Friday, February 27, 2009

Joe the Plumber (Joe Wurzelbacher) and Marvin the Martian: 2012 Race for the Whitehouse

Joe the Plumber is not going away. First he was McCain’s hero and ticket to the Whitehouse. It did not work out that way but Joe the Plumber got a lot of publicity. After McCain folded we heard that Joe the Plumber was going to run for a Senate seat. After a while that ambition evaporated. Then he became special correspondent for the Middle East and was going to report on the Gaza/Israel conflict. I did not see any report, did you?

Now he has re-surfaced. He has written a book called "Joe the Plumber" of course. He showed up at a CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) meeting and did a book signing ceremony. He managed to sell a grand total of 5 books in a day.

Story goes that he is quite disillusioned with McCain and the GOP in general. He considers Obama a socialist and bad for the capitalist system. Why not run for President and reclaim the party and the Whitehouse? He looks like a Martian and he will make a great team as Joe the Plumber and Marvin the Martian all the way to the Whitehouse.

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  1. Is that a tool belt? And what's on it?
    I saw a report that said since the election of Obama the sale of guns has risen while other consumer items had decreased. Maybe its the investors, mad as heck about Madoff and others.
    There are some not very pretty bad apples in that barrel of Americans.
    But we probably shouldn't give them a lot of attention.
    Obama has been quite magnificent.
    I believe! I can talk to him and he is definitely listening.
    Even John McCain approved Obama's plans for Iraq delivered this am.

  2. Oemissions, I believe he has a tool belt and not gun.

    Some crazies are buying guns because they are afraid that Obama might ban them.