Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy celebrating

Yes they are celebrating along with the other sixteen newly appointed Senators. What a job. Over 100,000 smackers, great work environment, hardly any work to do, travel all over the world and many more perks. Best hotels including the ones in Dubai but be careful not to have sex on the beaches there. Those Dubai folks will do anything and everything indoors. Outdoors very selective and sex no, no.

No worry about ups and downs in the economy as long as we simpletons keep working and providing for their salaries and perks. Way to go Wallin and Duffy and rest of them.

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  1. Mike Duffy's newest book, "How to sell out your journalistic integrity and get a plum patronage appointment in ten easy steps."

    Mike Duffy, you're now the poster boy of a dysfunctional press, congratulations!

  2. Now he has all the time in the world to write such a book.

  3. Guess who picked up the bill this little bit of celebrating.
    Fat Senators with fat salaries and fat expense accounts and still getting OAS.

  4. Sassy, yes three days work week. Too much work for $100,000 plus salary. ;)

    Oemissions,OAS, and pensions from their previous jobs and some younger ones (who do not have OAS yet) keep their old job if it is non-political. It is better than winning a lottery.

  5. Anonymous1:56 pm

    The pufster is angry that the parliamentary buffet is not all you can eat...

    If he find the workload hard, what does it say about journalists?