Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cherniak, Thank You

Thank you Jason Cherniak, since you deleted my posts and kicked me off Liblogs, I've been receiving some interesting e-mails and links. The excerpt below, from the Globe and Mail, quite frankly shocked me.

Now you understand what I mean when I say that Cherniak is damaging the Liberal Party, he has galvanized people not only against him, but against the Liberal Party and against Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff (my comments section and e-mail inbox is evidence of this fact).

P.S. The black and white Iggy posters, like the one below, were also brought to my attention in the aftermath of Cherniak's purge of Liblogs.

Michael Ignatieff: "I've been very ruthless in my life"

The above poster is by Simon Pole

"From his support of torture and the invasion of Iraq, to his cheerleading the violence in Gaza, this excerpt from an interview with the Globe and Mail's Michael Valpy explains a lot about Iggy:

...the next words (from Michael Ignatieff) come out in a rush: "I think there are people who would say I've been very ruthless in my life. I am someone who has worried greatly about the price my ruthlessness has inflicted on others. I have worried about that. I do worry about that.

"I don't want to litter the slopes with bodies. There may be people who I've left behind who feel that I was ruthless, and if they feel that, then all I can say is - I wouldn't apologize - all I could say is, I don't want to hurt people."

He does not break eye contact as he delivers this remarkable confession. It's as though he knows who I've spoken to and what I've been told about him...

"From The Globe and Mail

"'Littered the slopes with bodies', bragging about his 'ruthlessness', this frank confession tells us a lot about Mr. Ignatieff's thinking."

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  1. Wow, it appears the new liberal leader believes that "any means" justifies "the ends." Let's see - pride before the fall.

  2. He is an as. ....He is an as. ....He is an as... .....
    You know what I mean. I better not spell out the fuddle-duddle.

  3. I think we should nominate Chernobyliak for the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards in the best conservative blog category.

  4. Skinny Dipper, sure I will vote for him and I will vote often.

  5. As for the next federal election, I wonder which blue sweater vest guy will perform better than the other.

  6. It's not the people he's left behind, it's the principles he's discarded in his pursuit of power through ruthlessness.

  7. Hey LD, I seemed to have missed it. What did you do to get turfed by Cherniak?

  8. MoS, I protested your expulsion. I got a lot of flak for that. And then of course I protested Gaza slaughter. You may consider reading this post of mine.

  9. Skinny Dipper, yep, they are one and the same. No difference.

  10. "Cherniak's love and support of slaughter and death."

    It's called Libel. Pretty simple.

  11. Anonymous9:39 pm

    I think we should nominate Chernobyliak for the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards in the best conservative blog category.
    I'm all for it - I think it would be amusing.

  12. Jason Cherniak, you and you friends have extensively libeled people.

    Then you used Liblogs to propogate your personal biases against Palestinians. You sure will be hearing a lot about libel and you will find out what really libel is. I do not think you understand Canadian law. I do not know how you got to practice.

    I will give you many examples of when you and your friends were libelous, just you wait and see. You must stop the intimidation and harrassment. Last I checked, such action are illegal under Canadian law.

  13. Anonymous9:46 pm

    "Cherniak's love and support of slaughter and death."

    It's called Libel. Pretty simple.

    Need my address?
    Go for it.
    Are you taking a page for Warren K's playbook?
    Jason, you are a pathetic vile creature. Why don't you try for slander instead?

    So that's that I guess....

  14. Cherniak_WTF, Cherniak and clones have been trying every thing to muzzle me and tried all kinds of intimidations including this libel nonsense. I believe I have extensive experience in the field of law and I understand it fairly well. The guy is so damned naive that it amazes me to no end. Simply flabbergasting. I think he needs a lesson or two in the real law.

  15. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Next will be SLAPP suits....
    I'm sure that the Liberal party would love to see the publicity attached to a Libel case against bloggers because of a backlash caused by Jason Cherniak and his misuse of the unofficial Liberal aggregator. Jeff has already publicly stated that Jason's action were a mistake...
    Maybe Jason should also brush up on "cause and effect"....

  16. I thought Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) was Harper's domain. Now he fully qualifies to be in the inner circle of Harper.

  17. Anonymous10:36 pm

    I've just read on Firebrand's blog this post from Jason Cherniak:
    "Or are you suggesting that "Israeli" doesn't imply Jewish?"
    One gets the feeling with Jason that anything critical of Israel is a criticism of Jews.
    When a UN driver dies because of IDF actions, his response is "so that's that I suppose".
    A UN school is shelled and innocents die "so that's that I suppose".

    Israel has been practising collective punishment - "so that's that I suppose".

    I'd hate to think what he'd say of an Israeli died...
    the silence of those that do not speak out when Palestinian are killed just underscore their hypocrisy and add credence to "Israel can do no wrong".

  18. Anonymous10:46 pm

    The Draft Cherniak poster is pretty darn funny...

  19. It is amazing. Isn’t it? You may consider checking my last post of today on Media Dictionary. J. Cherniak has so much liability for all his comments and what he posted on the top of the Liblog that it is not funny anymore.

    I think I should call it a night now. Looking forward to reading your comments. I really enjoy them. You should consider starting a blog. If you have one kindly leave the web address here.

  20. Anonymous9:16 am

    Ledaro, I don't have a blog yet.
    BTW, CC has Jason's comment in a post.... it's amusing.

  21. Cherniak_WTF, I saw CC's post first thing in the morning. It is hilarious.

  22. Cherniak is a creep, hopefully there will be tribunals for his ilk in the future.

  23. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Cherniak is a creep, hopefully there will be tribunals for his ilk in the future.
    We can start with openly mocking him for "blowing dead bears"

  24. "blowing dead bears" CC got it perfectly right.

  25. Anonymous1:38 pm

    LeDaro, I wonder when Jason will serve you papers...

    Is the midget still president of a local riding?

  26. "Cherniak is a creep, hopefully there will be tribunals for his ilk in the future."

    Anarchore is a genuine antisemitic, neo-nazi slime, so I wouldn't recommend keeping his company. He is as much of a hateful demagogue as Cherniak ever was.

    Cherniak is wrong and seems to have divided loyalties. But Anarchore is the real deal - don't tolerate hime because he hates Cherniak too.