Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff: The Leaders

Don't you all wish the Simpsons were right and these characters were fictional? Canada and the world would be better off.

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Barack Obama's Speech to Congress

Nancy Pelosi was all smiles and over-enthusiastic about the speech, but poor Joe Biden had a hell of a time keeping up with her for standing ovations.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Joe the Plumber (Joe Wurzelbacher) and Marvin the Martian: 2012 Race for the Whitehouse

Joe the Plumber is not going away. First he was McCain’s hero and ticket to the Whitehouse. It did not work out that way but Joe the Plumber got a lot of publicity. After McCain folded we heard that Joe the Plumber was going to run for a Senate seat. After a while that ambition evaporated. Then he became special correspondent for the Middle East and was going to report on the Gaza/Israel conflict. I did not see any report, did you?

Now he has re-surfaced. He has written a book called "Joe the Plumber" of course. He showed up at a CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) meeting and did a book signing ceremony. He managed to sell a grand total of 5 books in a day.

Story goes that he is quite disillusioned with McCain and the GOP in general. He considers Obama a socialist and bad for the capitalist system. Why not run for President and reclaim the party and the Whitehouse? He looks like a Martian and he will make a great team as Joe the Plumber and Marvin the Martian all the way to the Whitehouse.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jon Stewart's take on Obama's visit to Canada

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Sanjaya Malakar and Bobby Jindal 2012 Race for the Whitehouse

Sanjaya and Bobby will make a great team. Sanjaya is already well known and well liked in the US and people are just getting to know Bobby Jindal, Republican Governor of Louisiana. It will be a fun Whitehouse if they win. Jindal responded to Obama’s address to the Congress of the U.S. last night. I thought he was good but he seemed to be mimicking Obama a lot.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama's Visit to Canada - The Highlight from the Whitehouse website

Both the Conservative Party website and the Liberal Party website prominently feature pictures of their respective leaders with Barack Obama on his visit to Canada. However, the website of the Whitehouse features Barack Obama with... the Governor General. What happened to Iggy and Harper? They tried so hard to impress the President.

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Ashley Alexandra Dupre And Stormy Daniels: 2012 Race for the Whitehouse

Remember Ashley Dupré, the escort for former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer, he had to resign over it. Now I am not going to defend Ashley Dupré or Governor Spitzer, but how are they different from Stormy Daniels, the adult entertainer who is considering running for the Senate seat from Louisiana against David Vitter? Vitter was also caught doing what Governor Spitzer was doing. Why in the case of Stormy Daniels it is okay and legal but in case of David Vitter, Eliot Spitzer and Ashley Dupré it is illegal?

I will say society, thy name is contradictions. In the case of Spitzer, Dupré and Vitter, one party sells sexual favours to the other party. It is done in the privacy of a house, apartment or hotel room but it is illegal. Now Daniels does the same thing, sells her body for profit. And it does not stop there, for Daniels sexual activity takes place in front of a bunch of people, photographers, producers, crew and others. And it does not stop there either. Tens of thousands of people pay good money to see that sexual act. Millions more are made and still legal. Who is selling their body more? I fail to understand these norms of society and laws. They should be treated equally. Either both prostitution and adult entertainment (or open prostitution for everybody to see) should be illegal or both should be legal. We cannot have it both ways.

If both were legal then Stormy Daniels and Ashley Dupré would make a great team to run for the office of President and Vice-President respectively with similar background and experience. Why not? They both have extensive business experience and know how to sell themselves. Politicians sell their souls to win. So what is the big deal if these two sell their bodies? Which is worse? Okay, if that is too much for some moralists to take, then at least tell me why one is legal and the other is illegal.

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Jesus Christ and Prejudice

We in the West think that Jesus Christ had blond long hair and deep blue eyes. However, he was born in an area where people can be of very dark colour, especially 2000 years ago when different races were not so mixed. What if he was black with black eyes and black curly hair? Would he be allowed to immigrate to the US and for that matter to Canada? Would he be allowed in some all-white churches in the southern part of the US or would he be turned down? Would David Duke renounce him and segregate him? We are such creatures of beliefs and habits. And if someone tells us about the major falsehood in our beliefs we go ballistic and accuse that someone of blasphemy. We, as humans, commit horrific crimes based on those false beliefs.

The idea for this picture came to me after I saw the cartoon which was published in the New York Post showing two white policemen shooting a monkey dead. Only if we realize the falsehood of our beliefs, then maybe we will be living in a more peaceful world. The irony of all this is that all these prophets did not teach prejudice or hatred. So can we find a true believer anywhere in any religion. Fanatics yes, but true believers are hard to come by because that will be too much hard work and we will have to renounce most of our beliefs including prejudice i.e. all were created equal but some (we, whosoever that we may be) are more equal than others.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Pakistan and Insurgency

Imran Khan

I once in a while watch the program GPS on CNN which is hosted by Fareed Zakaria. He interviews influential world leaders. Yesterday, he interviewed Imran Khan of Pakistan, leader of one of the opposition parties there. I have heard the name before as he became well-known when he married Jemima Goldsmith of Britain in 1990s, a wealthy socialite, and he was in the news quite a bit.

As Fareed Zakaria interviewed him, I was impressed by Imran Khan's assessment of the situation with regards to Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Insurgency. Is it possible that Barack Obama is wrong on Afghanistan?

It is not a winnable war. Swat Valley and the North Western Territories have been no-man's land and rogue areas for centuries. No one has ever been able to subjugate these people. The British failed and it brought down USSR empire. Why does Obama think he can succeed?

I have heard that it is one of world's roughest terrains. I once drove around Cape Breton on Cabot Trail and I was scared stiff as a minor mistake and I could have ended up in the ocean - a several hundred feet fall. I am told that compared to Swat and frontier territories in Pakistan, Cabot Trail is a picnic. And there is no ocean that you may have a chance to survive in the water.

Imran Khan was asked what he would do if he was running the Government of Pakistan and if he was advising the US. His assessment was blunt and realistic. He said Afghanistan must have never been invaded to start with because you cannot win. He suggested that efforts should have been made to alienate Taliban from Al-Qaeda as the Taliban were not involved in 9/11 in any way. He said that was the sole way to end the insurgency in that area. He said he would negotiate with the Taliban because fighting them brings out the extremists and it is a no win situation.

He said that the latest peace-treaty with tribal forces and Pakistan was inevitable. Pakistan had no choice. It does not have the financial or military resources to defeat these forces. Where the USSR failed, how can Pakistan succeed? The only choice is to negotiate and marginalize Al-Qaeda and other extremist group. It looks that may be the only solution. Maybe Obama will learn in due course.

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Hillary Clinton in China

One of these days Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will shake hands with the Chinese official Dai Bingguo and US relations with China will be normalized. Until such time we must all hold our breath?

The sooner the US realizes that it is no longer the financial and military power it once was, the better it will be for the world. Once the US learns to deal with the Asian countries at an equal level as partners, we may have better world. Until such time, US hands may be open and extended but they will remain empty.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bush will be sorely missed... comedians.

David Letterman's Great Moments in Presidential Speeches

Maybe they should open an amusement park devoted to Dubya and his stumbles. Shoes will be a big item for sale at such a park. His shoe monument should be at the entrance of the park. It will amuse the kids for few generations to come.

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Leader of the Liberal Party energized

All he wants to do is become Prime Minister and he is all set for that. The only problem is that someone needs to wind him up every so often and then he acts in sync with whosoever last did the winding. Right now it looks that he is being toyed with by the wrong people/kids. It is a dilemma, what is one supposed to do? Maybe brand new batteries and new kids for his maintenance, kids who have some morals and care about fellow human beings and the environment. Too many wasted batteries can be bad for the environment, you know.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gaza, Israel and Apartheid: There's a Tear in my Heart

According to some observers, conditions in apartheid South Africa were better than in Gaza. Apartheid is criminal, so what should we call the position of Israel with regards to the Palestinians.

How can the US and Canada support such apartheid which is considered worse, by some, than the one which existed in South Africa. One has to admire Brian Mulroney who, contrary to Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, opposed apartheid in South Africa. What is wrong with Stephen Harper and the so-called "Liberal" leader Michael Ignatieff? Michael Ignatieff does not come across as human. He is more like a robot who wants to be Prime Minister at any cost. The leadership situation in Canada is depressing. At least Obama recognizes the suffering of people in Gaza. Time will tell how his policies will materialize. There is no such hope from Harper and Iggy.

Now with Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel, will things get any better? Does not look it? However, he and Obama may have serious enough differences that there may be a turn around for the better... maybe.

Here is a song, "There's a Tear in my Heart" which depicts the Gaza situation quite well.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

New York Post Cartoon was racist and morbid

This cartoon would be complete in its intent if Murdoch and editor were shown dancing and saying "he is dead, he is dead." Because this cartoon is not funny, it is plain morbid.

Only Rupert Murdoch's (or rather Rupert Murderhawk's) paper could have thought of that. First comparing an African-American President to a chimp and shot dead by two policemen. Are Murdoch and his fellow CONS sending subliminal messages? It is one of the most disgusting cartoons I've seen. If Murdoch has any brains he should fire both the editor and the cartoonist. But then he has whole bunch of them at Faux News who are not much different and who should be fired too. For example, Sean Hannity was palling around and doing business with Allen Stanford who committed fraud of $8 billion on the financial markets and was second only to Madoff.

This cartoon was racist and was not any different from the way some KKK members hang nooses from trees in southern states to remind blacks they can be hung there. I put this cartoon in the same league. Then what else can you expect from a Murdoch paper and TV News Network.

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Obama-Harper Press Conference: CBC reporter arrested

Okay, just kidding. I do not think Terry Milewski even attended the press conference. However, it was in the news that Joseph (Stalin) Harper's operatives had very strict rules about the press conference. Only four reporters could ask questions and only those four whose names would be called could ask questions. Also, if any reporter tried to shout a question the press conference would come to an abrupt end. So much for the free press. An Obama aide was asked about it and he said that he hoped that US reporters would not suffer the same fate in Ottawa. He said reporters shout questions all the time at Whitehouse press conferences.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama Accepts Skinny Dipper's Invitation for Beavertails.;)

Skinny Dipper suggested in his comment (it is the sixth one in this post) that Obama try some Beavertails at the Byward Market when he is in Ottawa. Lo and behold, Obama took Skinny Dipper's suggestion. ;)

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Obama and Harper Twins?

But of course, look at them ;) Some bloggers are making fun of that too.

Kory Teneycke, a spokesperson for Harper, said the following: "They really, at a basic level, have quite a bit in common. They are both outside the political establishment," (Maybe not the exact quote but something similar).

Oh! I did not know that. Are they "really"?

Click here to read the story.

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Roland Burris is Blagojeviched

Remember Burris who was appointed by Rod Blagojevich (now the impeached governor of Illinois) to the Senate seat to replace Barack Obama? This guy, Burris, has real problems. First he said he had no contact with Rod Blagojevich or his associates and that there was no "pay to play" discussion. Then he realized that most of the conversations were tapped and said he did speak with Rod Blagojevich's brother Rob three time, and that he was asked about financial contributions but refused. More recently he has said that he does not want to discuss "pay to play" because there is a court case. Deja vu all over again, or Clintonian what "is" is.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dreams of Gaza

I will start this post with a song called "Imagine" from my favourite singer John Lennon which relates to Gaza/Israel.

Imagine, song by john Lenon about Palestine and Israel

A fellow blogger "Gene" warned me that reading about Gaza could become quite self-absorbing and can take a lot of one's energies. He is quite right. After reading plenty of material, seeing the pictures of destrution in Gaza, dead women, children and residents in general, it is hard to get those images out of my mind.

I even seem to dream about it now, though you could say these dreams are more nightmares. In my dream, I saw a little child with a glass of very muddied water. I took the glass and spilled the water in order to give him fresh water. He started crying uncontrollaby. I said why are you crying little one. He said that was the only water he had and I spilled it. I woke up after that. It is horrible what is happening in Gaza. It is an apartheid of the worst kind. I will be writing about apartheid in a later post.

Here is another video about destrution in Gaza:

A Genocide is taking place in Gaza!

I do not understand what is wrong with the Israeli government. It is clear that they are conscience dead. Is it possible that they are brain-dead too? How long will they hide all this from the world. What is being done in Gaza are indeed crimes against humanity and war crimes.

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Jim Flaherty Obamaized

Jim Flaherty is fully Obamaized and all set to welcome Obama to Canada. Harper's primping lady was made available to him too.

Only last November 2008, he was saying that there would be a net surplus in 5 years. It must be Obama's influence that he is set for a stimulus package too (mind you it may not be as good but it is there) and a large deficit. How politicians change. There you have it.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stormy Daniels meets Bill Clinton for advice

Bill Clinton was one of the better Presidents. The economy did well and the world was at relative peace. However, his personal indiscretions got in the way - especially amusing himself with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. Therefore he leaves himself open to jokes.

Now that Stormy Daniels, adult entertainer, is considering a run for the Senate seat in Louisiana against David Vitter, maybe she will go to Bill for advice, especially now that Hillary is travelling all the time. As the saying goes, "when the cat is away the mouse will play."

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Monday, February 16, 2009

A woman freaked out at Hong Kong Airport

The reason she freaked out, she missed her flight. She was lucky she was not handled by the RCMP, otherwise one jolt of taser and she would have taken off for the world hereafter.

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Jimmy Carter on Gaza

I do not believe in personality cults. Thank God I never suffered from Trudeaumania or now Obamamania. All leaders have strengths and weakness as they are all humans. The balance is different for different leaders. Carter is one of those leaders I do admire. He lost the 1980 election not because he was less qualified, but because he was up against a Hollywood actor. Ronald Reagan gave some of his best acting performances during the Presidential election and when he was president - not when he was actually in Hollywood.

Jimmy Carter is a great humanitarian and has done impressive work internationally. He speaks from his heart.

Then there is this fellow who calls himself C-Nuck who visits my blog and defends Israel's atrocities in the occupied areas with flimsy arguments. When I wrote in one of my previous posts that there have been hundreds of Israeli military personnel who are objectors to the invasion in the occupied territories, he said that was not true. - see the comments section.

Maybe this video will convince C-Nuck otherwise:

I believe there are good people in every society, and no matter how hard politicians try to brain wash the public these people are not fooled.

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Obama: Welcome to Canada

Harper and Iggy are ready to welcome Obama to Canada. It will be interesting to see the very popular Obama with these two. Would they get any photo-op during Obama's short stay of 5 hours?

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Holocaust: Lest we Forget

Whenever I write about Gaza, I never say that Jews are killing Palestinian women and children, because that would be wrong. It is the Government leaders who give such orders with the aim of clinging to power, and it is the IDF who carries out such killings. Now to be fair to the IDF, hundreds of Israeli soldiers have refused to serve in such missions and they were punished for that, one must admire these people who are driven by conscience.

Now about the Holocaust. It is one of the worst and ghastly chapters in human history. It was one of the worst examples of inhumnanity towards fellow human beings. We must never forget this horrific chapter in world history and we must make every effort to ensure it does not happen again. During this grisly chapter, there were certain people who put their lives on the line to save the victims of the Holocaust. There are many examples of that. Books have been written and movies made documenting this. In the face of atrocities, if we remain silent then it is an evil in itself and blatantly immoral behaviour. The following video sheds some light on this subject matter.

ZEGOTA saved 50000 Jews from the Holocaust.

We must celebrate the lives of such hereos and do whatever we can in our humble way to follow in their footsteps. What the Israeli government is doing in Gaza and the West Bank is intolerable by any civilized standards. Killing and slaughtering of women and children is simply not acceptable and the people in Gaza are living in conditions of a concentration camp, as many World authorities have pointed out. It must be stopped and all nations must condemn it and do everything to stop it. Here is a video about Gaza which sheds some light on the plight of Palestinians.

Gaza: The sound of reason:

We must speak out against this carnage regardless of our religion, nationality or ethnic background. First and foremost we are all human. As the speaker in the first video says, not doing anything in case of extreme need is already an act of evil.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

David Vitter seeking Commerce Secretary Job?

Stormy Daniels keeps putting pressure on David Vitter for the job of US senator from Louisiana. According to Rick Sanchez of CNN, Daniels is seeking the help of Larry Flint for the nomination and election. Maybe Larry Flint will become her campaign manager. More pressure on Vitter. Larry Flint is the guy who is also in the adult industry and publishes Hustler amongst his other life hobbies.

Will Vitter consider the position of Commerce Secretary to get even with these two by heavily regulating the adult industry? You see, he is a customer of the adult industry himself as he was caught doing business with the Madam of Washington D.C. Obama is having a hard time getting a Commerce Secretary. First Bill Richardson dropped out, then Obama sought a Republican, Judd Gregg, who also went for separation because of "irreconcilable differences." Now Vitter qualifies, as he is a Republican Senator just like Judd Gregg and interested to regulate commerce in adult entertainment ;) It is becoming more and more interesting. Who said politics was boring?

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Keith Olbermann's Interview with Jimmy Carter on Gaza and Other Issues

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Michael Ignatiefff: Obama Wannabe

Long live the coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberals, Mr. Harper has volunteered his primp lady to Mr. Ignatieff and he too is ready to meet Mr. Obama on February 19th.

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Stephen Harper: Obama Wannabe

Given the popularity of Barack Obama in US and globally, many world leaders will like to emulate him. Stephen Harper is no exception to that. So he hired himself a brand new primping lady and here are his new looks which you shall see on February 19 when Barack Obama stops by Canada ;)

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gaza: Lest we forget

"And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that. All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely." - John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

History shows that atrocities were committed because someone or some society got too much power. Whether it was the Roman Empire or, in more recent history, the British Empire or other colonizers. They committed inhumane acts from which we should have learned.

Hitler got too much power and the atrocities he committed puts horror in our hearts to this day. Then there was the communist regime in the USSR which murdered millions of people under Stalin alone - 20 million according to some estimates. The USA has caused horror in the world too, for instance the way the American government treated US citizens of Japanese descent during the Second World War. Then of course there were the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear attacks which killed hundreds of thousands and maimed hundreds of thousands more, with some deformities being passed on through generations. Yes nuclear attacks brought an end to the Second World War, but at what cost?

Now that I have been studying the Israel-Palestine conflict, it is becoming more and more obvious to me that Israel has one of the very powerful militaries in the world and in the Middle East, and it has carried out its own atrocities. We came to know about the slaughter of women and children in Gaza in January 2009, but it has gone on for years before and in the West we had very little information. All we hear is that Palestinians fired rockets and 'poor' Israel invaded neighbouring countries to defend itself. It has been one atrocity after another by successive Israeli governments.

Here is a video. A Western reporter gives some idea of the atrocities as far back as 2000 to 2003.

Surely there must be more information about the years since 1948.

The following is a video which is a great example how power can be corrupting, on how George W. Bush abused power.

Then of course there are the atrocities committed by the Bush Administration in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Stewart Parnell: Peanuts

Stewart Parnell, owner of the peanut company whose tainted product caused illness to 600 people and up to 9 deaths, refused to testify before a congressional committee. Media reports say that he knew his product was tainted with salmonella yet told his employees to go ahead with distribution. A good example of human greed and profit prevailing over human life and well-being. It is that kind of greed and profit driven business which got us into the economic mess all over the globe today. Human greed left unbridled can cause disasters therefore we need legislation, regulations and implementation of such regulations. If we all were saints, then unbridled capitalism will succeed but until such time (which may never happen) we need to regulate.

You can click here to read more.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jonathan Turley: Why Bush, Cheney and company should be tried

Jonathan Turley is a professor of Constitutional Law at George Washington University. He makes a powerful case as to why Bush, Cheney and company must to be tried as we owe it to America and the rest of the world. Turley has repeatedly spoken about this issue on Keith Olbermann's show and on the Rachel Maddow Show.

I have written on this issue before and I believe that Bush, Cheney and company have committed crimes against humanity, war crimes and torture. If we let this go because the US is the most powerful nation in the world, then it would be a grave injustice and a dangerous precedent. The rest of the world will feel free to carry out similar activities. There will be no moral authority left to prosecute others when we do not prosecute Bush, Cheney and company.

Here are the transcripts from the Rachel Maddow Show as well as the video.

Also, an interesting special comment by Keith Olbermann on the same issue.

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Barack Obama will make a stopover in Canada

Poor Harper, he was expecting a lot of fanfare and ceremony during the visit of the very popular US President Barack Obama, but Harper is not going to get it. It looks that Obama does not want to give Harper much publicity or credibility. He will be in Ottawa for a short time and fly back the same day. Maybe Iggy will get to meet him, or maybe not. It looks like a snub.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stormy Daniels vs. David Vitter: Forecast - Stormy

Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter is facing some rough and stormy waters for his re-election. He had too much fun when he was in the Capital and he rendezvoused with the Madam of Washington D.C. In 2007, he appeared in public to state that indeed he was the client and intimate with the working gorgeous employees of the Madam, but he did not resign like Eliot Spitzer the former governor of New York.

Now the storm is swirling around him as the well-known porn star and adult entertainer is being encouraged to run against the senator. It is going to be fun. She was interviewed by Rick Sanchez of CNN where she said she was all set to tangle with Senator Vitter and that she has a lot of "assets" that Mr. Vitter lacks. She can say that again. She was asked what about her past. Her response was that her past was all legal and that it was clear that she cannot say the same about Mr. Vitter - his forays into the world of extra pleasures may not have been legal.

Mr. Vitter must have enjoyed his past rendezvous, but let us see how he weathers this storm.

To read the story about her bid for the US Senate click here.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Two Morons - The Messangers of Hate

Let me quickly point out that I am anti-war and whosoever is the aggressor, I condemn them. The recent slaughter by Israel in Gaza falls in that category. At first I did not follow the issue that closely, but when some moron tried to censor thoughts on a certain aggregate, I studied the issue more and then reached the conclusion that the IDF and the Government of Israel did carry out a horrific slaughter in Gaza.

I got attacked on both sides. Two examples are Schlemiel and A-Lunatic. Schlemiel (or Schmuck) accused me of "anti-semitism" and the other called me a "coward Jew-lover "and "condescending Canadian."

Let us start with Schlemiel. He called me an anti-semite and neo-Nazi because I criticise Israel and especailly Netanyahu. This guy is immature and a bit of an imbecile. He is obsessed with certain parts of human anatomy, see here and here. This should give you pretty good idea what an imbecile this useless tote is.

Then he wrote a post on me, accusing me of being a neo-Nazi. Here is part of it.

How To Tell a "LiberalONLINE" from a Neo Nazi?

What do you call someone who spreads false 9/11 quotes, supposedly by prominent Jews? And if these quotes are sourced from someone who hates Anne Frank? And worships Hitler? And whose favourite book is "Mein Kampf"?

You call him "LeDaro", a "Progressive", "LiberalONLINE" blogger from Canada.

You can read the rest here. It is contained in one of the last comments. He quickly deleted the post when he realized how imbecile it was. But he did not stop there, he wrote another post accusing me of the same. You can read that here and make up your own mind about the imbecility of this person.

This guy's heroes are:

1) Netanyahu
2) Avigdor Lieberman
3) Stephen Harper

Now for the A-Lunatic, he is a self-declared anti-semite. His comments were so horrible that I started deleting them and he became very abusive, calling me a Jew Lover, a coward, and a condescending Canadian. I had to put my blog comments on moderation mode to escape his attacks. His blog could have been written by Hitler himself because it was so full of hate, irrationality, and imbecile rhetoric. Here was one of his links:

It was full of hatred and I am glad that Wordpress has caught on and removed his blog. It was a hate-filled post where he was defending Hitler and justifying the Holocaust. In one word, that post was disgusting, and his hero is here.

It is sad that people like these two succeed to kill any goodwill in a society. As long as people like them exist, we will have problems. Maybe Google should remove this Schlemiel's blog like Wordpress removed A-Lunatic.

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bill O’Reilly: A jackass who is missing two legs

It is hard for him, you know, to have two front legs missing. Birth defect. But he manages to prove all the time that he is a jackass nonetheless even if he has nothing to stand on.

Here O'Reilly tries to prove that the only way to deal with substance addicts is to put them in jail. If you follow his prescription then a large proportion of Americans (and people elsewhere as well) will be in jail. There will be very little housing problems that's for sure. In his mind there is no such thing as rehabilitation. He may be right, he cannot be rehabilitated.

Here is another video where he proves his point of lack of rehabilitation.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Slap on Benjamin Netanyahu's Face

Vice President Joe Biden reached out to the international community Saturday, saying that the U.S. is open for talks with Iran to repair relations, and willing to work with allies to solve world problems. However, Netanyahu of Israel wants to bomb Iran and wipe it off the map.

Will it be a different and peaceful world under the Obama administration? This new approach will render the extremists, including Netanyahu, irrelevant to the new world order.

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Mike Duffy takes a wild dive

What was Duffy thinking when he said this:

"I was disappointed to see that our dynamic young premier in Prince Edward
Island, Robert Ghiz, has climbed into bed with the premier of Newfoundland.

"You know what happened, what a grotesque scene that is. You
know what happens when two politicians climb into bed together. One of them
comes out on top and I'm afraid when you're in bed with Danny Williams, he's
going to be on top."

There is partisanship but this is just plain dumb.

Also, a quick administrative note, a self-declared anti-Semite was flooding my comments section so I had to turn on comments moderation. I did not want to, but he was not giving up and I was left with no other choice. I want my blog to be a welcoming place for people of all cultural backgrounds, and I did not want my comments section flooded with hate messages.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Benjamin Netanyahu: A loose canon literally?

Media reports suggest that Benjamin Netanyahu will win the February 10th election in Israel and become the new Prime Minister. This is bad news for Israel and for the rest of the region. Netanyahu is a right-wing nut who is trigger happy. He wants to expand Israeli settlements into Gaza and the West Bank and won't be looking for peace and compromise anytime soon. His other obsession is to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities. He has been repeatedly advocating it and telling the US to forget about the economy and other woes, as Iran is a bigger problem according to him.

Can you visualize Netanyahu and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in that region dealing with each other? It gives one the creeps. Netanyahu bombing Iran and Ahmadinejad reacting to it could engulf the whole world in the perils of a devastating war. So much for Obama's diplomacy. US got rid of Bush and Cheney but Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad could be a bigger hurdle to world peace. They both could be characterized as fanatics. One wants to wipe out Iran from the map and the other wants to wipe out Israel from the map – mama mia where would that lead rest of the world. Gaza and Palestinian issues may become miniscule and ignored if all these flare-ups take place

One thing you have to give to Ahmadinejad is that he has invaded no one. On the other hand Israel is addicted to invasions, Lebanon, Gaza, West Bank, Syria and in the past Egypt and Jordan as well as bombing Iraq. And Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the major addicts of such gun slinging. We need more than Obama - maybe we need divine intervention (after all, all the prophets came from the Middle East). We need this divine intervention to have a meeting to bring these people together in a peace treaty.

Here is what the Arab World thinks of Netanyahu.

And here is what the rest of the World thinks of him.

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Keith Olbermann to Dick Cheney: "Leave the Country"

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Barack Obama: Is the honeymoon over?

The first week was pure honeymoon. However, the Oval Office has its burdens which can stifle that honeymoon real fast. First, he had problems with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's confirmation as Geithner had failed to pay certain taxes.

Then along came the Nancy Killefer nomination for the federal government's chief performance officer. She had to withdraw from consideration for similar reasons. Then there was Tom Daschle who had too many free rides (without paying taxes) and he had to withdraw from the consideration as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Obama's $900-billion stimulus package has been having rough ride in the Senate and may not pass as Obama wants it. Of course there are also the quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan inherited from Bush. Newsweek called Afghanistan the Vietnam of Obama. It is a place where empires meet their grim reaper.

Second week is not going so well, so Obama is a little unhappy. I wish him all the best because so many have so much riding on his Presidency, both in the US and around the world.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Gaza Tragedy: Israel routinely breaks international laws

As soon as I am ready to move on to something else, there come these clowns on my blog who try to convince me and my readers that Israel is within its rights to butcher and slaughter Palestinians. See this earlier blog of mine and scroll down to the comments section.

The ignorance and cold-bloodedness of these people is alarming. As the quote at the beginning of this video says:

"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: People must arm themselves with the power of which knowledge gives."

This says it all.

It is obvious who is breaking international law and who is committing crimes against humanity. Sooner than later the international community must intervene to stop this slaughter and inhumanity.

Now look at this map here:

What did Palestinians do to bear all this punishment for over 60 years now? The European powers, in order to wash their sins against Jews, created Israel and made millions of Palestinians homeless or living in "concentration camps" as one Vatican official called Gaza. In case you do not understand "Aujourd'hui" on the map, it means "today."

Another song on Gaza:

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Harper Budget Passed.

Michael Ignatieff, the "Canadian Obama" according to the New York Times, let the budget pass. Just like Obama he brought the foes together and made a compromise ;) Or did he? Iggy sounds more like a O'Bozo than Obama – or a bunching bag.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper: Political Bedfellows

"In politics stupidity is not a handicap." - Napoleon Bonaparte

It is well known that politics makes strange bedfellows. What was Iggy thinking? He fell right into Harper's trap and jumped head-on into bed with him. What does he stand to gain? Only chance he had to get support from other opposition parties was to honour the coalition. He threw that blanket away. He is not PM or government so that blanket was not available to him. He was appointed by Liberal caucus so a very thin covering there. It is hoped that one good thing which may come out of this is that Iggy may find out how it is like to shiver in the cold. He has had it too easy all his life.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Keith Olbermann - David Duke Says Republicans Appointed "Obama Junior" as Chairman

At least David Duke is steady in his views. Great choice for worse person in the World.

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President Barack Obama Providing Relief for the People of Gaza

One feels impressed by Barack Obama that he cares, and that he is a humanitarian. He has signed a memorandum to help the people of Gaza.

Would Harper do the same?

You can click here to read the text of the memorandum.

Also, I hope that Obama will push forward with the Israeli-Palestinian peace process - now more than ever it is urgent for him to do so.

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Gaza: Rick Sanchez exposes the truth about Gaza and Israeli Aggression

I have to give thanks to a certain bozo who started censoring my posts on a certain aggregate. He then kicked off some very good bloggers because they did not agree with him on the Israel-Gaza conflict. As I protested, I was expelled too. That motivated me to do research on the Gaza/Israel conflict. I found out that we were fed a lot of baloney by our Western media.

But once in while some good souls give great information. Rick Sanchez of CNN is one of them. He exposed the truth that it was indeed Israel who was responsible for the current aggression in Gaza and indeed it was Israel who broke the cease-fire and not Hamas. Israel considers it its right to go into Gaza and attack at will.

Here is the CNN video:

You may also like to listen to this song, by The Dark Bob, on Gaza:

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Barack Obama, Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff - Does History Repeat Itself?

Barack Obama will be visiting Ottawa on Feb 9, 2009. How odd it will be for him to be standing next to Stephen Harper, and maybe meeting with Michael Ignatieff as well. History does repeat itself. Nelson Mandela made history by getting rid of apartheid in South Africa. It was an odd couple when he stood next to FW de Klerk, the last President of apartheid South Africa.

Obama made history by breaking the glass ceiling for African-Americans by becoming the first black president of the United States. What is Harper and Iggy's claim to fame? Harper supported the Iraq war, and now unconditionally supports apartheid in Gaza – what one Vatican official called a "Concentration camp in Gaza." Iggy supported the Iraq war, supported torture and now supports apartheid in Gaza as well. Instead of learning from history, it is a shame that our so-called leaders are supporting and encouraging it to repeat itself. Some hybrid of Warren Kinsella and Ezra Levant has praised Michael Ignatieff in the New York Times, that does not impress me much.

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

George W. Bush Shoe Memorial - New Proposal

Since the Iraqi government has rejected the first shoe memorial of Bush in Iraq, we can give it another try. The person who was actually being recognized was not included in the memorial. It is only appropriate that he is included. Here is the new proposal. It is hoped that the Iraqi government and George W. Bush will approved it. Iraqi people love it ;)

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