblogs.

Michael Ignatieff: "I've been very ruthless in my life"

The above poster is by Simon Pole

"From his support of torture and the invasion of Iraq, to his cheerleading the violence in Gaza, this excerpt from an interview with the Globe and Mail's Michael Valpy explains a lot about Iggy:

...the next words (from Michael Ignatieff) come out in a rush: "I think there are people who would say I've been very ruthless in my life. I am someone who has worried greatly about the price my ruthlessness has inflicted on others. I have worried about that. I do worry about that.

"I don't want to litter the slopes with bodies. There may be people who I've left behind who feel that I was ruthless, and if they feel that, then all I can say is - I wouldn't apologize - all I could say is, I don't want to hurt people."

He does not break eye contact as he delivers this remarkable confession. It's as though he knows who I've spoken to and what I've been told about him...

"From The Globe and Mail

"'Littered the slopes with bodies', bragging about his 'ruthlessness', this frank confession tells us a lot about Mr. Ignatieff's thinking."

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Canadian Cynic Got it Wrong ;)

Canadian Cynic, that is very upsetting.;) There are all kinds of devotees in this world to different causes. Think of former Senator Larry Craig a devoted Christian – now what is wrong with that?

See my tribute to him here: Larry Craig post.

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Gaza and Darfur

With all honesty, after looking at these pictures, can you tell the difference? For the world of me I cannot. Oh yes, one is supported by George W. Bush, previous US administrations, Michael Ignatieff, Stephen Harper and many crazies in this country. Sudan, on the other hand, is condemned. How noxiously hypocritical. Think world think. Can we have peace in this world when we are so fatally inflicted by hypocrisy?

UPDATE: A reader provided this link, (and this video link, ed.) my it is horrible what is going on in Gaza (worse than I thought).

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Link to Jewish Activist Group Opposing Israel's Actions in Gaza

Gene of The Cylinder has sent me an interesting link, you may want to check it out: The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network.

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Michael Ignatieff is Playing Political Football With the Lives of Palestinians

I cannot claim credit for this poster. It comes from another artist,
he is very talented. I will post more of his posters over the next few days.

If you think Michael Ignatieff actually cares about human lives, then think again. The story below shows that Ignatieff is basing his position on Israel-Gaza on the most cynical form of political calculation.

Also, I would like to thank Jason Cherniak for exposing the true malevolent nature of Iggy and his supporters. I'm sure he's helped a lot of people make up their minds as to who NOT to vote for in the next election. I live in a swing riding where every vote will count, and Cherniak has sure helped me to make up my mind.

The article below discusses the rationale behind Iggy's position on the killing in Gaza.

Why Canada backs Israel over Gaza
by Thomas Walkom - Toronto Star

The carnage in Gaza is both lopsided and graphic. As the death toll among Palestinians rises, even neutral international bodies have become critical of Israel.

The UN suspended relief supplies to Gaza after Israeli troops allegedly shot and killed one of its aid drivers. The International Committee of the Red Cross has broken its usual tactful silence to accuse Israel of breaching international humanitarian law.

Yet both the Conservatives, through their junior foreign minister Peter Kent, and the Liberals, through newly-annointed leader Michael Ignatieff, insist that Israel bears no responsibility, that its destruction of Gaza is a measured response to Hamas' sporadic rocket attacks and that the Islamic organization is solely to blame.

Click here to read more.

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Cherniak and Clones

I was removed from so-called Liblogs (Cherniaklogs) yesterday. I feel so relieved because I do not have to put up with the abuse from him and his clones. Earlier, some of my pictures were deleted from Cherniaklogs because they revealed the slaughter of women and children in Gaza by the Israeli army. Cherniak and clones called them pornographic. I suppose the Israeli government and army likes to create this kind of pornography. It makes me shudder at their cold-bloodedness.

I do not know if it was my picture of the Vatican Church which finally did it, as Cherniak deleted that picture right away. A Vatican spokesperson had said that Gaza was a concentration camp.

Many other Libloggers were harassed. James Curran was one of them. He was harassed by Ezra Levant of National Com-Post and others. Ezra Levant and other neo-cons are part of the Cherniak gang. Curran was accused of being anti-Semitic because he criticized Israel as well. I protested this harrassment. Then MoS was removed from Cherniaklogs because he was exposing Israel's atrocities. Maybe all this had a cumulative impact on Cherniak and he removed me from Cherniaklogs. I am glad he did because I do not wish to participate in an ideology of slaughter and bloodshed. If I knew this side of Cherniak early on, I would have never participated in Cherniaklogs to begin with.

It is highly disturbing that Cherniak and associate have been justifying the bloodshed and slaughter in Gaza. Note to my fellow Libloggers, if you're still participating in Cherniaklogs then you are wittingly or unwittingly participating in a blog aggregate which openly supports Israel's bloodshed. If you're comfortable with that, then that is your prerogative.

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Gaza Violence

Please speak up. If you will not, then who will. Israel is doing all this under the ruse of self-defence. Yesterday night, when someone brought these pictures to my attention, I could not sleep at night. Just thinking about these kids and the kind of slaughter in this day and age was deeply disturbing.

This is just the tip of a bloody iceburg, I could only put so many pictures into the composite.

When you put your children to bed tonight please do think of these poor souls whose lives were ended so brutally.

I wonder how Michael Ignatieff will justify the right of Israel to this kind of self-defence.

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Friday, January 09, 2009

Cherniak bothered by Vatican Church Picture

I just noticed that Cherniak has removed my post on the Vatican. Maybe the picture of the Vatican Church bothered him too much.

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Jason Cherniak and Liblogs

Jason Cherniak and his gang have done extraordinary damage to the Liberal Party. While I understand that Liblogs is not officially affiliated, it is the main public face of the party in the blogosphere and Liberal Party announcements do appear on the aggregate.

Cherniak has been palling around with his close buddies Kelly McParland and Ezra Levant, they are well known to be despicable neo-cons. Cherniak is anything but liberal. The way he posted his ideological rants on the top of Liblogs, quite frankly promoting violence in Gaza, I doubt that Cherniak and his neo-con cronies are even human. They have no sense of humanity or compassion. They do not care about those who are suffering and being killed, but rather want to promote and encourage such inhumanity.

Is the Liberal Party not catching on to the damage Cherniak (in collaberation with McParland and Levant) are doing to the party? If these are the Liberal Party's advocates, then the Liberals are doomed. Maybe it's time to start a new Reform Party out of the ashes of this ruined Liberal Party, that would be more in line with the views of the Cherniak-McParland-Levant troika.

I am also shocked to know that one of the best writers and bloggers in the blogosphere, Mound of Sound, has been removed from Liblogs because he didn't share Cherniak's love and support of slaughter and death. How outrageous will Cherniak and his his fanatic cronies get? It is ironic that Cherniak had to be pushed repeatedly to remove a blogger who was far from Liberal, and who was making baseless slanders about Barack Obama, but when it comes to Cherniak's own twisted ideology, he wastes no time in censoring and kicking off bloggers.

Finally, if the Liberal Party does not realize how much damage these people - and whoever is advising Ignatieff on Israel - are doing, then in my book the party is done and Ignatieff is no leader.

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Gaza: "Big Concentration Camp"

Vatican Church

A glimmer of hope shining through the Vatican.

The situation in Gaza is a human tragedy perpetrated by fellow human beings. This led a senior Cardinal at the Vatican to call Gaza a "big concentration camp." There are over one billion Catholics in the world and therefore such a statement from the Vatican carries alot of weight. We must pay attention and try every thing, in our own way, to end this human suffering. I have no doubt that the Israeli government is the perpetrator. This is no reflection on all Israelis because a sizable number are opposed to the current bloodshed and slaughter. Many in the Jewish community around the World are also against this massacre of Palestinians. They demonstrated against it in Israel and around the World.

Then we have Iggy who calls himself the leader of the Liberal Party. I believe he was not elected leader but appointed by the Liberal caucus, this is an undemocratic way to choose a leader (Iggy was probably worried that he couldn't win it democratically, and that party members would gang up against him as they did at the 2006 convention). Iggy's unequivocal blame on Gaza for the current conflict is troubling. The man may be a good scholar but he is no leader and primarily ignorant of international affairs.

Sorry folks, but I cannot support such a leader. Iggy is going to lose alot of visible minority voters. It is these voters who have been very loyal to the Liberal Party and kept it alive, especially in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, over the last two elections. No more.

Also, Iggy's stand will lose alot of progressive Liberal voters who care about human rights issues.

I am disgusted with Liblogs already. It is controlled by a freak. I no longer care if I am part of it or not. I just wanted to get a more fair point of view across but Liblogs does not seem be to be the route to go as long as freaks run it and control it. They are not helping the Liberal Party, they are hurting it.

You can read the story about the Vatican Cardinal's statement below.

Vatican cardinal calls Gaza "big concentration camp"
Pope Benedict's point man for justice and peace issues on Wednesday issued the Vatican's toughest criticism of Israel since the latest Mideast crisis began, calling Gaza a "big concentration camp".
Click here to read more.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gaza: Demonstrations against violence

This one was held in Brooklyn New York. The above picture was a press release for the demonstration. Good people are everywhere. It restores my faith in humanity. I hope now that lunatic fanatics will not call these folks anti-Semitic or anti-Israel. Violence is wrong no matter who the victim is.

Similar demonstrations by members of the Jewish community have been held across North America.

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Gaza: Good people around the world are against this bloodshed

There are too many pictures to put in one composite because it exceeds the limit of what I can post in terms of size.

Fair-minded people around the world are against the current slaughter in Gaza by Israel. These protestors come from all ethnic groups, cultures, religions and regions of the World, and includes residents of Israel. Not all Israelis like the violence carried out by their government. These protestors are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and list goes on. At least fanatics cannot blame them for being anti-Semitic.

Talking about fanatics, there is a long list starting with Jason Cherniak, and his idols Kelly McParland and Ezra Levant of the National Compost. And do you know who are the idols of Kelly McParland and Ezra Levant? Stephen Harper and George W. Bush. Where does the Liberal Party stand on this because Jason Cherniak's close associates are neo-cons. If Liblog speaks for the Liberal Party then I wish the Liberal Party good luck. So many Libbloggers have been attacked by these fanatics. The Liberal Party better watch out. I am personally considering to sever my ties with the Liberal Party if fanatics like Cherniak are its supporters, but I doubt that the main operators of the Liberal Party know this man yet.

I am not the only one who has been attacked by these fanatics. Many other good Liberal bloggers are attacked too. One of the best bloggers on the net is Mound of Sound and he has been attacked by fanatic Ezra Levant, check out this post of his. The man does not have the courage to name names but he uses "here," "here" and "here" to link to MoS and others who are "bad people" and "anti-Semitic" according to his fanactic thinking.

Let me tell you how close Cherniak is to these fanatics. He brags that he removed his hyperbole from the top of the Liblogs because his idol Kelly MacParland has posted the same on National Compost.

Yesterday Cherniak's sycophants tried to intimidate and harass me on my blog. Anything to muzzle me. One pretended to be "The Doctor" and another "Ted" being a lawyer. You have to see their comments here and posts following my blog.

The Doctor probably practices voodoo medicine and Ted the lawyer will not understand law if it hit him on his head.

Another interesting thing I found out is that Cherniak admitted that he has deleted my previous anti-war posts from Liblogs. I am not always on the Liblogs aggregator so I did not know. Shouldn't the man have a moral duty to tell me if he censored me? Cherniak is not only a fanatic, but also immoral to carry out censorship in this manner.

If Liblogs is his, then the Liberal Party should be careful because this man single-handidly is doing too much damage to its cause. If Liblogs wishes to survive, then they should show the door to this fanatic Cherniak.

Update: The latest news is that rockets have been fired from Lebanon, and Israel has responded by aerial attacks. Where will it stop? The war is expanding and it is a danger to World peace. I hope the main sponsors of Israel, for instance the United States, will put pressure on Israel to stop this madness.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Afghanistan: Another Soldier Killed

What are we there for?

Click here for the story.

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Gaza Violence and the Harper Government's Reaction (Repost)

In the interests of free speech and open dialogue, I am re-posting the entry which Cherniak found so "offensive." I wonder how the other Liblog board members feel about Cherniak acting unilaterally in censoring bloggers?

Do Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon have any humanity left in them? They keep on firing their verbal cannon that it is all about Israel's self-defence. Every passing day it is becoming harder to believe. The tacit (and not so tacit) approval by the Harper government is giving a black eye to Canada's past reputation as a peacekeeper.

Harper and Cannon are reading from Bush's playbook or talking points, but what is with our leader Ignatieff? When will red hot Liberal blood boil in him so that he sees the reality and call a spade a spade. European nations have caught on and French President Sarkozy is visiting the area. Even Obama, who has been keeping mostly silent on the issue (which raises criticisms of its own, though at least he is not yet sworn into office), has expressed regret at the loss of lives in Gaza.

Come on Canada.

Recently, 40 people (including children) were killed when a UN school in Gaza, which was being used as a shelter, was hit. Sorry folks, I must admit, I feel too upset to write anymore. The pictures above speak volumes.

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Jason Cherniak: The Censorship Police

On October 15th, 2008, Jason Cherniak announced that he was ceasing blogging to move on to other pursuits. Fair enough. However, now Cherniak is misusing Liblogs with a permanent post at the top expounding his views on the Israel-Gaza situation, views which are clearly biased against the people of Gaza.

Now, I strongly disagree with Cherniak's views on Israel-Gaza, but he is free to express his position. What is not fair though, is that he is misusing Liblogs by first deleting one of my blog entries which was not to his satisfaction, and then posting his own skewed views at the top of Liblogs. He is clearly abusing his position as a Liblogs administrator. If Cherniak wants to express his views, he can re-start his blog and say what he wants there, just like the rest of us do on our own blogs.

While I'm not an overly partisan person, I do prefer the Liberal Party. The reason for this is that the Liberal Party is a broad tent, where diverse people can express diverse views. Historically, there has been no ideology police or censorship police in the Liberal Party. I believe this has been a key to the Party's success in the past. Unfortunately, this Liberal spirit is absent in Jason Cherniak.

The Top of the Liblogs aggregator is for general public announcements, it is not for censorship and it is not for imposing one's skewered point of view on a controversial issue.

UPDATE: Jason Cherniak has yet again played censorship police by removing one of my blog entries.

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Gaza Bloodshed and the Harper Government's reaction

The way Liblogs is censoring posts, it is definitely anti-Liberal. Below, I've re-posted the removed entry.

Do Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon have any humanity left in them? They keep on firing their verbal cannon that it is all about Israel's self-defence. Every passing day it is becoming harder to believe. The tacit (and not so tacit) approval by the Harper government is giving a black eye to Canada's past reputation as a peacekeeper.

Harper and Cannon are reading from Bush's playbook or talking points, but what is with our leader Ignatieff? When will red hot Liberal blood boil in him so that he sees the reality and call a spade a spade. European nations have caught on and French President Sarkozy is visiting the area. Even Obama, who has been keeping mostly silent on the issue (which raises criticisms of its own, though at least he is not yet sworn into office), has expressed regret at the loss of lives in Gaza.

Come on Canada.

Recently, 40 people (including children) were killed when a UN school in Gaza, which was being used as a shelter, was hit. Sorry folks, I must admit, I feel too upset to write anymore. The pictures above speak volumes.

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