Monday, March 26, 2012

General Walter Natynczyk and Peter MacKay

From the Toronto Star: “….the Conservative government was behind a plot to damage his reputation when reports emerged last fall that he had used a Challenger jet to join his family on a Caribbean cruise, the Toronto Star has learned.”

Now this General is complaining that it was the Conservative government who leaked the information that he used a Challenger jet to join his family on a Caribbean cruise. That Conservatives did this to discredit him. It is surprising why the Harper government will try to embarrass and discredit a military general. Is it possible they want to denigrate Peter MacKay, claiming he has no control over his generals as Minister of Defence?

And remember, Peter MacKay was accused of something similar - using military equipment - regarding his use of a helicopter.

Also, is it possible that Harper feels threatened by Peter MacKay and wants to marginalize him and push him out?

When Harper formed his first minority government, they gave MacKay one of the most difficult portfolios, Foreign Affairs, perhaps hoping that the Afghanistan fiasco would somehow cause problems for MacKay and bring him down.

When that didn't happen, Harper directly gave him the portfolio of Defence, still hoping that MacKay would make missteps or, if things go wrong in Afghanistan, MacKay could be the scapegoat, thereby pushing him out.

I am no fan of Peter MacKay, especially as when he became leader of the Progressive Conservatives, he wasted no time to join Reform to form a new conservative party. This he did despite giving his word to David Orchard that he would do no such thing in exchange for his support in the Progressive Conservative leadership race.

This, I believe, considerably hurt MacKay's credibility.

However, I must say, that after he joined the conservative party, I saw some correspondence with Peter MacKay, where he came across as very personable and approachable. I heard anyone he ever corresponded with, he felt the need to explain why he went for merger. He felt obligated to do so. In other words he expressed his remorse to his supporters but indicated that it was good for the party and the country.

Now there seems to be a struggle between Harper and MacKay, where it is going to lead we don't know. One thing is for sure though, it's going to hurt Canadians, and cause many problems as far as our foreign policy and defence is concerned.

All Stephen Harper cares for is to be Prime Minister. What happens to the country, what happens to Canadians, what happens to our country's reputation, seems to be none of Harper's concern.

Should such a person remain in power? I wish there was an impeachment process like in the United States so we can get rid of this moron Harper. I also hope that the robo-calls fiasco will bring Harper down, because robo-calling looks to have helped Harper win the election.

One can only hope the best for our country.

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  1. A telling part of this, LD, is that the general knew he'd been set up by the Conservatives when he discovered the Challenger jet logs had been given to CTV's Bob Fife. The military brass had no doubts that Fife, successor to Duffy, was a Harper shill.

  2. MoS - that' very telling.

  3. Mound and Sassy thank you for your comments.

    Dirty tricks and more dirty tricks. Richard Nixon will be rolling in his grave that someone beat him on dirty tricks.

    Mound, since you have a deep interest in environment, following story in Huffpost is an eye opener as to what Harper is up to.