Friday, April 27, 2012

Bob Kerrey, Fmr. Nebraska Governor on Iran

“I think invading Iran will make Iraq and Afghanistan look like a cakewalk.

There are 80 million people living in Iran. If we were undersized with 250,000 men and women going into Iraq, it's going to take a million to go to war with Iran.

That's a mistake we just can't afford to make.”

However, Benjamin Netanyahu was on CNN still talking about bombing Iran.

His own military chief Maj.-Gen. Benny Gantz says sanction are working.

However, Netanyahu differs with his own general.

“Maj.-Gen. Gantz's comments contrasted with much tougher statements by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who complained in an interview with CNN on Tuesday that international sanctions have not changed Iran's behaviour. He told the network that Iran continues to enrich uranium — a key step toward developing a weapon.”

Netanyahu’s hawkishness is very dangerous for the world peace.

Read The Globe and Mail story about Benjamin Netanyahu.

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