Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama's Visit to Canada - The Highlight from the Whitehouse website

Both the Conservative Party website and the Liberal Party website prominently feature pictures of their respective leaders with Barack Obama on his visit to Canada. However, the website of the Whitehouse features Barack Obama with... the Governor General. What happened to Iggy and Harper? They tried so hard to impress the President.

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  1. Because it is a minority govt and the liberals & conservatives have formed a coalition in everything but name. Perhaps if Iggy and Harper had posed together for a picture with Obama, the white house would used that.
    All kidding aside (sorta) it's because the GG is the head of state, just like Obama, and because it shows our RCMP in the picture too - which are recognized as so Canadian all over the world.

  2. Anonymous10:32 pm

    It funny how the Americans seem to have realized that the GG is the head of state (in name mind you) but most Canadians are clueless...

    Sycophants (both the Liberal and Conservative) seem to be in a rush to bask in Obama's shadow....

  3. I can understand that she is the head of state and that's why her picture is there. However, it looks that he's also inviting her to Washington and not Harper and Iggy, which is kind of interesting.

    Nonetheless, it was fun to make this post - this was an opportunity I couldn't miss out on ;)

  4. Actually the GG is NOT the head of state, only the Head of State's representative. If the Queen had been in the country she would have greeted the President.

  5. I think it's a photo of President Cool greeting the coolest person he got to meet in Canada. She's way hotter than Bert & Ernie.

  6. Or may be Obama wants to know her better to find out how to prorogue the Congress.