Friday, August 21, 2009

John Ensign: “My sin is better than Bill Clinton’s sin”.

Senator Ensign from Nevada thinks that his affair with a married woman was not as bad and wasn’t illegal as Bill Clinton’s was with Monica Lewinsky. Way to go Senator. Senator’s parents paid over $90, 000 to the woman and her husband – the woman that Senators had jollies with. I suppose that makes her a whore and it is all hunky dory. However Senator must remember that others have resigned over it including former governor of N.Y. Eliot Spitzer.

Ensign has climbed the ladder of hypocrisy much higher than many of his current colleagues in the Senate. He gave new meaning to Clinton’s statement, “It depends what ‘is’ is.”

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  1. John Ensign is a man of integrity. Everybody on C Street says so.


  2. Thank you. What an extraordinary insight you provide. PK and all. He has to be a man of integerity. And Bill Clinton does not compare as he did not even belong to PK. Long live PK. ;)

  3. Mike, name of your blog should be, "nochincapital". You have heard, I am sure, "keep your chin up". Well, politicians have no chin, who live in Washington D.C, to keep it up.