Friday, August 07, 2009

Charles Manson and Erik Prince

Is there much difference between these two? Do they share genetic make-up? They are both mass murderers and they both used others to do the killing. Manson persuaded people to go and do the killing without any payment. The Prince of Darkness persuaded people to do the killing for him at a good price. One did the killing in the Los Angeles area the other did the killing in Iraq and there is the possibility in Afghanistan and Pakistan now - Blackwater now carrying out execution under the name of Xe Services. The only difference I see is that Prince managed to murder a lot more people than Manson. Also Manson was self-employed and Prince was hired by Cheney and retained by the Bush administration.

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  1. Ledaro you're just too subtle, just tell us how you feel! ;-)

  2. Fish, I know I am a little too blunt. I thought about it and then posted it anyway. What the heck, it is true.

  3. I thought about it and then posted it anyway.

    Keep posting your thoughts, you bastard. :) I'm calling you a bastard because of your photo-shopping skills.

    Yes, I AM jealous.

  4. Christian, you liked the pictures that much, eh! I better not improve on them. :)