Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mike Duffy takes a wild dive

What was Duffy thinking when he said this:

"I was disappointed to see that our dynamic young premier in Prince Edward
Island, Robert Ghiz, has climbed into bed with the premier of Newfoundland.

"You know what happened, what a grotesque scene that is. You
know what happens when two politicians climb into bed together. One of them
comes out on top and I'm afraid when you're in bed with Danny Williams, he's
going to be on top."

There is partisanship but this is just plain dumb.

Also, a quick administrative note, a self-declared anti-Semite was flooding my comments section so I had to turn on comments moderation. I did not want to, but he was not giving up and I was left with no other choice. I want my blog to be a welcoming place for people of all cultural backgrounds, and I did not want my comments section flooded with hate messages.

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  1. Yeah, it shows a pretty horrible lack of class on Duffy's part. He later went on to attack opposition members as "nattering Nabobs of negativity" a phrase coined by that disgraced crook, former Nixon VP Spiro T. Agnew.

    Duffy has turned into the Grand Fromage but it's very smelly cheese.

  2. MoS, yes he smells and sucks. He is full of it.

    He has convinced me that Senate must be elected and not appointed. He would have never been elected even as a dogcatcher.