Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bill O’Reilly: A jackass who is missing two legs

It is hard for him, you know, to have two front legs missing. Birth defect. But he manages to prove all the time that he is a jackass nonetheless even if he has nothing to stand on.

Here O'Reilly tries to prove that the only way to deal with substance addicts is to put them in jail. If you follow his prescription then a large proportion of Americans (and people elsewhere as well) will be in jail. There will be very little housing problems that's for sure. In his mind there is no such thing as rehabilitation. He may be right, he cannot be rehabilitated.

Here is another video where he proves his point of lack of rehabilitation.

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  1. Who would be first in line for a jail stint? Rush, of course. O'Reilly just might have a point!

  2. Rush and O'Reilly are cut out of the same cloth.