Monday, February 02, 2009

Barack Obama, Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff - Does History Repeat Itself?

Barack Obama will be visiting Ottawa on Feb 9, 2009. How odd it will be for him to be standing next to Stephen Harper, and maybe meeting with Michael Ignatieff as well. History does repeat itself. Nelson Mandela made history by getting rid of apartheid in South Africa. It was an odd couple when he stood next to FW de Klerk, the last President of apartheid South Africa.

Obama made history by breaking the glass ceiling for African-Americans by becoming the first black president of the United States. What is Harper and Iggy's claim to fame? Harper supported the Iraq war, and now unconditionally supports apartheid in Gaza – what one Vatican official called a "Concentration camp in Gaza." Iggy supported the Iraq war, supported torture and now supports apartheid in Gaza as well. Instead of learning from history, it is a shame that our so-called leaders are supporting and encouraging it to repeat itself. Some hybrid of Warren Kinsella and Ezra Levant has praised Michael Ignatieff in the New York Times, that does not impress me much.

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  1. Barack Obama is the 2nd coming of Bush.

    I don't think you're reading the right websites Ledaro. Try rense.oom for information about stuff the mainstream media blinds you to.

    Obama's cabinet of Israel Lobby shithawks portends badly.

    When you understand the scope of Israel Lobby power in the USA, including power to compell to war, only then will you understand what a dirty scumbag Obama is. Mark my words, Obama is another shabbaz-Goy puppet, because the Israeli Lobby controls the US.