Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sarah Palin the Healthcare Expert

What is with Sarah Palin? She has really jumped the shark this time when she said that Obama will have "death boards" to decide who lives and who dies. I think Keith Olbermann of MSNBC is right when he said that she does not deserve to hold any public office including that of a Governor.

What Obama is proposing does not come anywhere near the public healthcare system that we have in Canada and we never had such "death boards" that Sarah Palin refers to. May be we should check with Stephen Harper if he has such "death boards". You never know ;)

Canada, if I may say, has a very successful public healthcare system and it is available to everybody. Yes certain procedures which are very expensive and not medically essential may not be available through public healthcare but no one is stopped from such procedures. If the person involved has the money to go to private clinics or go to the US no one is there to stop such a person. So so-called dangers of the public healthcare system is pure fear-mongering and Sarah Palin is good at it. Her statement actually causes terror for those who do not understand public health care. She has tried to tone down from her original statement but it is too little too late. She is simply not fit to hold any public office.

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