Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trayvon Martin: More Lies revealed about the murderer Zimmerman

Police said according to Zimmerman he was hit first, that his nose was broken and bleeding at the time. All lies. Have we made progress or are we as humans still vicious animals? Racism is alive and well.

Watch the following video and you decide for yourself as to where the injuries are to Zimmerman on the day of the murder. I have indicated many times that I am against capital punishment but in this case Zimmerman deserves it.

I will never forget that I was in Florida, spending my vacation there, and next door to me was a friendly gentleman. We were sitting in the gallery and started talking. He asked me where I was from, and I told him I was from Canada. He said, “you’re lucky you don’t have blacks.”

I asked this man – who was a judge – “how so?”

He said, “they’re a nuisance, these black men sire the kids and then walk away from them and the state has to take care of those kids.” I wondered, what kind of decisions this judge made when it came to African-Americans.

That gave me some idea how deep the racism was in the south.

Read the CBC story here.

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  1. Rightbloggers are bending over backwards over this video, blowing up frames to show that there is actual damage to Zimmerman's head. The blow ups show perhaps an injury but doubtful. No blood, just what appears to be scar but only if the video's contrast is heightened. At the 50 second mark of the ABC video, a cop does take a close look at the back of Zimmerman's head.

  2. There are ways to assess the injury by doctors even now. The technology is well advanced in this respect.

    He may try self-inflicted injury now but I don’t think it will work for him.

    I believe Zimmerman bastard did murder this innocent boy. In my mind there is no question about that.

  3. We will have to wait until all the reports come in from the medical people for both Zimmerman and Martin. I suspect Zimmerman may get away with murder (or manslaughter) but facts are facts. Neither showed any signs (other than the bullet wound) of a physical struggle. Zimmerman's story should fall apart as soon as we hear from these experts.

  4. Jymn,

    "Zimmerman may get away with murder (or manslaughter) but facts are facts."

    I agree. That is the sad and hurtfull reality.

  5. BTW, Angry Black Lady Chronicles has a biting post on the whole cover-up. It's definitely worth reading.

  6. Thank you for the link. It is a good one.