Friday, July 31, 2009

Sgt. Crowley did not arrest Joe Biden, why not?

Huffington Post makes a good point as to why Crowley did not arrest Joe Biden despite his very "disruptive behaviour", because he is white ;) Professor Gates was not nearly as disruptive.

Click here for the story.

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  1. Anonymous6:54 pm


    Where's our beer summit? We must have the most boring gov on the planet. I want see Harpo with his sleeves rolled up (once), lean over to grab some peanuts and smile in a nice human, relaxing way. Iggy could pull that off, so could Jack and Gilles.

  2. Toe, our beer summit ain't going to happen. Can you imagine Harper, Iggy and Layton having a beer together? Let's see:

    Harper: Being a good Christian he does not drink alcohol. Only milk from a baby bottle with wafers.

    Iggy: No beer. Only vodka.

    Layton: No beer thank you. Pot only.

    So such summit ain’t likely.

  3. I forgot Gille. Burgundy only.