Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sarah Palin and Todd Palin Splitting?

This story sounds as reliable as the birther story started by some clowns. The reason given for their split is that both had affairs. Okay, that part could be believable but splitting. The most important affair in Sarah Palin and Todd Palin's lives is money, therefore business affairs come before any other affair. Sarah Palin stands to cash in multi-millions from her book and speaking engagements. If there is a split, that opportunity may be diminished because of the bad publicity that will follow. Especially Todd Palin would want part of that windfall. So in my opinion, affairs may be, business affairs first and no split, not now.

You can click here for the story.

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  1. LeDaro,

    This is old news. Anyone who watches The Le'rnin' Channel knows about Sarah and Todd splittin' up. I wonder how this will affect their children: Trig, Calculus, Algebra, Sine, and Cosine.

  2. Now I hear that the Palins aren't spittin' up. I love TMZ (Thirty Mountain Zone--Wasilla edition).

  3. I found out only recently about the splitting part. Oh well one learns something new every day. Now I know their children’s names thanks to you. :)

  4. I do know that the last four names are correct; the first one could be different. It could be Pi.

  5. Yeah, Pi will be more appropriate. You're bad.