Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Healthcare Reform in the US

There was a good segment on healthcare on Countdown on MSNBC last night and one of them was a segment on Billy Kristol being roasted by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. It is funny and it drives the point home with a splash. Especially Billy Kristol became a punch line for the show. It is hilarious and makes a unmistakeable case for healthcare reform.

Now it is an established fact that the VA (Veteran Affairs) is the best maintained healthcare system in the US and it is run by the government. The naysayers in the US need not compare the proposed healthcare reforms to Canada. As a matter of fact such a comparison is foolish to start with. US proposed reforms do not come anywhere near the Canadian Public Healthcare system. What Obama is proposing is a mixture of public and private without abolishing the private system or private health insurance. Providing healthcare to those who cannot afford current private insurance gives people a choice and a little more competition to private enterprise to bring the cost down. Also it brings down the inefficiencies in the process in the current American system.

All Americans have to do is look at their VA healthcare system and they will get the idea. Also VA can be and is being used as a model for the proposed reforms.

Governor Howard Dean hosted this particular episode of Countdown and he is great. Watch out Keith Olbermann.

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