Friday, January 23, 2009

George Galloway - Palestinian Rights and Israel

George Galloway is a man who speaks the truth. After reading about the Palestine-Israel issue, I have reached exactly the same conclusions as him. There is a need that our conscience in the West is shaken up real hard. Slaughter and butchery is reprehensible no matter who commits it. It is our moral duty to fight against such injustices.

UPDATE: Brief Biography of George Galloway:

George Galloway was born and raised in Dundee Scotland. He is from a family of devout Roman Catholics and non-drinkers and himself developed a strong admiration for the Kennedy family in the US, fellow Catholics. At the young age of thirteen, he became involved with the Labour Party quickly distinguishing himself as a local party activist. He won his first election to Parliament in 1987 representing the riding of Glasgow Hillhead. He became an outspoken Member of Parliament, standing up for issues that were important to him, including the cause of Palestinians. In 1997, after redistricting, he was elected as representative for the riding of Glasgow Kelvin.

With the Labour government's support of Bush's 2003 invasion of Iraq, George Galloway quickly became an outspoken critic of that war, directly confronting the leader of his party, Tony Blair. For his outspoken opposition to the war, Mr. Galloway was expelled from the Labour Party.

In 2005, Galloway ran as a candidate for the newly formed RESPECT coalition - an anti-war political party that was to the left of Labour. He was elected to represent the London riding of Bethnal Green and Bow in that year. He has since continued his advocacy work for the Palestinian people and against the War in Iraq. As well, he is a strong supporter of other progressive and social democratic causes such as combatting poverty, and supporting the rights of trade unions.

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  1. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Thanks for this video, Ledaro!

  2. Gene, it looks that Europe, in particular Britain, tried to wash its sins, committed against Jews, founded Israel at the expense of Palestinians and Arabs in general. Now Palestinians are victims of one of the worst brutality in the recorded history. Israel has completely turned into an extremely dangerous monster.

  3. Anonymous10:20 pm

    I bought this book a short while ago and have yet to read it. You would probably find it of interest.

    The author mainly tackles the economic aspect of those historic events. But there was also religious overtones. I don't know how those played in Europe, but in the US, this paper provides some idea of the very deep involvement of Westerners in the dispossession of Palestinians of their land.

    BTW, I meant 'audio' above.

  4. Gene, thank you for the info and links.

    True the privileged including leaders often work in secrecy. What is put out for public consumption and what the reality is have no resemblance.

    I had a co-worker who was funny and straight shooter who always made fun of this ongoing business of facts and press releases for public consumptions. It is going on daily basis in our lives.

    I remember when Mulroney appointed a certain politician to the Senate, Mulroney asked him what his position was on the Meech Lake Accord , he responded “what position you want me to take”. Mulroney told him that he passed the test and got the appointment.