Saturday, February 14, 2009

David Vitter seeking Commerce Secretary Job?

Stormy Daniels keeps putting pressure on David Vitter for the job of US senator from Louisiana. According to Rick Sanchez of CNN, Daniels is seeking the help of Larry Flint for the nomination and election. Maybe Larry Flint will become her campaign manager. More pressure on Vitter. Larry Flint is the guy who is also in the adult industry and publishes Hustler amongst his other life hobbies.

Will Vitter consider the position of Commerce Secretary to get even with these two by heavily regulating the adult industry? You see, he is a customer of the adult industry himself as he was caught doing business with the Madam of Washington D.C. Obama is having a hard time getting a Commerce Secretary. First Bill Richardson dropped out, then Obama sought a Republican, Judd Gregg, who also went for separation because of "irreconcilable differences." Now Vitter qualifies, as he is a Republican Senator just like Judd Gregg and interested to regulate commerce in adult entertainment ;) It is becoming more and more interesting. Who said politics was boring?

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