Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama Accepts Skinny Dipper's Invitation for Beavertails.;)

Skinny Dipper suggested in his comment (it is the sixth one in this post) that Obama try some Beavertails at the Byward Market when he is in Ottawa. Lo and behold, Obama took Skinny Dipper's suggestion. ;)

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  1. I'm hono(u)red to be President Obama's tour guide in Canada!

    If any of you know any place or event the president can visit or attend the next time he visits Canada, let me know by posting your comments below. It can be a local shop, restaurant, or village festival.

  2. SD, you should charge commission for making such recommendations.

    Good business opportunity.

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  4. Anarchore, it shows how rude you are. I never even bother to visit your blog as you're full of hate. You're winning no friends and sympathies this way. Hatred will get you nowhere. Actually people develop sympathies for those who are target of your hatred. You're hurting yourself and no one else.

  5. Great to see President Obama took the advice of Canadians who recommended that he grab a Beavertail in these videos shot in anticipation of his arrival:

    Welcome to Ottawa, President Obama!
    What should President Obama do in Ottawa?
    What should President Obama know about Canada?