Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama born in Kenya? Is it an Israeli conspiracy?

A major news item appears on the Israeli National News blog. The fellow, by the name of Philip J. Berg, who took the matter to court, is an Israeli sympathizer. He is throwing spaghetti on the wall hoping that something will stick. He says even if Obama was born in Hawaii he left for Indonesia and his stepfather got him Indonesian citizenship so that he could go to school there. Thus when he came back to the US he became a naturalized citizen. This Berg guy is a complete nut job. He calls himself a Democrat.

Is there a fear that Obama does not support Israel as the past Presidents did and that his middle name is Hussein? All these nut jobs are outdoing each other.

Click here for the story by these nutjobs.

UPDATE 1: More trouble in Israel over Obama. Obama a "racist". Nuts all around. Click here for the story.

UPDATE 2: Unamimous resolution passed in the House of Representatives that Obama was born in the USA and is a US citizen. No Republicans opposing. What is going to be the next move of those nuts in Israel?

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  1. Is it time to ask the question - why the fuck does it matter ? - seems like the whole idea is based on some perverted form of of "American Racial Purity".

  2. I share your sentiments.
    Apparently Israeli mainstream media is giving it a lot more coverage than US or Canada. I wonder why.

  3. As I understand it there is also some "percieved" problem with the Hawaian certificate of live birth by some in that it is the short form certificate which the Government itself does not hold valid enough to issue a passport against.

    Obama has not supplied the long form birth certificate which is more properly proof of U.S. birth. Not that I give a rats ass either way really but that's the gist of one of the arguments.

    I was just in the midst of posting about a fellow offering $100k to anybody who car definativey prove his "natural Born Status". Them wingnuts is serious about this.

  4. There was also a story in the Hawaii newspaper when Obama was born. His parents announcing his birth. That means something. Moreover now House of Representative has passed a unanimous resolution that Obama is a natural born US citizen. None of the nutjobs republicans had the courage to oppose the resolution. Some Repugs just want the controversy going. It is not much different than 9/11 conspiracy theories that Bush and company were behind it. Strangely this Berg guy was proponent of those theories too.

  5. Believe it or not, there is actually a part of me that hopes they do prove Obama was born in another country.

    I'm all for the rule of law and all, but I am reminded of the old quote that goes something like this: "I can think of no more effective way of getting rid of old laws than the strict enforcement thereof" (I'm sure I just totally butchered the original wording, but you get the point).

    If details such as the place of the president's birth were to rob the American people of an elected, popular president, the ugly truth about the American constitution might finally attract enough attention that they will do something about it.

    Unfortunately, it could also mean that Barak Obama would no longer be president, at least until the constitution was changed, so I guess it's a good thing that the evidence is shows he was born in the U.S.

  6. Fish, buddy I agree with you but I don’t think Americans are going to change the constitution anytime soon to remove the “born in US” clause. There are too many rednecks around to allow that to happen. May be not in our lifetime. I hope I am wrong.

  7. This "Is it an Israeli conspiracy" is a conspiracy theory AND BS!

    Were you asleep in your 9th grade Constitution Class? Everyone except you (and those who have attended government run schools) (i.e. public schools of today) know that a natural born citizen is one whose parents are both citizens (both Mom and Dad).

    Mr. Soetoro (aka Obama) had a pappy that was a British Foreign National…he was NEVER a citizen of the US. Whereas Mr. Soetoro may be a native citizen (if his granny was not a pathological liar) and he was not born in kenya and if he indeed was born in Hawaii (I am not convinced he was) he then may be a “native” citizen…MAYBE….

    Then we have the matter of his citizenship in Indonesia. When did he rebuke his Indonesia citizenship and when did he reapply for citizenship back to America? He is supposed to have traveled as an Indonesian Citizen and attended Occidental College and Columbia College as a foreign student. Show me his 1980-1990 passports…show me an american passport. Why is he hiding his passports?

    Pray tell… How can you still claim Mr. Soetoro is a natural born citizen when he carries the baggage of being a citizen of four different nations? britian, kenyan, american, and indonesia. Which country is he a Natural Born Citizen of? His daddy was British so no natural born citizenship to america came from him. His adopted daddy Mr. Soetoro was an Indonesian natural born citizen…so BarryO was last a natural born citizen of that country…not the USA. (We have school records showing him as a citizen of indonesia.)

    prove to me that BarryO had a daddy that was a citizen of our country and I will cease being a birther. Else I would suggest you all take some night class on the Constitution and American Government. You do not know our countries history, laws and Constitution!

    Edward C. Noonan

    P.S. And for that matter, BarryO's mommie and daddy were never legally married. His daddy was already married in Kenya, so unless bigamy and polygamy was legal in Hawaii in 1961, then their marriage (if there was one) was never valid. So if BarryO was born out of wedlock, then that adds to the problem of his natural born status as well. This whole matter is a MESS!

    P.S.S...And yes! It matters whether or not BarryO is a citizen or not. If he is still an Indonesian Citizen and he never reapplied for American Citizenship it means we have a NON-CITIZEN in the White House. That is scary! I firmly believe barryO is NOT A U.S. Citizen and he is an illegal alien. He needs to be deported and forced to re-apply for citizenship to our country.

  8. Eat your heart out. He is the President and there is nothing you can do about it. As far as you are concerned you’re descendant of immigrants who illegally occupied native lands. Should you not be deported.