Thursday, July 23, 2009

Professor Henry Louis Gates’ Arrest

Professor Gates was arrested in his own home, Cambridge, Mass., Thursday, a week ago for disorderly conduct. An internationally known professor. Wow! In his own home eh! Police entered his home without permission or warrant and arrested him. Were the police not disorderly? Were they not trespassing and breaking the law. Okay a snoopy neighbour called police when the Professor was trying to pry open his door as it was stuck. But still, who is the guilty party here.

Was it racial profiling? You betcha. Remember Maher Arar. What was his guilt? He looked like an Arab, as he is, and he spoke with an Arabic accent. Bingo. Arrested in the U.S and deported to Syria where he was tortured. The RCMP was not much help either and Maher Arar's saga went on for a while. It turned out that Maher Arar had no ties with any extremist Islamic organization and his only guilt was that he looked a certain way. Yes there is racial profiling and it happens almost everyday.

Now Professor Gates. The police officers involved should definitely be retrained or let go, as it is too much for them to carry out their police duties. Now please tell me if you have ever heard that a thief in somebody else's house will stand in front of the police and provide them with his identity. Must be an utterly dumb and deranged thief. Should a thief not hit for the nearest exit and run for his life. Some detective work these police officers did. The major suspect in this case is the judgement of these police officers. People can do the damnedest things sometimes and then try and justify them.

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