Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor's Confirmation Hearings

Generally these hearings are a big yawn. As Senator Charles Grassley went on and on about some Didden case, Sotomayor "didn't agree on Didden" and the Senator "didn't understand what she said about Didden" and it didn't make much sense and the Senator was not happy that he didn't get good answer on Didden and Judge Sotomayer didn't have much more to say about Didden and on and on.

Then there was Senator Lindsey Graham talking about good temperament, military law, and knowledge of Supreme Court case law. He is the same Senator who supported George W. Bush and we know how smart that guy is with war he started and his expertise on military law. Senator Graham unconditionally supported John McCain's bid for President, McCain who is notorious for his bad temper. If elected he would have made life and death decisions. Senator Graham also supported Sarah Palin as Vice-President and we know how much she knows about Supreme Court case law. Talk about hypocrisy.

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  1. My friend, your arguments have have only one small but fatal flaw... none of the qualities we expect judges to have are required for a career in politics! (In fact, they tend to get in the way) ;-)

  2. Fish, you have a point. However, I am just pointing out the hypocrisy of Graham. McCain is a bad-tempered man and he can make horrible decisions as Bush did with regard to Iraq and Afghanistan. President may not be a court judge but fate of millions depend on President’s judgment. Then of course you need someone in the Whitehouse who is reasonably knowledgeable and remember Sarah Palin’s response on the Roe v. Wade case and how ignorant she is. With a 72 years old man in the Whitehouse, if McCain had been elected, she would have been heartbeat away from the presidency.

    In short a President may not make legal decisions but decisions made by a U.S President have far-reaching consequences. You need a person in the Whitehouse with good temperament, knowledge of international issues (war and peace) and knowledgeable on wide range of socio-political issues. Finally a good judgement is exceptionally important.

  3. To quote you,
    "In fact, they tend to get in the way" since politicians get in the way it is all the more important that a president is fairly knowledgeable on legal issues to avoid a major catastrophe. Look at Cheney the way he messed with legal system. It should send alarm bells as to who is elected president and vice-president.