Saturday, July 25, 2009

Want to have a beer with the President of the United States?

No problem. Join the police force real fast. Then go into the house of a prominent African-American and arrest him. Make sure there are a lot of media. Bingo. You will receive a call from Barack Obama himself inviting you for a beer in the Whitehouse. What kind of example is Obama setting.

The part where he called Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley to diffuse the situation is understandable. But then to reward Crowley at the Whitehouse with a beer party is a little overboard. Next thing you know Crowley may be running for the US House of Representatives or Senate or who knows, for the President. What a way to promote oneself. I am tempted ;)

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  1. The way Crowley is being praised is a load of crap, and having his black colleagues go on camera supporting him and saying they won't vote for Obama anymore is just absurd. This was racial profiling at the purest level, but because America is now so politically correct no one can admit it.

  2. The way this has been played is totally absurd & obscene. Obama should have just left it at calling Crowley & the other cops "stupid". He was right & could have gone further & called it like it really was - rascist. So now he backtracks, just like he's been doing with a lot of other things. Change? What change? He's just another Prez in the pocket of big money & that was evident from the get-go only most people couldn't see it.

  3. Bro, lot of his supporters are going to think about Obama now. Can he really deliver? He caved in too soon to police and likes of Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh blasted Obama that he was destroying a “hero” of a white policeman or some nonsense like that.

    Penlan, as I said above, Obama has to be careful. He should have not used the words he could not stand by and then he gave in to bullying from Cambridge police and some neo-cons such as comedian Limbaugh. Does not look good on him. The guy is a quick study and may be he will learn from it. Those lobbies in Washington D.C or for that matter in Ottawa are very powerful. The operatives of such lobbies are masters in their field of work. If you have met a few then you will know what I mean.