Sunday, March 04, 2012

Should Queen Elizabeth II Fire Stephen Harper?

A very nice lady from Quebec, Chantal Dupuis, wrote a very good letter to Queen Elizabeth II that she should fire Stephen Harper. Unfortunately she did not have much luck and the Queen's staff member wrote her back thanking her for the information, but saying the Queen will not fire Harper.

The reasons she highlighted included Harper violating the Constitution, having a majority with less than 50% of the vote, and that Harper's appointees have not done their job - including the Governor General who did not dismiss Harper upon being found in contempt of Parliament.

Too bad, so sad. I think Harper should be fired.

You can click here to read the story.

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  1. Others should write and protest this. It appears a protocol officer answered this without any knowledge of the Queen's personal and legal obligation to at least Quebec and the First Nations, which never submitted themselves to the Canadian Constitution. She is still their Queen.

    If she abdicates her responsibilities to either Quebec or the First Nations that never signed treaties, she can expect to receive withdrawals from the Commonwealth from either of these sovereignties. Neither is answerable to Ottawa nor the Governor-General.

    I wrote a letter to the Governor-General outlining these concerns and mentioning the ultimate recourse of petitioning the Queen.

  2. Of course the queen won't fire Sir Steve. Why would she fire someone who is finally turning Canada into a country into something she wants? Check it out, it's only a matter of time before he's knighted.

  3. Oh good lord CK, Harper Knighted - shudder )#*(#()

    On the other hand, if a Knighthood were ever offered to Harper, there could be a great upside for Canada

    Indeed, since passing the Nickle Resolution in 1919, Canada has prohibited the British, or any foreign government for that matter, from conferring "any title of honour or titular distinction" upon any Canadian citizen.

    Faced with the choice between remaining a Canadian and having a seat in the British House of Lords, Black decided he wanted the life peerage more.

  4. Craig Hubley,CK, Sassy, thank you for your comments. I 100% agree with you.

    I will not hold my breath that Queen will fire Harper.

    However, the latest allegations of robocalls if substantiated will be Harper's undoing. Libs and NDP should keep hammering Harper Gov. and if there are 30plus by-elections and Harper loses his majority he will be done. His ego is so big that he may even resign because it will be too much for His Highness.

  5. I thought that we were taught in school that we can fire the prime minister if we started a petition and got 51% of the voters to sign. Am I wrong do we really need to go to a useless figure head who should have no say over Canada. Last time I checked I am a Canadian citizen not a British subject. Something needs to be done with Harper and it needs to be done now.