Thursday, August 06, 2009

Bill Clinton does it again

It was a quick and fast negotiation and Bill Clinton got the girls - Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Okay I could not help it. A little bit fun when it comes to Bill Clinton. I am sure a lot of background negotiation took place before Bill Clinton got to North Korea. But the man still has the charm and got it done.

I think Bill Clinton is a great negotiator. I think he was a great President minus some personal failings. He continues to play an important role as a veteran politician both in the US and internationally.

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  1. That is what pisses off the rightwingers sooooooo much,... that Progressive Presidents like Carter, Clinton are respected the world over and people like Bush 41 and Bush 43 are considered failures, and even more once they are out of office. Bush 43 is heading for the basement and no ammount of history re-writing will save his rep.

    Clinton on the other hand can almost walk on water

  2. Zorpheous, good that you’re around. As you can see I have not removed link of your blog from my sidebar. I am hoping that you will be back. I could not leave a comment on your blog because of that haloscan thing as it identifies my comment to be scam. I used to have haloscan but removed it for these problems.

    Just blog for fun in your spare time. Do it as a hobby as I do. Once you take it seriously then it becomes a problem.

    On Clinton I agree with you. He is talented person with some idiosyncrasies which we all do. Bush really screwed his own country and the world and guy is a complete moron. Obama is quite promising but neo-con nuts are doing everything to make him fail – tea-bagging, birther stuff and now attacks on his healthcare plan. I hope Americans will see through these clowns.