Saturday, March 03, 2012

Benjamin Netanyahu Visiting Canada

Netanyahu is visiting Canada and Stephen Harper is bending over backwards to please Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu is building a case to bomb Iran and its nuclear facilities. Stephen Harper is reassuring Netanyahu of his loyalty. A similar case for WMD is being made for Iran as was the case before invading Iraq.

Harper is looking for a master now that George W. Bush is gone. Netanyahu’s next stop is Washington DC. Barack Obama has so far been hesitant to encourage Israel to proceed with bombing. Now that his Presidency is on the line, he may join Harper to be another poodle of Netanyahu.

It is amazing that a very small country, which was carved out of Palestinian territory after WWII, has so much clout over Canada and the US. Netanyahu is the boss here.

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  1. Harper is itching to play war, put him in an unarmed tank, ship him out to the middle of nowhere and let him play to his sick hearts content. Keep Canada and the rest of the world out of it!

  2. No tank for him. Just a camel and leave him in an Arabian desert. Lot of oil there. He loves oil anyway. The cause of wars is often oil.