Thursday, August 13, 2009

US Healthcare Reform and the Ugly Face of Racism

The demonstrations against the proposed healthcare reform continue to get more ugly by the day. Quite often protestors are less interested in healthcare reform and more interested in the President's skin colour. It is obvious from their placards. The white separatists, birthers, and teabaggers are out in full force. Some of the leaders are Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Sarah Palin did her number when she started the business of "Death Panels" that she said Obama will create. It is obvious that it is the dreaded infection of racism. It is a serious and dangerous disease and it is quite often life threatening to those who have it and to the rest of society. These people must be treated as soon as possible before the outbreak gets out of hand.

There are dozens and dozens of pictures of these white supremacists, birthers, and teabaggers, pretending to demonstrate against healthcare reform, on the Internet with pictures of crazy placards. I have taken a few from the Internet and put them in the above composite. That should give you some idea of what I am talking about. As some of the placards read:

Obama Lies
Grandma Dies


Obama Go Back to Kenya


Showing Obama as Hitler or as the dangerous Joker Character
And He and his supporters are depicted as Nazis

And many more like that. Disgusting stuff.

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