Sunday, February 01, 2009

George W. Bush Shoe Memorial - New Proposal

Since the Iraqi government has rejected the first shoe memorial of Bush in Iraq, we can give it another try. The person who was actually being recognized was not included in the memorial. It is only appropriate that he is included. Here is the new proposal. It is hoped that the Iraqi government and George W. Bush will approved it. Iraqi people love it ;)

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  1. I'm saving my shoes for Michael Ignatieff.

  2. This is actually a great idea!

    Statues of George Bush around the world where people can go and throw there old shoes at the Bronze Bushes in order to get their despair and frustration out about the evil and hardship that Bush has wrought on the world.

    What will end up happening is that probably a few days after the statues are unveiled, all you will see are massive piles of shoes.

    This is a fantastic idea!!!

    I can see the Bagdhad statue now, 100 feet tall and completely covered in a mountain of shoes.

  3. Jymn, thank you.

    Oemissions, we will hold our breath for another international moment. Be careful Iggy is not as resilient as Bush.

    Mala Fides, thank you for your comment. I may add that shoes in good shape then can be donated to poor and needy.

  4. They're just my worn out election campaign sneakers.. Worn out from the last election while door to dooring for my local Red/Green Lib candidate.Our aim was good!