Saturday, January 10, 2009

Michael Ignatieff is Playing Political Football With the Lives of Palestinians

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If you think Michael Ignatieff actually cares about human lives, then think again. The story below shows that Ignatieff is basing his position on Israel-Gaza on the most cynical form of political calculation.

Also, I would like to thank Jason Cherniak for exposing the true malevolent nature of Iggy and his supporters. I'm sure he's helped a lot of people make up their minds as to who NOT to vote for in the next election. I live in a swing riding where every vote will count, and Cherniak has sure helped me to make up my mind.

The article below discusses the rationale behind Iggy's position on the killing in Gaza.

Why Canada backs Israel over Gaza
by Thomas Walkom - Toronto Star

The carnage in Gaza is both lopsided and graphic. As the death toll among Palestinians rises, even neutral international bodies have become critical of Israel.

The UN suspended relief supplies to Gaza after Israeli troops allegedly shot and killed one of its aid drivers. The International Committee of the Red Cross has broken its usual tactful silence to accuse Israel of breaching international humanitarian law.

Yet both the Conservatives, through their junior foreign minister Peter Kent, and the Liberals, through newly-annointed leader Michael Ignatieff, insist that Israel bears no responsibility, that its destruction of Gaza is a measured response to Hamas' sporadic rocket attacks and that the Islamic organization is solely to blame.

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  1. Le Daro, I respect your position and I also regret the waste of human lives and resources. Yes, Isreal needs to withdraw and allow those in Gaza, an opportunity to grieve and to rebuild a sense of being alive.

    However, if it comes down to choosing sides, I, too, would stand alongside the Isrealis. Hamas is a terrorist organisation. I have very good friends who are Palestinian, not in Gaza of course, who are furious with Hamas. They tell me that Hamas does not define who they are as Palestinians. My friends are not terrorists, something that others don't seem to understand as they react to the word Palestinian with the word terrorist.

    Ignatieff isn't playing football with anyone, he doesn't have the influence or power. He does however, represent the feeling of many Canadians when it comes down to choosing black or white in today's world of international terrorism.

    Still, the murder, and it is murder, of many civilians in Gaza is inexcuseable. There is no such thing as a good war.

    RGL -

  2. rgl, I thank you for your comment. I generally agree with you. Anyone who stands for violence is no favourite of mine. However, I do believe that Hamas was duly elected and if there were a sensible US President he/she would have recognized them and none of this would have happened. In a peaceful environment good side of people comes through. Instead US and Israel tacitly encouraged fight between Hamas and Fatah as Israel wanted an end of Palestinians. They did butcher each other and now this. After this current slaughter by Israel began I read more about the situation and found out that Hamas was interested in the extension of ceasefire but Israel was not. It just wanted the extinction of Palestinians. Israel was especially concerned that under Obama it may not have a free hand so they wanted to take full advantage of the situation under the moron Bush.

    Israel has every right to exist but can never justify slaughtering women, children and innocent citizens. Ignatieff ignored that and unconditionally supported this slaughter. My conscience will never allow me to support this slaughter or Ignatieff anymore. As long as there are serious injustices I do not see any peace in the Middle East or world for that matter.

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  4. Why does Canada support Israel?

    Why is it that progressives are dancing around the Israel Lobby's power in political parties?

    Do you believe that anyone saying anything remotely critical of Israel would have a chance of being elected?

    No, because the media would jump all over him, and all kinds of other 'scandals' would appear surrounding the iconoclast who dares not bow when all others bow.

    People think it is somehow antisemitic to point out the Israel Lobby, that it is conspiracy fodder.

    However, the Lobby groups, including the winner's chunk of the media, have gotten noticable clout in recent years. Perhaps it is the speed of developements that has everyone blindsided, fearful of Frank Dimants accusation of 'antisemtic canards' for stating the obvious.

    AIPAC North Firms Up it's Base:

    I notice that rabble is very policed regarding mention of the Israel Lobby. Watch how fast the handlers come out after poster 'tommy paine' mentions The Lobby.

    Please look at the facts everyone. Why is there an 'Israel Allies Caucus' in Parliament? Why is there a 'Liberal Friends of Israel' group amoung Liberal MPs? Isn't this unheard of? What other country excercises this much influence, other than the US, which is also under the thrall of The Lobby.