Friday, March 30, 2012

Federal Budget - Civil Service Cuts

Harper cutting the civil service? This is nonsense. I have long experience both provincially and federally with civil service and elected officials.

What politicians do is get rid of civil servants hired by the previous government - in this case Liberals - and hire their own, usually expanding the civil service not reducing it.

Harper claims he is reducing the civil service by 19,200, but he's hired over 40,000 since taking office. The larger areas of growth have been departments that reflect his ideological agenda: National Defence(nearly 5,000 more employees), Correctional Services(more than 3,000 new workers) , and Canada Border Services Agency(close to 2,600 more employees). - so its military, prisons, and security paranoia.

Harper says one thing - reducing government to save money - but the reality is very different.

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