Friday, July 03, 2009

Afghanistan: Uncle Sam’s gift of democracy

Bush started this crusade of spreading democracy in Afghanistan and then Iraq. What an "extraordinary gift". Freedom everywhere? Uncle Sam, now under Barack Obama, continues to give that gift.

Who are they fooling? Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women, men, and children killed, and tens of thousands of Afghani women, men, and children killed, and millions displaced with millions of others without proper food, water, and sanitary conditions. Where is this democracy going? When will world wake up to these atrocities? What do we have to show for so-called democracy? One gets a very sickening feelings that all this "spreading democracy" was one large and hideous rouge.

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  1. Well it has spread profits for the military-industrial complex plus great no bid cost plus contracts for many private contractors..

  2. True. I suppose to make profit human life is part of the fuel to consume for this military-industrial complex, oil companies and other contractors. Sad.