Friday, January 09, 2009

Gaza: "Big Concentration Camp"

Vatican Church

A glimmer of hope shining through the Vatican.

The situation in Gaza is a human tragedy perpetrated by fellow human beings. This led a senior Cardinal at the Vatican to call Gaza a "big concentration camp." There are over one billion Catholics in the world and therefore such a statement from the Vatican carries alot of weight. We must pay attention and try every thing, in our own way, to end this human suffering. I have no doubt that the Israeli government is the perpetrator. This is no reflection on all Israelis because a sizable number are opposed to the current bloodshed and slaughter. Many in the Jewish community around the World are also against this massacre of Palestinians. They demonstrated against it in Israel and around the World.

Then we have Iggy who calls himself the leader of the Liberal Party. I believe he was not elected leader but appointed by the Liberal caucus, this is an undemocratic way to choose a leader (Iggy was probably worried that he couldn't win it democratically, and that party members would gang up against him as they did at the 2006 convention). Iggy's unequivocal blame on Gaza for the current conflict is troubling. The man may be a good scholar but he is no leader and primarily ignorant of international affairs.

Sorry folks, but I cannot support such a leader. Iggy is going to lose alot of visible minority voters. It is these voters who have been very loyal to the Liberal Party and kept it alive, especially in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, over the last two elections. No more.

Also, Iggy's stand will lose alot of progressive Liberal voters who care about human rights issues.

I am disgusted with Liblogs already. It is controlled by a freak. I no longer care if I am part of it or not. I just wanted to get a more fair point of view across but Liblogs does not seem be to be the route to go as long as freaks run it and control it. They are not helping the Liberal Party, they are hurting it.

You can read the story about the Vatican Cardinal's statement below.

Vatican cardinal calls Gaza "big concentration camp"
Pope Benedict's point man for justice and peace issues on Wednesday issued the Vatican's toughest criticism of Israel since the latest Mideast crisis began, calling Gaza a "big concentration camp".
Click here to read more.

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  1. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Iggy's unequivocal blame on Gaza for the current conflict is troubling. The man may be a good scholar but he is no leader and primarily ignorant of international affairs.
    Well put.
    Iggy is out of touch - maybe the pro-Israeli coterie has too much influence.
    I'm looking for new party myself but will continue to criticize the Liberals. They've blown it.

  2. Hey LD, I've been given the boot from Liblogs. I guess Jason couldn't handle what I wrote about Israel, Ignatieff and Hamas. In his state of histrionics he read stuff into what I'd written that simply wasn't there.

  3. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Maybe he should be called "little Cherniak" as he is acting as a dictator....

  4. MoS, I read your blog and those are false accusations by Cherniak and sycophants. As I wrote in my post I do not care about Liblog anymore. He and sychophants are doing too much damage to the Liberal Party. They are a deadly poison for the Party. Too many people are saying the same thing but Cherniak and gang are not getting it. Now add Iggy to that equation and Liberal Party is done unless Iggy wakes up and faces the realty. Iggy’s problem is that he still thinks he is just lecturing a class.

    Cherniak WTF, I feel the same way. I do think I can support the party anymore unless someone shakes Iggy’s head and tells him to get professorial garbage out and learn to be a compassionate politician. I believe anger against Iggy is going to spread like a wild fire.

  5. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Iggy's and Harper's position are interchangeable.

    When it came to Afghanistan, Iggy voted to extend the mission and Harper shook his hand.

    Iggy defended Bush, torture and Iraq - so why should this guy lead the Liberals?

    I don't support a party just because of one issue, it's usually the range but foreign policy is an important one. The direction of the Liberal party is no longer progressive and Iggy is more akin to a neo-Con than a Liberal.

  6. I wonder if Iggy feels like a complete asshole now that word is getting out that Obama's administration will be opening back channel contact with Hamas?

    Obama is far more progressive than Iggy could ever dream of becoming. Then again, Obama opposed the Iraq war from the outset. Remind me, what was Ignatieff's position on that touchy subject?

  7. "ggy's unequivocal blame on Gaza for the current conflict is troubling"

    What is troubling about his opinion?

  8. MoS, Iggy has proven time and again that he is a jackass. He spent most of his life in US with neo-cons. He just does not understand Canada.

  9. FredM, your mindset is troubling. Now layoff and stop harassing me.

  10. Its a question Ledaro, you have a blog and people communicate with you, how is that harassing? How is Iggys position troubling to you,

  11. Fred, stop pestering the grown-ups & go back to your sandbox & play with the other kids.

  12. Yes Fred follow Penlan's advice. It will do you a lot of good. Great advice thank you Penlan.

  13. You're welcome LeDaro! Now, where were we before the kid interrupted us? Oh yeah...

  14. I have been telling people: there is something "icky" about that "iggy."
    Saw it when I watched the last Liberal Convention on TV.
    Also, I gave up on this dude last spring when he voted against a bill to label GE/GMO products.
    Le Daro: I appreciate your blog, too!
    (just to let you know)

  15. Ledaro, do you always rely on other people like penlan to fight your battles? nice hiding behind penlan. I guess I should have known better than to ask you to back up something you said. Enough time wasted, you two have fun together.

  16. We will Fred. Oh, we will.

  17. Anonymous4:57 pm

    FredM, just read a little of LeDaro's blog and you will understand his position and why he finds Iggy icky...

    Unless you really need a twobyclue across the forehead to comprehend....

  18. I've always thought of Iggy as a neo-con scholar and arrogant pundit that was the "go to" expert for the human rights industry.

    This is what I wrote in response to his bogus apology about supporting the Iraq invasion:

    What a fiasco for the LPC, especially those who are genuinely centrist and socially progressive. Iggy will basically help Harper destroy Canadian democracy and values.

  19. Just read your post BY - right on the mark!

  20. I too read your piece on Iggy's insincere apology. First rate, BY. You really should repost it because there are a lot of people who should read it.

  21. Beijing York, I agree with Penlan and MoS that your post is great. Please do repost it.

  22. Penlan and Cherniak_WTF you know how to put Fred in his place. He just does not get it.

  23. Thanks for the positive feedback. I've updated the post with links to this and other posts on Ignatieff's dismal statement on Gaza: