Sunday, August 09, 2009

Afghanistan: The Side Effects of War

Both the US and Stephen Harper of Canada claim that great progress has been made in Afghanistan. Such as democracy, women rights, education and better healthcare. However, the reality is quite different. Poverty is on the rise. One way to cope with the misery of life is that more and more Afghanis are turning to opium addiction. The addiction has gotten so bad that some parents sell their daughters and sons to fulfil the need for their addiction. Some progress.

When will this farce of progress be exposed? What a farcical and tragic world we live in.

Expectations from the Obama government are high but would Obama be able to deliver.

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  1. ah, I know you are a liberal supporter, but I must remind you, it was the liberals who got us into Afghanistan, and also under Iggy - big handshake who extended the mission - 2 times.
    It is a resource war - the rest as you surmise is pure good old western propaganda.
    There is no way to peace, peace is the way.

  2. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Pakistan has the U.S. exactly where it wants it, Pay Up or Face the Consequences. 5.5 Billion and Pakistan is using the money for 2 new constructions of WMD. No benchmarks for Pakistan, Obama has been snookered and now N. Korea will try to say 'we have a failed state, give us the money'. Can't bleme them, it worked for Pakistan. Of course there will be addiction for the people, they know nothing about this entire made-up fiasco is about them. The people always know first. The govs just forget to ask them, the lag and then its too late.
    Regardless Alley Cat of WHO got Canada into this mess, it's no longer relevant. WE the people can be part of the solution, except for one thing, we've been subdued and aren't willing to take our power back.

  3. Alley and Toe, thank you for your comments.

    Alley, firstly I read your profile on your blog. Let me wish you all the best to succeed. Those are great and noble goals you have and I hope and pray that you achieve them all. Yes I am a liberal but not an Iggy Liberal. I do not see any difference between Iggy and Harper. As far as Martin is concerned he did well as a finance minister under Chretien but being a big business cahoona he did not connect with ordinary Canadians as a leader. He might have meant well but it did not work.

    I am personally against wars. I think the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are atrocities and crimes against humanity are being committed by many. As you said it is war for resource. And I agree with you. And indeed "peace is the way."

    Toe, I agree with you that indifferently who got us in this mess we the public must make our views clear that it is a wrong war and hurt the politicians at the ballot box who support such war. Also I think we need better leaders than Harper and Iggy. Canadians deserve better.