Wednesday, July 22, 2009

US Republicans and Healthcare

Groucho Marx in this video depicts the current Republican's modum Oprendi so exceptionally well. I heard the song on Hardball of Chris Matthews on MSNBC. No matter what the Obama administration proposes on Healthcare, Repugs are against it and they seem to be singing this song, "I am against it" collectively.

They look like, act like, and talk like a bunch of clowns. They must be clowns. They should elect Joe the Plumber as their leader and get over with it. Joe the Plumber for the President in 2012 and Sarah Palin as Vice or vice versa. They were after all both John McCain's last-ditch effort and his "hope" to revive his campaign for the Presidency in 2008. Since they were such a beacon of hope for McCain why not take advantage of that and run them in 2012.

Their main objection to Healthcare reform is that it is too expensive. It does not matter that 47 million Americans are without any health insurance and in industrialized nations American healthcare protection for its citizens is about the worse. Now these very Repugs did not object to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. They just cheered on Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and their ilk. In case of Iraq the cost to U.S taxpayers is nearing one trillion dollars or already surpassed that mark. Now that is not expensive? Really? And what are the gains? Close to one million Iraqi men, women, and children killed during this war according to some estimates and the rest of the country is in ruins and total chaos. Over 36000 U.S soldiers killed or injured. And that is not expensive. The Afghanistan war is completely botched and again very expensive in terms of its cost, lives lost, and destabilization of Pakistan. Now Repugs can support all that but the healthcare for all its citizens is too expensive? Can you believe these clowns?

Ujjal Dosanjh, MP from British Columbia, was interviewed on CNN where some Republican Congressman was giving a thrashing to the Canadian public healthcare system. I thought Ujjal Dosanjh did a great job in putting the matter in perspective and pointing out effectively the advantages of a public system. However would that convince the Congressman? Very slim chance. He is just against it.

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