Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gaza: Interesting Post

I do not follow Small Dead Animals' blog, but I found out this interesting post on Gaza and the Liblogs fiasco. Click here to read the blog.

UPDATE - More BT Stuff: I have had a chance to look at some of the comments under SDA's blog, now I know what Canadian Cynic was talking about. These people are plain crazy.

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  1. Oh yeah,LD. I've noticed that liblogs is getting a tired, mildewed feeling to it lately. I checked it out at noon PST today and found 38 posts still up from yesterday going back to 8 a.m. EST. It's beginning to look - well, deflated.

  2. Thank you MoS, for sure SDA is a very strange character.

    As far as Liblogs is concerned, you are right, it is done. No sensible person can be party to it anymore.

  3. Max Blumenthal, Alternet: video on NY rally.
    "Its a second holocaust.: a few women state.

  4. Anonymous11:01 pm

    The Blogging Tories truly are a bunch of hateful half-wits...
    Most of them are either avowed xenophobes, neo-nazis and just ignorant troglodytes.
    Some of the comments contain:
    "This is what happens when you allow a bunch of terroists(sic) in Canada.....thanks to the Liberal government"


    "Too bad there wasn't a little ass kicking going on. I'd like to see those ass wipes go to Gaza and put themselves in the line of fire. They sure talk tough when there are no guns pointing at them."

    "These anti-semitic terrorist supporters, aren't fooling.

    If I were a Jew here in Canada, I would be boarding my windows and sleeping with my glock under my pillow."

    "1000 plus years of Muslim violence is enough, when I can live in Saudi Arabia as a Christian we'll open our boarders to more Muslim Immigrants. When they are done spewing hatred and bigotry towards the Jews who's next on their list of people to hate? They hate our culture and us infidels as much as the Jews yet our government and immigration minister ezpose our Jewish Canadians with Muslim hate unabated and unstoppable. It's a crime to quote the bible bot it's okay to tell a Jewish Child they are going to die?

    If we don't put measures in place to protect Jews from Muslim hate we are no better than those that stood by and did nothing whilst the first Holocaust was devised."
    It seems to me that many a Christian was part of the Holocaust - so much for reality

    "hateful Judeophobes "

    "This is what these human viruses are asking and demanding for Israel."

    "the cesspool known as Toronto has degenerated into? Another frickin Gaza Strip? Remember, it's not just Jews they hate..."

    "Islam is a violent oppressive barbaric death cult"

    "Let's wipe Gaza off the map!"

    "You'd think the sneaky jews could do at least that well."

    "I'm having a high pressure week, what with the Jew hating jackals (made up of Mohammedans and vegan commie tards/union folk)stinking up the streets of the world."

    "No other group of immigrants are self isolating like your Muslim friends. No other group of immigrants whine for special attention like your Muslim friends. Other than their feminist anti sandstorm wear, what is it that makes you carry water for them ET?"

    and on it goes... the only half-intelligent comment seems to be: "Therefore, my view is that Israel's economic blockade of Gaza, beginning in 2007, which destroyed the local economy, simply strengthened the fundamentalists."

    It goes on and on....
    I find it telling/curious that Ezra/Warren K/Cherniak all seem to be aligned.
    Cherniak critizising some Liberals for not being "right-thinking"....
    I wonder if the above is the kind of people he really feels comfortable with....

    I don't think that Liblogs is done - Cherniak by his actions does seem to have alienated many.

    MoS, have you seen you traffic drop lately?

  5. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Oemissions - it's not hate when we do it....
    Great video... hope it was indicative of the complete crowd...

  6. The video that SDA posted was very selectively edited and probably videoed with a similar intent as the one done on the Jews pro Israel Rally in New York.
    The difference is: I doubt very much that those clips from the rally in TO were generally representative of the majority of people who were out for the rally whereas the views in NY were probably quite representative of the group general thought.
    I would not dare to make a comment at SDA.
    The first time I went there was regarding the Rally for Canada there. I never wanted to go back and was scared off just by the name of the blog. ..still get the shudders at mention of it.
    We seem to be exposed to a great deal of unbecoming aspects of human nature in all of this Gaza/Lib business.
    I have written my letters.
    A thank you to David Orchard and a plea for explanation from Mr. Ignatieff about why he can't say much more than Hamas has to stop throwing rockets when children and mothers are dead in the streets over there.
    Harold Pinter reads from a friend: "come and see the blood in our streets. Come and see the blood in our streets.
    Come and see the blood in our streets."
    Meanwhile international lawyers, law professors, rabbis and some Jewish women in Canada speak out about Israel's aggression and war crimes.
    What the heck is wrong with the Liberal Party?
    If this is all about votes and games people play ,I want them to know that I am not taking it anymore.
    I thought the Coalition could be Canada's answer to the US "Yes We Can" Obama thing.
    And we were doing even better because we weren't going to rely on one man, but rather a Coalition of Canadian thought and action.
    Naive, aren't I?

  7. CWTF, thank you for your comments. I have no words to describe the hate and vitriol which is being spewed by SDA and her supporters. CWTF you provided quite a sampling of comments from the SDA’s blog. Then they accuse folks of anti-Semitism – hypocrisy taken to new heights every day. CWTF it is amazing that these folks are Cherniak’s supporters.

    May be SDA should change the name of her blog to reflect the true nature of her blog – Small Dead Brains. They have small brains to start with and sound dead.

    Why BT are not using their real name. Tory Bloggers – TB. Then they should be isolated and properly treated.

    Finally, CWTF, Liblog is a ‘libel’ for the real liberals. The way Cherniak wants to control thought processes of its participants it cannot be called Liblogs. Posts on the aggregate have shrunk.

    Forgive me for my spelling and grammar mistakes, as I have not finished my morning cup of coffee yet. My grammar is not good in the best of the times as I am a reluctant writer. For the posts for my blog I do check grammar a little more thoroughly.

  8. Anonymous9:47 am

    I thought the Coalition could be Canada's answer to the US "Yes We Can" Obama thing.
    And we were doing even better because we weren't going to rely on one man, but rather a Coalition of Canadian thought and action.
    Naive, aren't I?

    Iggy the Bloody does not seem too keen on the Coalition.
    The economy is likely to get worse.

    I still say we should draft Paul Martin back...

    I think that real progressives in the Liblogs have either jumped ship or are disaffected.
    The Liblogs will continue until something else/better comes along.
    I was amused to see Warren K there -

  9. Oemissions, I share your frustrations. CWTF is right that coalition is dead. I agree Paul Martin would have done a lot better job. I do not see anyone else in the Liberal caucus to fill the leadership void.