Saturday, August 08, 2009

US Healthcare Reform and Demonstrations

Demonstrations against healthcare reform in the US are turning ugly. There have been clashes, violence and arrests by police. What is really going on? Is it more than disapproval of healthcare reform? Is it turning into an ugly racism? Are these demonstrators a combination of white supremacists, tea-baggers, and birthers? Does not look good. We as Canadians wish our American neighbours all the best.

Oh Yes, public healthcare works. For the decades that it has been in practice in Canada, there has not been a single case where a bureaucrat has influenced any kind of medical procedure or treatment. It is universal and available to everybody. And every time a person goes through a very expensive medical procedure his or her taxes do not go up. So the rightwing fear mongering in the US of bureaucrat influencing is baloney. What the U.S has now is private insurance companies driven solely by greed and profit (and they DO influence provision of healthcare in order to maximize their profits). Any public aspect will overcome that greed and profit motivation.

Click here to read more about the racism aspect of these demonstrations.

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