Friday, March 30, 2012


Nature is like an open book to me, I find a new page and a new chapter open every day. I learn something new as it unfolds right in front of us.

A mother’s relation with her offspring is another mesmerizing phenomenon of nature. That is how the mother looks after offspring, among various species.

In the following video, a polar bear looks after its baby and a baby is a baby no matter the species. This polar bear baby is very cute.

I must add that humans sometimes do the opposite. You hear the stories of where a mother has drowned her children and walked away, or a father has shot his wife, children, and himself. There one can put humans sometimes below many other creatures because they are acting against nature.

We can break human laws and get away with it. Nature is unforgiving. You break its laws and the consequences will be swift.

NOTE: If I got the chance, I’ll be writing on Harper’s budget. Check back in a few hours.

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