Sunday, August 16, 2009

Taser company to sue the inquiry?

Taser International is going to sue the Braidwood Inquiry of British Columbia. That is one of the oddest thing I ever heard. What is going to be the argument: that how stupid people can get that when tased they die? The Braidwood Inquiry is asking for discretion in the use of taser by police and that is illegal? It will make an interesting court case.

I suppose next Charles Manson will be suing the families of victims that how dare they die.

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  1. Next thing, the tobacco companies will sue the different governments for not taking into consideration studies funded by the tobacco companies that cigarette smoking doesn't kill people. Smokers must be weak even without the cigarettes. It must be Inhalation Delerium.

  2. It is headed in that direction. Isn’t it? Or smokers did not know how to exhale properly:))

  3. Taser International is nothing but a bully.

    Steve Tuttle, Vice President of Communications for TASER International threatened legal action against me for one of my blogs, after I dared link the death of a man in Brooks to a Taser.

  4. True and it will be an interesting case. Taser International will get lot of unwanted publicity now and in future they will think twice before suing anyone.